Stolen Shipment

  • Requirements: None
  • Location: Lion village in Seven
  • Type of Mission: Retrieval
  • Description: We just recently decided to turn an old guild into a hospital and everything was going smoothly until our shipment of medical supplies was taken by bandits during transport. Please! we need your help in locating our supplies and bringing them here safely. It is said the bandits were heading west to the deserts of Fiore.
  • Requester: Sora (located in Lion Village)
  • Reward: 250,000 Jewels
  • Completed: Here by Hyuga

Be Gone! Blizzardvern

  • Requirements: Experienced Mage or a team of 2 or more
  • Location: Mt. Hakobe
  • Type of Mission: Removal and Relocation
  • Description: I am a Herbologist that sometimes deals with magical ice because of it's restorative properties. The ice is located in Mt. Hakobe and normally I have someone else get the ice for me,but recently numerous Blizzardvern have decided to make the paths to the cave where the ice resides their home. I need someone to remove the beasts so I can continue with my work. I ask that you not kill them but maybe relocate them if possible.
  • Requester: Cliff Jones (Located in Onibus Town)
  • Reward: 300,000 Jewels + a block of Magical Ice
  • Taken: by Hyuga
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