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"Though serene & graceful, they shall purge the world of iniquity with pure vengeance — the white winged heralds of death."
— A legend told about the Angels
Angel Alpha
Kanji 天使
Rōmaji Tenshi
Additional Information
Primary Ability Light Manipulation
Holy-Based Powers
Transcendent Physiology
Located in Empyrean

Angels (天使, Tenshi) are one of the few races known to Earthland — acting as the personifications of goodness, kindness, austerity, and anything related. They are worshiped in most religions & cults — seen as one of the most divine creatures, sans the gods themselves. It's known that they are subservient to them, acting as their personal servants.

Created by the Supreme One in the earlier times of creation, being innumerable in number - almost rivaling humanity, and existed during the "Golden Age of the Gods" (神の黄金時代, Kami no Kogane Jidai), they're naturally counted as one of the inhabitants of Empyrean, acting as its primary militia amongst other things.


For a long time, Angels are always viewed in a positive light by most of humanity. Heralded as "Messengers of the Divine" (神の紙者, Kami no Shisha), they are known to possess powers that make them greater than any other known race — sans the Gods themselves. They are known to be allies of the forces of good, as their mission is to help cull all worlds of evil. They tend to be admired by those of other races, especially by humans — who are considered to be the closest to them in physiology & given habits. It's unknown how they came to be, but it's rumored that they were created by an especially powerful god — said to be the incarnation of light & goodness. However, since most Angels are clueless about their given origins — believing they had always existed, they tend not to look into the matter.


Physiology & Habits

Angel | Heavenly Wings

Angel Pro

The typical appearance of an Angel.

Angels are known to share the same physiology with Humans, sans a select few. It's rumored that Humans were once born from Angels, but this is still debated as the two races live in separate realms. Despite being humanoid, Angels are like Celestial Spirits; they are spiritual entities that can't normally act with the material plane, with given exceptions & circumstances — most of which are granted by the upper echelon of Empyrean.

As depicted in most religions and cults, Angels are beings known to possess white avian wings on their backs and halos above their heads; like humans, each one is unique and share no given similarites. However, Angels in certain rankings can take on a different form — which, ironically, also falls in-line with human beliefs. Because of their status as an immortal race, Angels aren't dependent on consumption as with Humans and other races. However, they can eat food like everyone else. An Angel's food preference, if ever consumed, is usually something sweet; this is due to their beliefs that sweets have the most heightened sense of flavor out of all foods. Something typical of a divine race, they don't have normal bodily functions — thus no need to use the bathroom or sweat. However, they are still capable of producing tears — as shown when they are saddened. Being creatures of a pure nature, Angels are immune to all forms of diseases and illnesses; some refer to it as being "protected by the heavens".

Something that's considered to be an interesting factor, Angels have two hearts — in comparison to the single one found in Humans and most other species. This serves as a mechanism of sorts; normally one of the hearts is always beating while the other is in a dormant state. But in the case that an Angel dies and their initial heart is destroyed, the second heart activates in response to this and produces chemicals that cause the body to regenerate at a rapid pace — reviving them as a result. However, this form of resurrection can be prevented if both hearts are destroyed simultaneously. It's a known fact that a destroyed heart can be repaired if shreds of it remain. Only those of the Dominion-class & higher can repair it using their extremely powerful light, but this may take some time, going from days to possibly centuries — the factor being how much damage is done to the heart itself.

Angel Normal Personality

An angel kindly introducing herself.

In nature, Angels are beings that represent the concepts of goodness & purity — they tend to be very stern, yet kind individuals. Though, there are Angels who are free-spirited & happy-go-lucky individuals. Angels are also known to give out blessings to others from various races sans Demons — their natural enemy. This most commonly associated with Humans, who the Angels tend to see as their "brethren". It's said that Angels have intervened many times over the course of human history — helping to guide mankind into a better direction. It's because of this that many religions & cults began worshiping & venerating them as sacred deities. It's said that when a person makes a selfless sacrifice to an Angel, they gain something greater in return. However, that "something" varies from individual — going from great amount of wealth & fortune to inheriting some of an Angel's power. However, this serves as something exclusive to those who are virtuous & pure.

Despite their status as peaceful & loving creatures, Angels can be vicious at times of they feel that their lives are in danger or if their beliefs & customs are being threatened. It's said that it's not wise to anger an Angel, as their wrath is as great as any Demon — something that most of them don't like to admit; this is something they refer to as "showing our sinful side", the one thing they try to avoid at all cost as it would make them lose faith, and possibly instill fear into others — erasing the conception of them being kind & gentle creatures. It's said that an angered Angel has the potential to utterly decimate anything & everything around them including the target of their wrath. In this sense, they are capable of wanton amounts of destruction like any other creature.

Because of the number of years they've existed — outliving most other species by-far sans the gods themselves, Angels gathered much knowledge over their lifetime; this is especially seen in the mid-tier order of Angels, who have known to amass the most amount of knowledge. This makes them one of the wisest beings, being able to give out excellent advice to those who need it & solving problems most don't known the answer. Thus, many from various races tend to look to them for guidance. There have been instances that even the gods themselves have asked Angels for their guidance in one aspect or another.

Culture & Traditions

Relationship with Demons

"Angels & Demons.... don't mesh well with one another. Anyone who isn't stupid or oblivious could easily think of the reasons why. Angels are beings representing good & kindness. They do things that help others advance, guiding them on the right path while doing so; they would even help their own kind, either directly or indirectly. Demons, on the other hand, are creatures of evil. They are seen as the personification of evil; they want nothing but the destruction of those around them. They thrive on the suffering of others, even if its one of their own. This is why most of them are lone wolves; they rarely work in groups. Thus, you can think of why they don't like each other's presence. When confronting one another, a fight ALWAYS ensues. They're basically like oil & water."
— A mage explaining the typical relationship between an Angel & Demon.
Angels and Demons Relationship

A mage talking about the relationship between Angels & Demons.

