Arc is one of the Generals of the Fiore Royal Military.


Not much is known about Arc's past, however he has had past dealings with Sparrow and his guild, Watcher Eye, and is on good terms with them.


The Great Wizard War


Arc is a loyal follower of Fiore's Royal Family and, even when he does what he feels like, always carries out their orders, but he does so in a way that he believes to be right. Arc doesn't like people who are noisy, claiming that it breaks his focus. Arc also shows respect and kindness to all his subordinates.

Magic and Abilities

Arc is a powerful user of both water and ice magic.

Diamond Glacier: Arc uses this spell to freeze opponents and the surronding environment.

Grand Deluge: Arc creates a large torrent of water to wash away his enemies.

Frothing Spiral: Arc fires numerous giant bubbles that explode on contact.

Tanomoshi Plume: Arc causes a large geyser to erupt from below his emenies.

Freezing Cold: Arc causes giant pillars of ice to come out of the ground and attacking his fores.

Icicle Spike: Arc gathers cold air between his hands and then fires out several spears made out of ice.