Animos is an S-Rank member of Watcher Eye. Animos is heralded as the strongest member of Watcher Eye (next to Marco).


Animos is an enigma. Nobody really knows anything about him or his life before joining the guild.

It is known that like Cue, Animos is searching for Arkaeus.


A new mission! Crush the Bell group


Animos is a reclusive and mysterious member of the guild. Despite reclusivness he like all Watcher Eye members, are extremely loyal to it and its members and will go to great lengths to protect it.

Magic and Abilities

Animos is said to be the most powerful member of Watcher Eye, excluding Master Marco. Animos uses many powerful spells in combat.

Parasite: By grabbing an opponent Animos is able to absorb magical power from them.

Teleportation Magic: This magic allows Animos to move to any given location within his line of sight.

Burst: Animos shoots a powerful blast of magical energy from his hand.

Fulmunous Edge: Animos wields a beam of purple energy fashioned into the shape of a longsword, that he uses to slash an enemy. These slashes can also cut the air allowing for long-range attacks.

Dusk Ruination: Animos creates a large gravity field with him as its center. Everything within the range of the field is completely crushed, be it friend or foe.

Dusk Vortex: Using his gravity powers Animos causes an opponent to be drawn towards him, making it easier for Animos to take their power with Parasite.

Healing Magic: Animos has also exhibited some skill in healing magic, though the full extent of his skill has yet to be seen.