It's known that Angels are the very representations of the light; this goes down to from their abilities to their personality. Everything that they do or say is for a greater just cause. They are incapable of committing sinful acts unless something inside them compels them to do so, which would lead to their eventual "fall from grace"; to this ends, they ignore their innate desires, placing their duties of guiding and serving others while maintaining the status quo over themselves. They are made to be the administrators of justice and the upholders of faith, which would lead to severely persecute any evil act that's committed. To such an ends, they are known to be at odds with any evil force that lurks within creation, specifically Demons.

Demons are known to be the embodiment of sin and innate desires, two things that Angels abhor greatly; Demons innately seek to spread evil, chaos, strife, and discord throughout creation and the Angels strive to do the opposite. Not only that, since Angels represent the element of light, then Demons represent the element of darkness. Since the two elements constantly clash with one another, yet help keep the balance of creation, it's not surprising that Demons and Angels are constantly at war with each other; this is akin to oil & water, two elements that don't mix well with one another for various reasons. It's said that the two races have a certain instinct that compels them to engage with the other, with the reason for this to be unknown; when the two are within the same vicinity of each other, they automatically seek out the other — a fight ensuing as a result. It's known that since Demons tend to be lone wolves and Angels have excellent teamwork skills, the latter tend to overpower the former. The only exception is if the former is of extreme power. However, there have been known exceptions to this rule, as weaker Demons tend to work in groups to overpower their Angel adversaries. Even then, if the Angel in-question is of considerable power, the result becomes obvious — despite the numbers.

Angels - Three Factions Conflict

The perpetual conflict between the three factions seen throughout history.

It's known that there have been a few cases where Angels and Demons have worked together, but it was only for survival purposes — trying to fend off a threat greater than themselves or if they are in a very hostile environment and their powers aren't sufficient enough to thrive in it. Even then, that partnership is temporary, as they go back to being mortal enemies as soon as their individual goals are met. In the case of Fallen Angels, since they gave into their desires and "fell" as a result and tempt others (specifically humans) to do the same — seeing it as a form of liberation from the rules and standards that help keep things in order and in their words — "bind a being's true nature and potential", they are treated the same way as a Demon — despite having the same origins as their former brethren. However, even Fallen Angels are still susceptible to the instinct that compels them to fight Demons; this means that there is a three-way dead lock between the three factions. This is something seen throughout various instances in history — especially during times of war, conflict, and hardships. It's known that knowledge of such a relationship is common throughout creation, as there's no one who doesn't know that Angels, Fallen Angels, and Demons don't like each other that much.

Social Echelon

It's a known belief that there's a hierarchy amongst the Angel populace, shown by the number of wings that each one possesses. This is seen in the rankings that they've created in order to differentiate themselves from one another. It's also a known fact that because of this that they live in different areas of Empyrean as a result; this is due to the possibility that the powers of a more powerful angel can severely harm or interfere with the power of another of lower-ranking. Each rank is also tasked with a specific duty that helps keep the world of the divine stay in motion. It's stated that an Angel can gain more wings — thus a substantial increase in power, when they perform enough good deeds that are deemed satisfactory in the eyes of their brethren. There are four known orders of Angels, three of which contains two or more rankings.


Angel - Seraph

A seraph showing off its luminous golden wings to a fellow human; it's considered to be a symbol of their ranking and authority over the rest of their kind.

Seraphs (荘厳なの天族(セラフ), Serafu; Hebrew for "Burning Angels", Japanese for "Divine Family of the Highest Order"):

Highest Order

Angel - Cherubim

The standard appearance of a Cherub in this class, which is alluded to in various myths and lore; this is the only class that's described to be similar to the 777 Beasts, despite their distinctions.

Cherubim (上界の補佐役(ケルビム), Kerubimu; Hebrew for "By the River Chebar", Japanese for "Sub-Leaders of Heaven"):
Angel - Throne

A group of Thrones making their presence known to their adversaries, setting all thinga around them ablaze with their anointed flames they emit from their wheels.

Thrones (勇夫の天来(スローン), Surōn; Hebrew for "Galgallin/Wheels", Japanese for "Valiant Heroes of the Divine"):
Angel - Dominion

The somewhat estranged yet imposing appearance of a Dominion-class Angel, defying the various statements made about them in various myths and lores; their leaders always emits a holy aura, distinguishing it from the rest, as shown here.

Dominions (王権神授(ドミニオン), Dominion; Hebrew for "Lordships", Japanese for "Theories of Divine Right of the Kings"):


Angel - Virtue

True to their name and given purpose, a child-like virtue displays itself in front of others — readying to sound its divine trumpet.

Virtues (信仰不動の柱(バーチュー), Bāchū; Hebrew for "Might", Japanese for "Immovable Pillars of Faith"):
Angel - Powers

A young Mavis Vermilion conjuring visages of typical Powers-class Angels through the use of her Illusion Magic in order to ward off her enemies.

Powers (公正の聖権威的(パワーズ), Pawāzu; Hebrew for "Authority", Japanese for "Holy Enforcers of Justice"):
Angel - Principalities

A principality giving judgment to its adversaries, releasing its immense powers while doing so; it's known that he's wearing the typical garb of his class, furthering his status as an adjudicator.

Principalities (天罰覿面(プリンシパルティ), Purinshiparuiti; Hebrew for "Rulers", Japanese for "Swift is Heaven's Vengeance"):

Lowest Order

Angel - Basic

The standard appearance of a flock of Angels; their magnificent beauty is matched only by the legends told about them.

Angels (材料と神の橋(エンゼル), Enzeru; Hebrew for "Messenger/Envoys", Japanese for "Bridges of the Material and the Divine"):
Angel - Azrael

Two Azraels going on the offensive; their most noticeable traits are their lack of wings, signalling their severe lack of power.

