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Arc of Doors



Doa no Āku


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Janus Saturnalia

Arc of Doors is a Lost Magic based around the creation of doors off of any surface.


This magic allows the user to open doors off of any surface.  Not only can the user create doors on solid surfaces, but also on air.  The doors he creates take him anywhere he wants to go, wether it be in Earth Land or Edolas, even if he's never even been there before.  Despite its power, this is not an offensive magic, being used solely for transportation.  Also, this magic can be used to show someone any event in the past or future, by having them step through the door, but they won't be able to affect what happened/happens in this timeline while there, as they are only watching.


Janus' Spells

Door of Immortality: Janus creates a door that leads to something that can grant one immortality.

Air Door: Janus creates a door on the air and goes through it, taking it anywhere he wants.

Crossroads: Janus opens two doors, giving someone or himself the choice between two different options.

Past/Future Door: Janus creates a door to show someone events of the past or future, but they cannot interfere with these events.

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