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Angel Sword

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Masaki Alberno

Angel Sword: (エンジェル スウォード enjeru suwoodo) a spell that is distinct to the Warrior Angel Guild. it is one of the 3 legendary Angel spells and the most powerful


Angel Sword is 1 of the 3 legendary angel spells of the Warrior Angel Guild, this spell is the most powerful of 3 spells, to use it the user forms a ball of light between their hands and then the ball grows and takes form into a sword made of light and the guard is circle with spikes on it and a cross inside the circle that reaches out of it. 

when the wielder cuts someone with the sword a magic circle with the Warrior Angel Guild mark appears from the cut, the opponent then gets engulfs in an intense light, the light causes massive damage to them 

this effect of this spell can only be used once so when the spell works the sword vanishes however Masaki Alberno is able to use it several times in a sword fight against a dark guild master. 

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