Azraels (無翅つ(アズラエル), Azuraeru; Hebrew for "Helped by God", Japanese for "Wingless Ones"):

Special Classifications

"What? You mean to tell me that there's more classifications of Angels that I don't known about other than rank?"
"Kinda... Yeah."
"Well shit, fuck me... I thought I knew everything about those white-winged good two-shoe bastards."
"To be honest, I feel the same way. It makes it even harder to understand them, let alone deal with them in the near future.
— A... typical conversation (sorta) between two Demons regarding their knowledge on the classifications of Angels.

It's a known fact that there are various rankings of Angels, each one having a specific function that keeps the heavens in motion and helps stabilize the order in the universe, all the while serving the Gods above them; this is common knowledge that's talked about in various myths and lords and taught in myriad religions and cults. However, what most don't realize is that there are various sub-categories of Angels, each one unique in terms of their position or overall reason for its existence; it's hinted that there are various duties that need to be fulfilled, as it helps maintain the status quo, thus the cause for their eventual creation. These "special classifications" tend to hold unique distinction amongst their kind, holding special powers that the other are unable to possess through natural means; however, some of them are bound to the same rankings as their fellow brethren, thus have a chance to gain power as they accomplish their given tasks. It's due to these "special classifications", that there's more diversity amongst the Angels — making them all the more harder to completely understand.

Virgin Mother

Angel Virgin Mother

A visage seen of the current Virgin Mother wrapped in the Sanctus Lumine, leading her fellow Angel brethren.

Virgin Mother (極創世の堂々王妃(バージン·マザー), Bājin Mazā; lit. "Austere Queen of Ultimate Genesis"):

Holy Father

Angel Holy Father

The current Holy Father bound and asleep on the adorned throne for nearly a millennium; it's believed that he's a corpse at this point, ironically.

Holy Father (天法の真王(ホーリー·ファーザー), Hōrī Fāzā; lit. "True King of Heavenly Order"):


Angel Alpha - Archangels

Example of a group of Archangels, each deriving from various rankings; they are known as the first generation, as well as the most powerful.

Archangels (大天使, Daitenshi; lit. "Great Angels"):

Fallen Angels

Angel Alpha - Fallen Angel

An example of a young Fallen Angel — noted by her pitch-black, almost-demonic wings.

Fallen Angels (堕天使, Datenshi):


Death Angels

True to their duty, two Mavetels are at the site of a tragedy — waiting to collect the souls of the victims, helping them to move to the afterlife; it's due to this duty, along with their somewhat aggressive mannerisms, that they're often seen as bad omens.

Mavetel (死の招待状の実施形態(マーヘットエル), Māhettoeru; Hebrew for "End of God", Japanese for "Embodiments of Death's Invitation"):

777 Beasts

777 Beast Alpha

One of the known holy beasts aligned with the Angel race; they are known to be extremely powerful beings in their own right.

777 Beasts (転生聖獣鎮護天上界(セブン·セブン·セブン·ビースト), Sebun Sebun Sebun Bīsuto; lit. "Reincarnated Holy Beasts Guarding the Upper Planes"):


Nephilim Angels

Three nephilims with a handful of angels looming over the fallen bodies of their angel brethren and their enemy.

Nephilim (天軍団の憎悪(ネピリム), Nepirimu; Hebrew for "One who's Bound", Japanese for "Abominations of the Heavenly Legions"):

Magics & Abilities

It's a known fact that Angels are considered to be one of the more powerful races due to the various abilities they possess. Their given abilities lean more to the divine, thus being almost comparable to that of a god. It's said that because they are the natural enemy of Demons & other forms of evil, their powers tend to easily cancel out their own. They are one of the few races that has an affinity for the light element — being the very incarnation of it. In fact, they are deemed as the element's most powerful users, as its a natural part of them. They are known to be able to use other forms of magic other than their own, the only exception being the Black Arts — something that goes against their nature entirely.

Angel Divine Presence

A Seraph-class Angel making itself known to a few humans, unintentionally appearing in a grandiose manner, capturing the awe and wonder of its onlookers.

  • Transcended Existential Position: As creatures of a divine nature — born for a sole purpose unlike any other, it's obvious that Angels have a higher standing in the grand scheme of things unlike any other being, sans the Gods themselves; their immense powers are sole proof of this fact, being able to vanquish nearly any foe that they deem to be an enemy with just the simplest of motions. However, such a divine nature cannot be perceived by the common mind, such is filled with various mysteries — nearly all of which can't even be fully fathomed; it's due to this that an Angel, and by extension — its actions, can't normally be perceived by beings lower than them unless they themselves will it to happen. They themselves, and the actions they commit, are quite literally what many refer to as an "act of God". To those lower than it, they are creatures of mere fiction — existing in a realm thought to have been imaginary. While such is regrettable by normal standards — Angels having the innate desire to freely interact with those of various planes of existence, especially in the case of humans, this divide serves to protect order in the universe; should creatures of different standings were to interact with each other freely, there would be much chaos created as there's a extreme difference in power within each plane. It's stated that an Angel's power is naturally potent, thus constant exposure can lead to severe changes to its surroundings — all of which is due to them being on a plane that's considered to be phantasmal yet feared. Like Gods, it's through such a standing that Angels can't normally be sensed through any and all means; only those of its kind or naturally more powerful than can sense their presence, thus deal with them in a proper manner. This holds true for Fallen Angels and other specialized classes of Angels. There have been a few exceptions over the course of history, as some beings garnered the ability to perceive such beings; it's theorized that this may be due to the fact that they were born with an acute sensitivity to the divine. It's such beings that are often recognized by the annals of history, as they were the ones who either fought alongside or against the heavens. As normal races can't sense the Angel's presence, certain ones are able to properly see them — the primary ones being the Demons, an Angel's natural enemy, and Angel-Blessed Humans, who have been chosen to serve the heavens because of the purity in their hearts and keen sense of justice. It's said that when an Angel makes itself known to others, their presentation is always grandeur — even if it wasn't intended, further alluding to their status as divine creatures.
  • Shapeshifting: In order to interact with other species, Angels are known to have the ability to shapeshift — transforming themselves entirely; this ability is derived from their position in existence, serving as proof of their immense capabilities. Such a transformation lowers their power considerably, putting them on the same plane as those weaker than itself; this is to ensure that their incredible powers don't affect the realms too much, making it a bit easier to go about their missions without such a burden. It's known that they can transform into and mimic the physiology of any and all creatures, sans beings of a divine nature, whilst gaining knowledge pertaining to said creatures for their usage; this makes it easier for the Angels to blend in with any culture or society without arousing suspicion from the locals. It seems that there's no limit to how long the transformation lasts, as some Angels have disguised themselves as various beings from other races for many years bordering to a millennia — all for the sake of completing the task(s) given to them. It should be noted that it's through this ability that Angels have intervened in various events of other races throughout time without causing trouble for themselves — altering it for better or for worse; such proof is found in the various events of mankind, whom they adore because of their free will and tenacity while being the only mundane race that's closer to them in physiology.
Angel Full Combat Power

