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"Arcadia is unlike most other guilds Nadir. Other Guilds stake everything on their reputation, and their reputation on everything. In Arcadia, we believe that life is too short for that kind of hassle, just relax and enjoy."
— Guildmaster Chris Burden to Nadir Taevas,when asked why Arcadia don't take part in the Daimatouenbu.
Name Arcadia
Kanji アルカディア
Rōmaji Arukadia
Symbol Arcadia_2.png
Master Chris Burden
S-Class Mages Iban Wage

Nadir Taevas

Type Legal Guild
Location Outskirts of Onibus Town


Arcadia's guiding principle is to just relax and enjoy life while they still have it, as, in the words of Borca Rodirin 'The world could end tomorrow, and you could miss out on all the things that you put off until then'. They have been labelled by many, most notably the magic council, as chaotic, highly destructive and disorganised, and just generally annoying. Typically, Arcadia Mages dress brightly, and show little or no regard to their guild's standing in the magical world. They also show scant respect to the rules and laws of the government and magic council, following them only when it suits them, or to avoid prosecution and being forced to disband.


Arcadia was founded in X785 by Christopher Burden. He had previously travelled across Fiore, searching for a guild that he could feel at home in. Failing to find one that felt right, he decided instead to create his own. The driving force behind his guild was for it to be a place for mages of all different abilities and backgrounds to come together, relax, and respect each other. He chose to situate his new guild in the shell of an abandoned school building on the outskirts of Onibus Town. He and the other founding members (Iban Wage & Aricia Thranx), spent thenext year rebuilding and refurbishing the old building, before painting it, in Iban's words, "Brighter than Aricia's hair".

Over the next five years, Arcadia was involved in a number of highly-publicised incidents and arguements involving the magic council, most notably the occasion when Aricia Thranx and Borca Rodirin 'accidentally' tore a hole through the wall of the council's local branch. 

Between X787and X790, Arcadia become involved in an on-off state of war with the dark guild Vortex. The two guilds were evenly matched until the eventual defection of Alea Tyra from Vortex to become an independent dark mage, allowing Arcadia to break the stalemate and ultimately defeat their rivals. Despite the fact that many of Arcadia's mages have reasonably high levels of power, the guild has never participated in the Daimatouenbu, as the Master and the Ace do not see the point of participating an arbitrary tournament to determine strength.


Guild Rank Name Magic Status
Master Christopher Burden Ex-Quip Active
S-Class (Ace) Iban Wage Ice-Make Active
S-Class Nadir Taevas Dark Cataclysm Active
Mage Arasi Ilrach Card Magic Active
Mage Aricia Thranx Banshee Active
Mage Borca Rodirin Active


Due to the behaviour of Aricia Thranx and Borca Rodirin, it is now common for bars to refuse to sell alcohol to any members of Arcadia.

Despite only one of their members possessing fire magic, Arcadia has a reputation for setting fire to things in the course of their jobs, including each other.

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