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Ancient scroll


Ancient Scrolls Magic

古代の 巻物 マジック


kodai no makimonomajikku


Holder Magic


Mabel Tannahill

Ancient Scrolls Magic(古代の 巻物 マジック,Kodai no makimonomajikku) is a Holder Magic, which utilizes the casters Voice to in act the spells written on the Scrolls, which were created by Master Mages centuries ago. This Magic is used effectively by Mabel Tannahill

Magic Information

Ancient Scrolls are able to be read by those with "keen" eyes, otherwise known as the magic ability 'Construe Eyes'. They can be written in many different ancient dialects or languages completely unknown. But this magic is quite difficult to master. It takes time to correctly read the spell, and more so to correctly translate. The scrolls are all verbally cast, and versatile in nature so they can essentially create or be anything. So the ancient scroll Magic can be used in any situation. Once spoken correctly the words will vanish off the page and do what the spell is to do. Pay mind that the spells must be spoken correctly or it will backfire and cause the user damage instead.

Magic power is inserted into the scroll when it is cast, depending on how powerful the spell, depends on how much magic is used. Since the words also disappear off the page when it is cast, it takes time for the words to reappear on the page. For weaker spells it takes about 30 seconds, as for the more powerful spells, it may range from 60 secs to a few days.


This particular magic began in ancient times, when Master Mages wrote the spells they knew within the scrolls. So it is written in different dialects, and languages. An abundance of scrolls have magic within them, and others are filled with valuable teachings and wisdom. It was all done because the masters wished for their wisdom to be passed down from generation to generation. But as time progressed,and the Masters faded, the scrolls were lost. Sent across the lands and oceans to different and awesome places. Only a handful of mages know that these scrolls exist, and are determined to find them.


Very versatile in many ways, on the account that any spell that the ancient Mages wrote in the scroll could be used, whether if it is a Fire, lightning,Ice etc. Or even support magic, like healing spells. The scrolls also posses a magical barrier around them so they cannot be burned or destroyed, which is why they have lasted throughout the ages.


These scrolls are extremely bulky and quite large, so it becomes almost impossible to carry more than 2 or 3 on your person, so it becomes important that spells be transferred to another scroll with ample room, or have the ability to store the scrolls like the requip magical ability. If spoken incorrectly the spells will backfire. Depending on the spell depends on how soon the spell can return to the scroll, and without a voice the spells do not work.


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