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Ancient Spirit Mage

古代の精霊魔法 Kodai Seirei Mahō


Holder Magic


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Ancient Spirit Magic (古代の精霊魔法; Kodai Seirei Mahō) is a Holder Magic. Ancient Spirit Mage uses a magical book called Spithrium to store their spirits. This magic originated in the Island of Antiquia mainly in the town of Origus. Users uses only a small amount of magical energy when summoning their spirits, but when the spirits uses their abilities, their energies are largely consumed. Spirits have their own abilities and they are categorized into three: Item Type, Elemental Type, and Monster Type.

  • Item Type = These are spirits which are specialized as tools, equipments, weapons and other item related works.</li>
  • Elemental Type = These are spirits which posess a unique elemental power.</li>
  • Monster Type = These are spirits that ca freely move to attack, they usually look like monsters but others are not. Others are also for deffense and support.

    List of Ancient Spirit mages

    List of known Ancient Spirits

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