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Angel Shine

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Angel Shine (エンジェル シン enjeru shin) a spell that is distinct to the Warrior Angel Guild, it is 1 of the 3 legendary Angel spells


Angel Shine is 1 of the 3 angel spells of the Warrior Angel Guild, the user combines their hands together and a magic circle with the Warrior Angel Guild mark appears in front of user, the user then gets engulfs in an intense light by the circle, the light shines throughout the area and covers everyone in the area,

as long as the user remains in the light all black magic or dark magic is negated weather its made by and ally or an enemy the magic is negated, this does not effect living creatures created by black magic such as Zeref's demons

To use this magic the user must have no traces of negative emotions in their hearts other wise the spell will have no effect, this magic is able to negate even the great wizard Zeref's magic but is unable to negate the demons he's already created

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