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All was quiet in the guild house of Celestial Dawn despite several of its members being present together. What held the groups attention was the finale of the guild's favorite television show The Eternals War. "Do you think they'll win?" asked a dark-skinned youth wearing a pair of glasses from his spot near the front of the living quarters. 

"Of course they will Gunz. Most of this stuff is based on what happened in Eternia decade ago" replied a woman wearing a beige sleeping robe wrapped tightly around her. 

"Really? So is this considered like a documentary or something?" Gunz asked, returning his attention back to the tv screen. On screen, the fictional would-be king raised his broadsword to the skies and began delivering a rousing speech to his army. 

"No more like a re-imaging you could say" replied another youth with sandy-blonde hair that covered one of his eyes from his spot on the large couch.    

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