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Anti-Magic Virus (反魔法病菌, Han Mahōbyōkin) is an exceptionally rare form of man-made virus originally created by Sai Watatsumi; the father of Yami Watatsumi, these viruses are rare to find and can only be found in regions of extreme cold. This virus affects a person's ability to mold their magic and demolishes their skill with the manipulation of ethernano slowly. The virus in its initial state eats up one's magic power slowly and gives them a slight fever that usually lasts for a day. However, within a month the virus is completely spread into one's stream (magic stream; through which one's magic flows inside their body) and corrupts their internal container. This causes the mage's spells to backfire and the virus spreads more and damages their body as the mage tries to use magic. Using strong magic can cause a huge amount of stress to their body. The virus after three weeks of contraction gives out symptoms like fatigue, heart burn, dizziness and recurrent muscle pain. It may also cause internal damage by attacking one's internal organs organs and sapping them of their magical energy; which either reduces their efficiency drastically or causes them to stop working altogether.

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