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Arc of Space



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Arc of Space (間のアーク,Ma no Āku) is a powerful Lost Magic that allows the user to create and manipulate a pocket space, or the extent of a room in three dimensions. Due to the rarity of this magic, not much is know about it, other than that it can maximize and minimize any given or created space, as well as the objects within. The user can also use this ability to teleport within the diameter of the space.


According to .., though the use of this magic the user is able to create a unique dimension in which they are able to teleport to at anytime. After its creation, the user has absolute control over said space. The principle of this magic is the manipulation of space, or room, and the control over the objects inside. While in this space, the user can teleport anywhere within it. In addition, the user is able to teleport others into this space. According to .., by setting up "space-Points" within a room. She is able to transform a room into a makeshift dimension that she is able to control like that of her normal dimension. However, unlike it, doing this requires large amounts of magic and requires get concentration to keep it active.


  • Yukiko has stated that this magic is one part of the triad. The other two being Arc of Embodiment and Arc of Time.
  • In addition, she has stated that due to the nature of this magic, it is mainly a support magic and really has little offensive abilities.
  • This ability is based of the Inner World from bleach.

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