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Andromeda Mirasman3

Andromeda is another one of Ryo Tesagumi's celestial spirits. She is his third silver key.


Andromeda is a tall celestial spirit. She has long shinny blonde hair and big blue eyes. She wears a short blue and pink shirt. A short blue skirt with tall pink boots. She also has a long pink scarf and pink and blue gloves.


Andromeda is a very shy spirit. She is usually very nice yet she doesn't like contact with people when she does she either hides behind Ryo or runs. But when she has to she can get serious and fight.

Magic & Abilities

Master Hand to Hand Combat: She has trained and very good at hand to hand combat. She is shown to hold her own in many battles.

Chain Magic: Andromeda uses chains to fight when she needs to.She usually doesn't like to do but when she needs to she will.

Release Form: When Andromeda or Ryo are in serious trouble she has a release form which heightens her strength ten fold.

Andromeda Release Form
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