An Seraph-level Angel unleashing its full power during combat against an S-Class Demon, putting its very existence on the line.

  • Enhanced Physiology & Natural Combat Affinity: It's known that Angels are one of the few species that were built for combat, amongst other things. In order to reflect such a fact, their biology is much different than any other species; this makes them one of the most powerful species to exist, rivaling Demons (their sworn adversaries) and possibly Dragons. The only typical exception to this fact are Gods — hailed as the most powerful beings for various, yet obvious reasons. Even a low-class Azrael is much more powerful than an highly experienced S-Class Mage; it's said that when an Angel has reached Seraph-level, they are able to even stand on even grounds with a God — albeit for a short time, a feat in-and-of itself given what such divine beings are capable of. They are able to quickly learn and evolve when engaged in combat — as their body adapts & slowly changes as a result, thus able to overpower any adversary they come across. As fellow magic users, they are able to use any form of magic deem fit, sans those dealing with the Black Arts — which are known to be tainted in nature because of its background; it should be noted that the output is much greater when used by them because Angels are more in-tuned with the energies surrounding them, thus able to manipulate them to their desires. As beings who have various duties to attend to, their physiology prevents them from aging, allows them to instantly recover from any degree of injury inflicted on them (this depends on the degree, as bigger wounds take longer to heal), and makes them immune to all forms of poisons and diseases — the exception being that if Magical Barrier Particles — the substance that's found in nearly all Demons and known to be the bane to magical beings, have some part.
  • Immortality: Like Celestial Spirits (and most holy races for that matter), Angels possesses the innate skill of immortality — they don't age and they can't die through normal means. They can't be killed using man-made weaponry or through weak-tier spells & curses. The only way to do so is if they are outside of their given dimension, especially if its a location teeming with evil. In such a case, they can easily be dealt with — as the evil of said area can overpower them & weaken them as a result, making them all the more vulnerable.
Angelic Dissipation Recovery

A dying Angel's body turning into light-based feathers in front of his comrade, scattering and returning to Empyrean where they can properly heal.

  • Adveniat Levatio (人者迫り来る逝去の神凱(アベン二アット·レヴァティーオ), Abeniatto Revatīo; Latin for "Hallowed Rebirth", Japanese for "Divine Triumph of One's Looming Finality"): Somewhat of an automatic function that's innate to their kind, it's derived from their immortality; it serves as a means of preserving their life force should they will it. When an Angel's life is close to extinction, body acts in response to such an extreme threat — activating this technique, pooling their remaining energies to a single point, usually somewhere near their hearts. The energy flows through said area, causing it to magnify and spread throughout the rest of the body at a rapid pace. This causes the Angel to glow immensely — briefly outlining them in a white energy before breaking down their body, transforming it into a myriad points of light stylized in the shape of an angel's feather. As such a form scatters to the far corners, it slowly dissipates from sight; at this point, it reconvenes to highest layer of Empyrean — returning to their original form. However, this part of the process is known to be extremely slow — taking many weeks, if not months to accomplish; this is due to the Angel being healed while re-shaping itself to their previous state. It's said that the greater an Angel's power, the quicker the process; however, it should be noted that the Angel can only heal if that's what they wish. They can forego the technique entirely, thus letting the choosing the time where their service for the heavens end; in exchange, their bodies go through the metamorphosis that will eventually lead it becoming a fetus-like entity, usable through the powers of Angel Magic. This technique is only available to pure breed Angels who haven't fallen from grace; Fallen Angels lose such a valuable ability due to them no longer allied with the heavens, thus doomed to their eventual fate. It's one of the two things unusable by Angel-Blessed or beings having some relation to the Angels.
Angel Alpha - Light Magic

The light of a Seraph manifesting into the material plane via. the use of this technique, all the while making his austere presence known to his fellow lower-class creatures.

