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Rangiku Fights
Arc of Matter



Busshitsu no āku


Lost Magic


Rukia Asako

Arc of Matter (物質のアーク, Busshitsu no āku) is a lost magic, that revolves around matter manipulation.


Arc of Matter is a lost magic that makes it's users capable of transmuting matter into different forms, they are able to create and absorb matter and energy, shape, and rebuild it into anything of their choosing. However when users use it they start to lose the matter that their bodies are made of, as a result they cannot use it for more than an hour or risk being ereased.

Rukia's Spells

  • Matter Creation: Rukia can create any type of artificial, organic and inorganic matter from nothing, as well as any object. She can shape created matter into any shape they wish and specify what type of material, or layers of materials (e.g., making layers of matter to form a hamburger), or quantity and subatomic structure.
  • Matter Absorbsion: Rukia can absorb matter, while removing it from the source, into her body and use it in various ways, gaining some form of advantage, either by enhancing themselves, gaining the drained power, using it as power source etc., either temporarily or permanently.
  • Matter Subsitution: Rukia can substitute one collection of molecules with another, allowing them to "switch" matter, ie. she focuses on a box and touches a concrete wall, the box appears on the wall and a box of concrete is replaced on the box's previous place. 
  • Matter Melding: Rukia can cause two separate and distinct items to combine into one new item. Some can fuse two different elements to make a new one. Ability can extend to morphing and reshaping existing matter (on contact, not to be confused with different manipulation powers that can be used at a distance from target matter).
  • Matter Manipulation: Rukia can shape and manipulate matter, i.e. anything in the universe that has substance and mass/physical form, starting from molecules and atoms, to planets and other astronomical features.
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