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Angry Angels
AA Symbol
Kanji アングリエンジェルス
Symbol AA Small
Master Morgana Edgeworth
S-Class Mages Black Star

Adelle Crowley
Selene Adler

Type Dark Guild
Location Fedoria

Angry Angels (アングリエンジェルス Anguri Enjerusu) is one of the largest and most powerful Dark Guilds in Earth Land, while not being part of the Balam Alliance. The guild owes its name to its history, where its founding members once used to belong to a Legal Guild, but left due to a major disagreement with its guild master.



Fedoria: A giant moving fortress personally created by Morgana Edgeworth. Despite it's appearance it is amazingly durable. It can withstand a direct attack from Jupiter. The castle itself moves by using a special Core Lacrima. The lacrima requires recharge every 3 months with magic, so that is why only a certain number of mages are allowed on missions, while the others rest and recover their magic to help charge it. While the guild tends to avoid large cities, its members can find their headquarters by using special compasses attuned to their magic signature.


Name Rank Team Status
Morgana EdgeworthGuild MasterNoneActive
Black StarGuild AceNoneActive
Adelle CrowleyS-Class Dark MageBlack BahamutActive
Selene AdlerS-Class Dark MageBlack BahamutActive
Regina CawdorDark MageNoneActive


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