the Martyr (殉教者 Junkyōsha)
the Altar (祭壇 Saidan)


Celestial Spirit


Female Female

Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status
Key Type



Mirio Tachibana

Previous Owner

Old Lady of Tully Village


Cloudy Days


Mirio Tachibana

Previous Affiliation

Old Lady

Personal Status


Way of Combat

Chain Magic, Night Rise, Healing Magic

Ara the Altar is a silver key owned by Mirio Tachibana.


Ara is a tall woman, especially with her red high heels. She is blonde, with hair combed and his back is a silver diadem that travels throughout the hair. Ara has a purple skin with red make-up in the region of the eyebrow, and her eyes are blue and extremely bright with no hint of the pupil. She uses a large black dress with black feather collar and sleeves that are incredibly large, reaching to the ground, this dress also has a long tail.


Evil Influence. This is what people think about Ara, but they are deeply mistaken. Despite being marked by bad factors, it does not demonstrate to be someone bad, at least in "mortaly bad", even being a notorious practitioner of S&M.

Very greedy, spares no effort to achieve that diamond necklace on the neck of a lady; she is also hungry with compliments, always requiring constant words referring to his body and clothes, or anything that makes her happy, but be careful, one misspelled word and you're on the verge of see something worse than pain. Due to their confidence and energy, it is almost always taking risks and possibly to make more money.

Magic and Abilities

High Intellect: She is very clever and always know how to react, and also has a large range of knowledge about every type of magic and usually talk with Crux about the spirits.

Night Rise: At night all her magics are greatly increased and also the senses, and she will have a perfect night vision.

Chain Magic: Ara can invoce various types of chains to shoot long chains from his hands, complete with grappling hooks at the ends, or ending maces, also some sharping estructure.

  • Night Martyr: She invokes three chains that pierce the target with incredible power.
  • Hook of Miserables: Ara uses five chains to create a star and inside it, a giant chained hook appears and pick the target to the ground, near the star of chains that will grab and constrict the body until suffocates.

Healing Magic: She can cure everything that is feeling pain, and stronger the pain is, more effective the heal will be. She often use the chains to provoke pain by pleasure more than to heal.

Immortality: As a Celestial Spirit, Sagittarius cannot die, unless he is somehow forced to stay in the Human World for too long without returning to the Celestial Spirit World once; something which would slowly deplete his life force, eventually resulting in his death.


Ara is based at Nik, from Shin Megami.

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