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Arcanic Scale





Strombola Giudecelli


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Arcanic Scale (アルカイニックスケール Arukainikku Sukēru) is one of the most powerful Dark Guilds in Egalia and wish to overthrow the Ministry of Magic and take over Egalia, transforming it into a Dark Mage Continent (闇魔導士大陸 Yami Madōshi Tairiku). They do not have a ranking system but seem to rely on aliases to determine rank.





Name Rank Team Status
Strombola GiudecelliGuild MasterMajor ArcanaActive
Blake MaximGuild AceMajor ArcanaActive
Balthazar SteeleDark MageMajor ArcanaActive
BakuraDark MageMajor ArcanaActive
BarabusDark MageNoneUnknown
Charlez FaucheuxDark MageMajor ArcanaActive
Custos MessiumDark MageMajor ArcanaActive
Draht SchlingeDark MageMajor ArcanaActive
GallileiaDark MageMajor ArcanaActive
Gelu MaximDark MageMajor ArcanaActive
Hansel GreigerDark MageMajor ArcanaActive
JongleurDark MageMajor ArcanaActive
LabnorDark MageMajor ArcanaActive
Lola HammersmarkDark MageMajor ArcanaActive
Mes IvoDark MageMajor ArcanaActive
Michel MashDark MageMajor ArcanaActive
OberonDark MageMajor ArcanaActive
Proctor ForteDark MageMajor ArcanaActive
SchneiderDark MageMajor ArcanaDeceased
Tula VedaDark MageMajor ArcanaActive
Theodore ZariusDark MageMajor ArcanaActive
Vincent CeladonDark MageMajor ArcanaActive
Wanda LaRueDark MageMajor ArcanaActive

Blake Maxim's card: the Wheel of Fortune.


This Guild uses a "ranking system" based on epithets/nicknames relating to the major arcana. These can be due to either their appearance, abilities, personality or even role in the guild. The members of Arcanic Scale also carry a tarot card on their person, symbolising their epithet, this serves as a form of Organic Link Magic: with each member of the guild being defeated, their energy will be 'donated' to Strombola and upon defeat - the card will become blank.

Name Alias Reason
Strombola GiudecelliThe Empress (皇后 Kōgō)Due to her position as the Guild Master as well as her use of Personication Magic.
Blake MaximThe Wheel of Fortune (転変Tenpen)Due to his signature scythe's rotary blades.
Balthazar SteeleThe Temperance (禁酒 Kinshu)Due to the Temperance Tarot card signifying the "bringing together of opposites" - a referance to his allegiance with a dark guild and the ruse of his allegiance with the ministry.
BakuraThe Sun (太陽 Taiyō)Unknown
Charlez FaucheuxThe Tower (塔 )Due to his signature spell.
Custos MessiumThe Death (死 Shi)Due to her likeness to the Grim Reaper
Draht SchlingeThe Emperor (皇帝 Kōtei)Due to his royal lineage in the Warsfeil royal family.
GallileiaThe Hanged Man (絞首刑の男 Kōshukei no Otoko)Due to her status as a traitor from the country of Caligo.
Gelu MaximThe Moon (月 Tsuki)A reference to moon's that contain ice and his use of both Ice Magic and Ice-Make.
Hansel GreigerThe Strength (力 Chikara) Unknown
JongleurThe Fool (ばか Baka)Due to his jester-like appearance.
LabnorThe Magician (魔術師 Majutsu-shi)Due to his expertise in a variety of magic.
Lola HammersmarkThe Devil (悪魔 Akuma)Due to her sadistic tendencies and bloodlust.
Mes IvoThe World (世界 Sekai)Due to his usage of Gravity Magic.
Michel MashThe Hierophant (法王 Hierofanto)Due to his sense of 'justice' and appearance.
OberonThe Judgement (判定 Hantei)Due to his use of Weather Magic - symbolising the "end of days".
Proctor ForteThe Chariot (馬車 Basha)Due to his mastery of elemental magic and the Chariot Tarot Card representing the four elements.
SchneiderThe Justice (正義 Masayoshi)Unknown
Theodore ZariusThe Lovers (愛好家 Aikō-ka) Unknown
Tula VedaThe High Priestess (教皇 Jokyōkō)Due to her love of pacifism and appearance.
Vincent CeladonThe Hermit (仙人 Sen'in)Due to his preference to work alone and his decimation of his previous partner.
Wanda LaRueThe Star (星 Hoshi) Due to her status as a popular singer in Egalia.



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