  • Sanctus Lumine (天辺罰覿面(サンクタス•ルミネ), Sankutasu Rumine; Latin for "Holy Illumination", Japanese for "Divine Judgment from the Highest Heavens"): The Sanctus Lumine is the very essence of an Angel's strength — the embodiment of their status as divine beings; it is considered to be "Light Magic beyond Light Magic" — which is to say, a hyper-advanced form that several scholars speculate is the origin of the light-based arcane. One could say that the power displayed by ordinary Light Magic and its countless variants is nothing but a mere fraction of the immense holy power that Sanctus Lumine possesses; this includes all forms of Slayer, Purger, and Cleanser magics — all of which are noted to be extremely powerful in their own right. It's said that this was also a "gift" that was given to them by the god who created them — seeing it as a perfect tool to combat any and all evil threats that an angel may face. Sanctus Lumine allows an angel to manipulate all forms of light — even the ones used by their adversary, bending it to their whim & using it to destroy their given target; it also can't be consumed and/or manipulated by any other being, sans those who have received the "Angel's Blessing" — as such a technique is the pinnacle of all forms of photokinesis. It's known that this ability has the potential to utter annihilate anything that it touches down to its very core, having no hope of revival whatsoever. This is known to be dangerous if used on a race, as it will lead them to the brink of extinction. The overall purpose of this ability is to keep evil at bay & deter those going down such a demonic path. The power of this ability is mainly dependent on the number of wings that an Angel possesses. This naturally means that a Seraph's usage of this ability can far outclass that of an Azrael's usage. It's revealed that the ability is the manifestation of their essence, magnified to such extremes in order to perform the given tasks by its users. The pressure it imposes can possibly stifle the very presence of those who are exposed it — sans those of their own ilk; however, there are given exceptions to this rule, as the light can be deemed & felt as a warming presence to those who are considered their ally despite not being one of their kind. Since this is a form of energy, it can be molded & shaped into anything the user desires — the limitation being their own imagination.

Small | Large

Divine Angel Sphere Technique

An impure being utterly disintegrating while ensnared in the holy light sphere.

  • Munditia (強魂の解放儀式(ムンディテア), Munditea; Latin for "Purity", Japanese for "Extreme Soul Liberation Ceremony"):

Divine Angel Sphere Technique - Multiple

A Seraph casting multiple large-scale holy spheres decimating an entire army in mere seconds with no effort.

  • Advenit Munditia (強魂の解放儀式·神の祝福·日神常照明(アドベンイト·ムンディテア), Adobenito Munditea; Latin for "Saintly Purity", Japanese "Extreme Soul Liberation Ceremony — Divine Blessing: Sun God Eternal Illumination"):

Holy Ray | Sacred Cutter

Unctus - Holy Ray

An immense ray of light unleashed through the sigil, destroying large portions of an area in the process.

  • Unctus (聖印の神召使家族(ウヌクタス), Unukutasu; Latin for "Anointed", Japanese for "Holy Mark of the Divine Servant Family"):

Angel Domain Technique

An angel's domain cast over a building.

  • Aetheria (聖域の清浄悪(エーテルイア), Ēteruia; lit. "Holy Field of the Scorched Evils"): Said to be derived from an Angel's ability to manipulate light, this technique is derived from the immense pressure that's emitted from that same light; one can see it as the personification of the light's power, as they are affected by it in some sense. It's a defense mechanism exclusive to Angels, used as means to preserve their existence. Aetheria allows an angel to create a certain golden domain of sorts from their Sanctus Lumine; the power, range, and effectiveness of the domain depends on how strong their light is. It goes without saying that the higher the ranking, the more powerful their light becomes — thus this technique follows the same principle; it's possible for a very powerful domain to cover an entire country & be maintained for long periods of time — though no known records have shown such a case, leaving this fact to be debated. Common traits that this technique holds is that it has healing effects — healing all those an Angel deems to be their ally, the temporary enhancement of all abilities of the allies so long as this technique is active, and the weakening of all opposition — specifically those who are black-hearted and/or of a demonic nature. It's this ability that allows an Angel to have the upper hand against those of the demonic kind; even extremely powerful demonic entities fall prey to this technique, halving their original power. It's said that this technique can be empowered when multiple Angels work together and pool their power; this means that it's possible of an Aetheria of multiple lower-class Angels to empower a higher-class's very own. However, the opposite is true to an extreme — the Aetheria emitted from multiple high-class Angels working together can easily surpass (and in some cases, outright eviscerate), lower-class Angels. A common description of this technique is that, according to allies, "It feels like I'm being bathed in a warming presence — like the warmth of a mother holding a child. It seems that I'm protected from all threats made against me." In comparison, enemies affected by state that it felt like they were near the sun's very surface, as if they were being burned to a crisp. This technique can still be used by Fallen Angels — albeit being a bit weaker as a result of their "fall from grace"; it's also darker in color — being black with a purple hue, somewhat reminiscent of their wings. Not only that, the feeling is a bit colder — mainly due to their sins affecting the technique itself. However, the effects remain the same. When two Aetheria clash, it's the stronger one that reins supreme; this is obviously due to the difference in power. It seems that this technique can be used to purify areas contaminated with either evil energy or Magical Barrier Particles — a substance that makes up a Demon; this means that it will be hard for a Demon to regenerate under the effects of this technique due to the lack of particles lingering in the area. This technique is linked to its caster, allowing them to locate any and all things within its confines; this makes it possible to detect enemies, right down to their precise location. Should the domain be affected in any way by a foreign element, the Angel will sense it automatically; this allows the, to react with precision, thus nullifying the chance of a surprise attack. It's unknown if this technique has any other abilities, but it's proven to be one of the most useful weapons at an Angel's disposal — making them all the more feared.
Angel Heavenly Madness Victim

A human under the effects of the technique, as shown by their irides — taking on the symbol of the Angel who's cast it.

