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Nankai shugi


Holder Magic



Arcanism (難解主義, Nankai shugi) or Arcane Magic (難解の魔法, Nankai no Mahō) is a Holder Magic and a form of magic that is centered around chance, fate, and considerable skill. Arcanism is considered to not only being one of the more complex magics but also one of the most potent ones known to man where even the most basic spell containing astounding destructive power. However, despite its astounding might, it carries with it near crippling flaw in the form of a severe lack of consistency and predictability.


Arcanism is an extremely rare Holder Magic which is fully based around the usage of a mystical and legendary tome which contains seemingly countless spells within it's ever shifting pages. In order to be able to practice this magic, the mage is required to keep these books close to hand. The books are a rarity in and of themselves, only having been found in ruins of ancient temples. While rare and difficult to come across, the rewards are more than sufficient. Arcanism is one of the most potent magics known to mankind, surpassing nearly any other form of spellwork as far as sheer power goes. Even the simplest of the spells in the tomes are powerful enough to go toe to toe with most Lost Magic spells. The spells from the tome are so powerful and complex that the mind can only handle a single spell at a time, unable to process more information from the tome in order to learn something new.

However, despite its sheer raw power, the magic is not as reliable as most other magics. The books which provide the magic is most inconsistent in their supply. As said previously, the spells a given from the books and are of such a complex nature it is truly impossible to handle more than one at a time. This means that in order to learn something new, the old information must go forgotten. This means that nearly all information related to the spell goes forgotten, such as how it is performed, where it was found and what it takes. As if that was not enough, the texts within the book changes by ever passing second, meaning that no spell will appear on the same page and spot twice.


  • The Magic was based on Arcanists game.
    • However, this was during the previous user's ownership. These days the magic holds strong basis from the Black Books from Skyrim and the Arcanist class from FFXIV.
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