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Andi Starstrike





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145 lbs

Professional Status

Koma Inu (Hylion)




Annika Thoth

Personal Status


Marital Status

Dating Annika Thoth




Sword Magic
Fire Magic

Andi Starstrike is the Hylion version of Mandi Starstrike.


Andi is short and slightly muscular. He wears a loose, white t-shirt over a purple tank top. He also sports a grey jacket and a silver pendant. He usually completes the outfit with a pair of jeans and sneakers. Andi has light brown eyes and unruly brown hair.


Andi is extremely competitive, which sometimes isn't the best quality; he can wear himself out in the beginning of a challenge if he's not careful. He is also very tough and determined. If he's injured or sick, he'll keep going until he's about to pass out. He is also very kind, caring, and protective. There isn't a single challenge he would back down from, even if the odds were 0 to 100. He's always willing to give it his best shot.


Andi grew up in a small town with his parents and three sisters. He never thought about joining a guild or becoming a mage until one fateful day. It was an autumn night, he was at home with his sisters while his parents were out. Suddenly two armed bandits broke into the home. Without hesitating Andi grabbed the nearest object he could find, which was an antique sword that was hanging on the wall. As he fought the bandits the sword started to glow, at the sight of this the bandits fled. Andi's sisters stared at him and the oldest sister, Gracie (she was 18 and Andi was 16 at the time), said that she believed he possessed sword magic. She said it was unusual for someone who had never picked up a sword in their life to be able to use it with such skill. After that encounter Andi decided to learn about sword magic and a few months later joined Koma Inu.


  • Silver Sky
  • Dragon's Dual Fang Blade
  • Inferno Blade
  • Silver Sky- This is Andi's first sword. It is made out of a special magic infused alloy, giving this blade incredible strength.
  • Dragon's Dual Fang Blade- This sword's dual blades are carved out of dragon fangs and covered in an iron coating. The dragon fangs give this sword magical properties.
  • Inferno Blade- This blade is made out of glass. The sword has a spell on it which makes the glass unbreakable and magic-resistant. Because of this blades special abilities, Andi can surround it in flames to increase its power.

Magic and Abilities

Sword Magic - Sword magic is a holder type magic. It also gives the user extreme skill with swords.

  • Sword Summon- Andi can summon any of the swords in his collection.
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