  • Guadium (天来発狂の劇毒(グーアデーアン), Gūadian; Latin for "Euphoria/Ecstasy", Japanese for "Lethal Poison of Heavenly Madness"): Angels are naturally known to respect the will and freedom of others, even those of their archenemy, fully knowing that impeding on such a thing using their power will cause a severe disruption in the balance of creation; not only that, it would be no different than acting as a god — thus forgetting their place in the universe. Unless willed by those they serve, an Angel won't impede on the actions of others — the exceptions being that if their life is in danger, something rare given their extreme power in-comparison with other races, or if an evil becomes too powerful for others to handle and it reaches a point where it will bring on a great cataclysm. In any case, they are neutral to all events that transpire — whether its in the afterlife, in Earthland, or in other dimensions. Though something that's only recorded a few times in the annals of history where certain beings have heard "the voice of the Gods", entranced by their calls and supposedly "act on their behalf"; whether this is true or not is up for debate, but there have been events that were influenced by such speculations. It's later revealed that the so-called "voices" that such beings were hearing were in-fact an Angel's power being emanated and sent to the individual in-question; most times, this is because of an Angel's desire to communicate with the individual, wanting to know more about them. Other times, it's merely due to an Angel's desire to see the long-term effects of their holy powers on others. In any case, those who are under the Angel's influence have their personalities altered to an extreme degree, becoming a different person altogether; a sign of such change is the sigil they gain in their irides, being shaped after the Angel that's "influenced" them. Their actions become more erratic, yet orderly — acting in a similar manner than an Angel would when maintaining order; it's even seen that they exhibit some of an Angel's power whilst under their influence, despite not being an Angel-Blessed. Sadly, because an Angel's power can't be fully processed and being too great to naturally bear, individuals are usually driven to madness shortly after — usually ending in their imminent death, either from their brain completely shutting down — forcing them into an "eternal sleep", or their body being destroyed — leaving no trace of their physical existence left. As Angels are generally kind creatures, witnessing such effects would put them in a state of shock, fear, and utter disgust — causing them to repent of their mistakes and cut off all contact with the race in-question unless commanded. Ironically, this technique is often used by Fallen Angels to garner more followers and bolster their forces should they ever combat their former allies; it's also them that gave the phenomenon the name, seeing how that those under their control were in "ecstasy". Though the technique is barred by the gods and the rest of their kind — the punishment for its use is execution, there have been instances where it was used with the permission from said gods — believing that it was the "only way" to maintain order without causing too much destruction.
  • Flight: All Angels — regardless of rank, physiology, or degree of power, have the unique ability of flight. They can fly unrestricted in any location, the ability being a natural part of them. It's known that this is how they mainly travel from place to place — only walking in rare instances.

White Arts

Angel - White Arts Usage

An Angel employing a large and extremely potent defensive technique from the White Arts to defend against multiple high-level techniques.

The White Arts (精製魔法戦闘法(ホワイト·アーツ), Howaito Ātsu; lit. "Purified Magical Combat Techniques") are....


Kirchenlied (全能の叙階詩篇(キルヒエンリート), Kiruhienrīto; German for "Church Hymn", Japanese for "Ordained Psalms of the Almighty") is a terminology used to describe the "unique traits" of an Angel, giving each of them individuality in a similar manner to other races; in a similar vein to the famed Ancient Magics of the Thirteen Otherworldly Virtues, they're manifestations of the Supreme One, bestowed unto an Angel upon their conception......

Angel's Blessing

"It's said that those pure of heart, filled with good intentions will be approached by the most divine of beings; they will be bestowed upon a power unlike any other — one that transcends the common sense of mankind. Such individuals will inherit something pure and phantasmal, that which can't be gained through normal methods; no one can stand against them and all things mundane are below them. It's they that will judge the fate of this forsaken world, acting as the representatives of the holy race."
— A common lore told about those blessed by an Angel.
Angel's Blessing

A person receiving the "Angel's Blessing".

Benedictionibus ex Caelum (神聖の儀式人種(べネディクショイーバス·エクス·サエルム), Benedeikushoniibasu Ekusuru Kēramu; Latin for "Blessings from Above", Japanese for "Holy Rite of the Divine Race"): This is derived from their ability to manipulate light, given to those they deemed worthy; those that are recipients of this technique are usually referred to as "Angel-Blessed" (朋輩の在天軍団(エンゼル·ブレスト), Enzeru Buresto; lit. "Comrade of the Heavenly Legion"), their existence being truly recognized by the very heavens. This technique has been performed mainly on Humans, wanting to fulfill their desires of becoming closer to an Angel — a desire that's also been shared by the Angels themselves. In order to perform this technique, the Angel charges an immense amount of light to their hand (sans the usage of the parent technique), places said light-infused hand over the target's head. The main attribute of an Angel is their ability to "purify"; this can fall in line with anything that goes against their will. In this case, the technique is used to purify all imperfections within the target while slightly altering their physiology. This causes them to evolve as a result, thus becoming "converting them" (i.e. gaining the same powers & abilities of Angels). It's known that this effects of this ability can be passed down from generation-to-generation — allowing certain members of the family to inherit an angel's power. However, the only problem with this technique is its level of power; it's said those who's received a blessing from a Seraph through the usage of this technique have inherited an immensely large & strong amount of power that can be passed down for a long time. In comparison, those who received the blessing from an Azrael inherits a small & weak amount of power that temporarily lasts in the recipient — having no chance of it being inherited by the next of kin. It's said that this technique has helped humankind to evolve over the past millennium into what it currently is today. Also, it's been theorized that this technique is what the Angels use to breed & re-populate their kind, but this has yet to be proven. This technique is known to be ineffective against individuals who are corrupted & creatures of an evil species; in fact, if ever performed on them, the technique would backfire causing immense pain as they are purified from the inside-out. In a sense, this technique can be considered cruel as it's seen as a slow form of torture — a trait that contradicts an Angel's given nature. It's been theorized that Fallen Angels had lost this ability upon their corruption, but was later proven false as it was still possible for them to give out such blessings to individuals they deemed worthy; in such a case, the blessing of a fallen is a bit weaker than that of a pure, no longer having affiliation with their homeland. Though the individual chosen receives the same amount of power as a fallen angel of given rank, it's naturally seen as inferior in-comparison with an individual blessed by a pure one. However, it should be noted that ranking is still a factor — thus even if the blessing is weakened to a certain extent, if that Fallen Angel was of a higher ranking, then the power the individual was blessed with can outrank another individual blessed by an angel of a lower ranking. Naturally, those who're blessed by a Fallen Angel gain black wings instead of white ones.

