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Arc of Perception



Chikaku no ko


Caster Magic
Lost Magic



Arc of Perception (知覚の弧, Chikaku no Ko) is a Caster-type of Lost Magic. This magic allows the user to alter, interfere, and control the enemies preception of time around themselves.


This magic is extremely dangerous to those who face it and even harder to defent against. This magic allows its users to control their enemies perception of time around themselves by making them perceive that time is either moveing faster, slower of has stopped altogether. Most who face this magic tend to think that the user has either sped up or slowed down, or that themselves have sped up or slowed down, not their perception of their surroundings. This magic is extremely deadly when used by someone with a high or genius level intelligence.

Arc of Perception 3

A casters afterimage being attacked.

The Arc of Perception has a hidden effect that even less that the number of people who know how to use this magic knows about. This secret ability allows the user to manipulate their enemies perception of the spell caster allowing the caster to hide in plain sight. This is done by the caster exerting their magical power over their enemies and then altering their enemies perception of their actual presence, shown by the caster having the appearance of being covered in black shadows, allowing the caster to make it seem as if they are all around their enemy, also allowing the caster to make solid looking clones of them selves that simple melt away when attacked. A ancient record of this magic says that the caster makes the illusion of an afterimage.

This magic while immensely powerful has a few fatal weaknesses. The primary weakness is that it cannot stop time, only the perception that time has stopped, meaing that if someone with enough intelligence notice any form of inaccuracy can ususally figure out and counter this magic. The second is that someone not effected by this magic can usually "break" the effects of this spell when used on someone else.

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