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Arcam Dilata
Arcam Dilata

ああかむ ぢらた


Holder Magic


Unnamed Royal Family Member (deceased)

"Anyway, the function was simple, it could amplify the power of any spell, any spell. Now, down the line it came into the possession of Fiore's royal family. With that in mind, I stole it. It would be a great asset for my desires."
Xemen to Lana Kaen and Princess Victoria Fiorenza.[1]

Arcam Dilata (ああかむ ぢらた, lit. Ark of Enlarge) is a magical artifact of relatively unknown origin. While the specifics are unknown, the artifact came into the possession of Fiore's royal family about two centuries ago. Though the exact mechanics are not known, Arcam Dilata's sole function is the excessive amplication of any given spell. That is, it magnifies the strength of any spell to an extreme extent, regardless of what sort of spell it is. It was hidden away in an obscure location somewhere in the nothern region of the kingdom. The existence of this artifact was a closely kept secret that only individuals such as the King , Raimo Vista, and the highers ups of the Magic Council knew of, or so it was thought. Xemen, the guildmaster of the Exia Guild, orchestrated the war tensions between Fiore and the nations of Bosco and Seven to steal the contraption, and later used the siege of Crocus to get the "key" necessary to activate this artifact, that is, the blood of a royal family member. With that said, he set up the abduction of Princess Victoria Fiorenza for this purpose.[2] Also, it is not yet known how Xemen came to steal this artifact. Currently, the artifact is in a state of slumber.





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