Transcendant Angel Blessing

The new appearance of an Angel-Blessed after fully synchronizing with an Angel; it's said that it equates to or possibly surpasses various modes used by mages.

  • Yuangelionel (聖未通女星超越的天使推進(ユアゲルイオンエル), Yuageruioneru; lit. "Holy Virgin Star Transcendent Angelic Promotion"): It's considered to be the true form of the Angel's Blessing, representing the desire of the two races to be one — reaching new levels of understanding and coexistence; it's this form that makes Angels one of the most feared and revered races in existence. It's unknown how this form came about, but's rumored to have been spawned by an Angel's desire to save a human that it cherished — risking everything just to achieve such ends, even if it meant its eventual demise. While powerful, it's considered to be forbidden because of the risks that come with it — the most evident one being the permanent fusion between the Angel and its host, possibly turning said host into an Angel; though such effects are wanted by most humans — having the innate desire to become such sublime beings worshiped in various religions and cults, it's seen as an abomination by the Angels upon the decree of their Supreme God, the Holy Father, and the Virgin Mother — all of whom stated that such a conception would go against the very laws that govern the universe. Thus, the form can only be invoked under the most extreme of circumstances, especially when the Angel and the host's life are in serious danger. Naturally, this form is accessible to those who have received the Angel's Blessing — the very proof of them being "chosen by the heavens"; it's not available to any other, even if they wield the Nilgaloria — the holy relic that simulates said blessing, thus bestowing its users with the same powers, but to a certain extent. It's said that when the Angel and the Angel-Blessed synchronize both their minds and powers with one that they undergo a metamorphosis; they no longer retain their individual appearances, but take on an entirely new one altogether — inheriting traits from both participants. Like any other known transformation, they get a significant power boost; in this case, their individual powers are pooled together and magnified nearly five times over. It's because of this that this form is even more powerful than other transformations, especially ones belonging in the Slayer Magic category. While they have access to their individual powers, they are also able to create new ones that are unique to them; this easily gives them an advantage over others, as the latter aren't able to properly counter such a force that been recently introduced. It should be noted that the Angel's Apoca is usable in said state, thus can be counted as the only time that another being is able to utilize the signature weapon of the Angels for their benefit, albeit for a brief time. Most legends concerning this transformation once stated that it has the power to annihilate armies and lay waste to nations in a matter of moments; however, since there has been no known record of such a feat, it's still up for debate. But, the power of this form can't be denied, no less. With the various benefits this transformation grants comes various weaknesses, one of which has already been mentioned; considered to be an important factor, the host and the angel must be fully synchronized with one another. If there's anything that will disrupt it, it will lead to a severe backlash that can harm both participants while draining them of their respective magical energy supplies — putting them in a state of near-death. While form can be maintained for a longer period, the time one can stay in it can be reduced by how much power they exert; the greater the power, the shorter the time limit. Despite all of these risks, this form is something that's continually sought after — thus the reason why most beings seek an Angel's blessing. Like with all known transformations, it's known that this one can be given a name, signifying what it truly means to the users in question. Somewhat of a comical factor, this form has been coined as "Angel Sync" (天使化内(エンゼル·デビル), Enzeru Shinku; lit. "Turn into the Angel Within") — which is short for "Angel Synchronization" (天使同期, Tenshi Dōki); this makes allusions to the famed Devil Synchronization, usable through Devil Slayer Magic. According to the ones who coined the term, this is to spite such Slayers due to their transformation being heretical to their overall purpose. Thus, it's known that users of this transformation and Devil Slayers who utilize such a mode tend not to get along with one another, even if their purposes coincide.


"Y'see this weapon in my hand? It's a part of my being; we are one in the same. Two halves of the same whole. It's like this with other angels and their respective Apoca — there's no exception. They are mere reflections of ourselves, the embodiment of our given individuality. The power each one holds correlates to the user's true self. When we die, it goes along with us; that's how close-knit the two are to each other. It's something unique and can't be passed along to another. It's the only thing that can't be given to an angel-blessed human; that's how special it is. You think we are all good on the inside? We are all the same? If you thought that for even a second, then you are a fool. Like humans, we each are different in our own way. Even Fallen Angels — those who fell from grace are no exception; in fact, it's because of said reason that they fell in the first place. In short, these weapons are considered to be the true personification of our powers — one that even surpasses the Sanctus Lumine, that which is hailed as the most powerful form of light."
Sariel alluding to the nature of the Apoca to his race before reaping the souls of one of his victims.
Angel Apoca Summoning

An angel summoning his Apoca from its medium — a headband.

Apoca (選ば人種の神器(アポケア), Apoka; lit. "Divine Armaments of the Chosen Race"): Something noted to be a gift from the heavens itself, the Apoca is an Angel's most powerful weapon — surpassing the Sanctus Lumine altogether. It's also considered to be their trump card, used in the most extreme of situations; the embodiment of their very beings, the Apoca is considered to be unique — both in shape & ability. The only common trait that an Apoca possesses is having a strange design located somewhere on its person. In the history of the Angel race, there's never been a record of two similar Apocas existing because it's considered to be an impossibility; each Angel is unique and the Apocas are the reflection of such a fact. It's one of the few weapons that can't be possessed by any other being outside of an Angel; even those re-incarnated as an Angel or those that have received the Angel's Blessings are unable to possess one. Only pure-blooded Angels are able to wield one, thus the weapon being a significant sign of their lineage.

