Name Aoki
Race Human
Birthday Unknown
Age 24 (pre-timeskip), 31 (post-timeskip)
Gender Male
Height unknown
Weight unknown
Eyes blue
Hair blonde
Blood Type unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Revolution Spire
Previous Affiliation none
Occupation Dark Mage
Previous Occupation none
Team Revolution Spire
Partner none
Base of Operations unknown
Personal Status
Relatives Evlite Dullahan (adoptive father)
Alias 'Firestarter' Aoki
Magic Fire Magic

Solar Radiance

Aoki is an S-Class Mage and a member of the Dark Guild Revolution Spire. He is the adopted son of Evlite Dullahan the Guildmaster of Revolution Spire. He is known and feared far and wide as Firestarter Aoki.


Aoki was born into a rather normal family, however one day when Aoki was around 6 years old his innate magical powers manifested incinerating his home and his entire family. Seeing Aoki's power from far away, Evlite found him and raised him as his own son.

When Evlite created the Dark Guild Revolution Spire Aoki became Evlite's righthand man.

Revolution Spire's Descent

The Elite of Revolution Spire


Aoki is always serious and is extremly loyal to Evlite. Aoki is always seeking strength to better prove himself to Evlite. During battle Aoki shows little emotion and never loses his cool even if the odds are against him and likes to finish his target's quickly so he can move on. However, as Leviathan found out, due to the loss of Aoki's family he envies those that still have families because they were able to live good safe lives, while he had to fight through the underworld in order to survive.

Magic and Abilities

Aoki is an immensly powerful mage with two incredibly powerful magic styles.

Aoki's primary magic comes from mastery of Fire magic. Some of Aoki's fire magic techniques are:

  • Bonfire: Aoki generates a gigantic ball of fire that he then manipulates by moving his hands
  • Phoenix Flame: Aoki creates a bird made out of fire and commands it to attack his opponent
    • Phoenix Flock: Similar to the previous technique execpt Aoki creates multiple 'phoenix flames'.
  • Tera Incineration: Aoki covers his body in flames that then instantly spread out around the surronding area incinerating everything.

Aoki's other power is the power to control solar energy. This power is called Solar Radiance. Some of Aoki's Solar Radiance techniques are:

  • Solar Radiance: Beam: Aoki gathers solar energy and then fires out as a high density beam from his hand. The heat of the beam is so powerful that it can melt stone.
  • Solar Radiance: Beacon: Aoki causes solar energy to gather above his opponents and then causes it to strike them from above.
  • Solar Radiance: Storm: Aoki gathers solar energy into a gigantic ball in front of him and then fires numerous energy shots that Aoki is able to mainpulate.
  • Solar Radiance: Blast Ray: Aoki charges a large amount of solar energy in the palms of his hands and then fires it towards an opponent as a single concentrated blast.