While the Apocas are strong in their own right — being able to best most man-made weapons (even those made through unorthodox means), their strength is proportionate to that of the owner's; if the Angel grows in strength and attains a higher rank, their Apoca becomes stronger as well in response to such a change. Thus, it's evident that an Apoca belonging to a Seraphim-class Angel is much greater than an Apoca belonging to an Angel of the Azrael-class; there have been a few exceptions, but they relate to the abnormal changes within that Angel in-question — either by an outside influence or through some internal conflict. Though having fallen from grace, Fallen Angels are still able to wield Apoca with significant prowess while still maintaining their original levels of power; as stated before, it's mainly due to them being linked their owner's power and ranking.

It's unknown what process an Angel goes through to get their Apoca, but it has to do with conquering some kind of turmoil that they may be faced with; it either has to do with going through an inner change or coming face-to-face with a power greater than themselves. Once they find some way to overcome it, then they have the qualifications to unlock their Apoca. The only ones who truly know any information pertaining to the other steps necessary to unlock the Apoca are the Gods and the Archangels; even Seraphim-level Angels — who are hailed as one of the most powerful groups of their kind and have access to vast amounts of certain information that the other ranks aren't savvy to, are clueless about it. This may be due to the danger of the information pertaining to the weapon falling into the wrong hands, thus able to properly utilize it to counteract the weapon in-question. It's said that it's impossible to perfectly replicate an Angel's Apoca due to the complexity of such a high-grade weapon — despite its simplistic look; there have been attempts done after seeing an Apoca up-close, but there have been none who have been able to replicate a weapon that comes close to it — even when using obscure or inhumane methods.

Apoca Clash Result

The resulting shockwave of two Apocas of the same rank clashing with one another.

Apocas — being the representation of an Angel, are known to be indestructible; they can't be damaged through normal means. This is mainly due to them being made from a divine material and linked to the Angel itself. The only way that an Apoca can be possibly damaged, let alone destroyed, is if it it clashes with one of equal or greater power. However, in such a case, it can be repaired by gathering large amounts of light to its being; even then, the amount of light needed and the repair time is proportionate to the damage inflicted upon it. While having individual powers that correlates to the user, it's also to manipulate the element of light to a higher degree when used as a medium for such a feat. It can be used in conjunction with the individual ability that an Apoca possesses — amplifying its power immensely; this is possible because of the Angel's affinity with light and the Apoca being born from such an element. When an Apoca is fully mastered, the Angel are able to call it from anywhere at any given time; even if they are separated, the Angel can call upon their Apoca in a mere instance — summoning it to their side with ease. It can be stored into various objects they keep on their person, having no limitations or restrictions to such a regard. It's said that no Angel can possess another's Apoca; when an Angel is killed, their Apoca disappears along with them — the weapon being apart of them.

Considered to be something of a rite of passage and a way of handling an Apoca's immense power, Angels often give their Apocas a name and a release command; their form remains constant, but their power is unleashed in all its fury. Usually, the name would be related to an Apoca's power and/or shape; however, there have been known instances where an Apoca's name is based after something or someone else — specifically the very thing that an Angel treasures above all else. There have been recordings that certain Apoca were named after various weapons or relics that are considered to be legendary in the mortal realm or creatures of impeccable standing or prowess. That have been Apoca that have been named after incidents related to the heavens and the gods themselves. Not oddly enough, the names of the Apocas can be derived from different languages — some of which are only known to their race; this creates much variety in naming sense for the Apocas, making them all the more unique.

Angel Magic

Main article: Angel Magic
Sorano Angel Magic

Sorano using the magic to summon the corpses of deceased angels; a bright light is seen when the magic is cast accompanied with golden feathers — a signal of the angel(s) being summoned.

It's said that when an angel dies, their body goes through an unusual metamorphosis. It looses all human characteristics and become something akin to a fetus-like doll. These "corpses" reside in another dimension, guarded by an unknown power; the identity of this power is unknown, but it's hinted to be the "Angel of Death & Finality" (死合目的性の天使, Shigōmokutekisei no Tenshi) himself — Sariel, who's also known as the Grim Reaper in various lore.

When humans make a contract to utilize Angel Magic, they are able to access this dimension — summoning certain levels of angels by paying a certain price via coins. The angels in-question becomes subservient to the caster, obeying their every command. This magic is usable by many, but many Angels see it as a form of enslavement — desecrating the remains of those who have fallen. However, there are known exceptions to this way of thinking — as seen with Sorano, the most prominent user of this magic. The appearance of the angel is decided by their rank — the higher the class, the more of their former appearance they are able to retain.


  • This species follows after both Latin & Hebrew motifs respectively, as seen in some of the ability names.
  • Most of the concepts here are based on one of the author's favorite Manhwa, Soul Cartel.
  • Permission to use this race & given mechanics were granted by both Zico & Per.
  • This article was done in a Christian perspective due to the author's religious background.
  • Any user is allowed to create a given number of angels & fallen angels. However, only four archangels per user. No exceptions.
  • Also, in respect with the rankings of the species, the user must ask to make an angel of a higher rank (i.e. Seraphs, Cherubs, Ophanim, & Dominion-class Angels). They must also explain how they reached such a ranking. This is due to them being extremely powerful.
  • Some of the material in this article is related to Lucifer's Esoterism & other pages of the author, having some form of interconnection in one way or another.
  • The Apoca is based on the weapons of the same name from the manhwa, Nephilim.
  • Funnily enough, the nature of the Apoca is likened to that of the Zanpakutō (albeit with stark differences) from the anime/manga series, Bleach. This makes Angels more like Soul Reapers, which is somewhat ironic — both races being psychopomps.
  • Aetheria is fully-based on the Domain from the game, Tales of Zestiria.
  • This race can be taken over like their demonic counterparts, but the author notes that it's harder to do so because of the immense power; this is especially true for those of a higher-ranking, even in their weakened state.
  • Quote about the Angels was provided to me by User:ShonenChicoBoy. All credit goes to him.
  • The use of the Yuangelionel is limited to three characters per user. No exceptions.

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