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X791 | X784
Archimedes Cleomedes



Arukimedesu Kureomedesu

  • Cleo (クレオ Kureo?)
  • Fairy Philosopher (妖精の哲学者 Yōsei no Tetsugakumono?)
  • Fairy Scholar (妖精学者 Yōsei Gakusha?)
  • Fairy Tactician (妖精軍師 Yōsei Gunshi?)
  • Reincarnation of Wurranna (ウォランナの生まれ変わり U~oran'na no umarekawari?)
  • Father of Dragon (ドラゴンの父 Doragon no chichi?)

Human (Delian)


Male Male


175.26cm (5'9ft)

Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status

Fairy Tail symbol Fairy Tail Guild

Guild Mark Location

Right Shoulder

Previous Occupation

S-Class Mage


Young Mega-Death

Previous Partner(s)
Personal Status


  • Rhongomyniad (最果てにて輝ける槍(ロンゴミニアド) Saihate nite Kagayakeru Yari (Rongominiado)?, Lit. "The Lance that Shines to the Ends of the World")
  • Vivlío (ヴィヴリオ Vuivurio?)
"Can we please have some peace, I'm trying to read here."
— Archimedes Cleomedes.

Archimedes Cleomedes (アルキメデスクレオメデス Arukimedesu Kureomedesu?), also known as either the Fairy Philosopher (妖精の哲学者 Yōsei no Tetsugakumono?), the Fairy Scholar (妖精学者 Yōsei Gakusha?) or as the Fairy Tactician (妖精軍師 Yōsei Gunshi?) was a human Delian male member of the Fairy Tail Guild. After the disappearance of the core members in the year X784, it was decided for Archimedes to become the 4th Guild Master due to his advanced knowledge and even wisdom due to the fact he studied book and texts. Eventually sometime in the seven years, he'd soon became one of the Ten Wizard Saints. However during the battle against the Tartaros guild, Archimedes was killed in battle against Mard Geer Tartaros.



On the island-country of Delos in the city-state of Syracuse, his father Phidias was a veteran philosopher and astronomer. His father had a very special connection to the Celestial Spirits, to which he had studied the constellations. Phidias soon met a woman named Lysander, who is said to be a female Spartan from the enclaved cit-state of Sparta from Fiore.

During the Delian War, a conflict that erupted between Syracuse and Ionia, another city-state from the island of Alpha Bay, Lysander lead a military campaign against the Ionians during the battle of the Pacific, a division in Earth Land's oceans that's between Delos and Ionia. During the war, Phidias was helping the female Spartan in navigating the oceans via the stars and starmapping routes. Unlike the Ionians who seem to lack in certain navigational fields, the Pacific Islands was able to be taken, and the battle waw victorius to the Delians. Finding the two, both Phidias and Lysander began to fall in love which they returned back to Delos and slept with each other, which convieved into a child.

Pregnant, Lysander was able to get annual leave with permission from the League of Delos and the Delian Council. In her bed chambers Phidias stayed by her side and cared for her medical health with the Delian medical doctors and medical mages. However eight months later, the day Lysander was expected to give birth, Delos was under siege by a suprised Ionian attack. No time, Lysander was taken to a secured location in order to give birth which he fellow Spartan known as Leonardo da Sparta arrived in time to help. Leonardo then told Phidias that he needs to take the child away after she gives birth. Phidias questions the Spartans but Lysander told him that she rather have the child live and not be taken by the Ionians. Reluctantly agreeing, Phidias and Leonardo stayed guard as Lysander gave birth to their son Archimedes.

After giving birth, Lysander however passed away due to complications in the birthing procedure, which the nurse gave the newborn to Phidias. Leonardo then told him a Spartan ship was over the side of Delos, which Phidias followed the Spartan, who defended him from Ionian soldiers. Reaching to the ship, Leonardo ordered the Hoplites to set sail at full. The Hoplite Captain then asked what Leonardo would, and he responded he shall to help the Delians. Phidias saw his self-sacrifice and bravery and wished him luck and to not die before the ship began to return to Fiore, with Leonardo responded saying saying that he doesn't need luck, and that Spartans never die.

Early Life



Magic & Abilities

Archive (古文書(アーカイブ) Ākaibu?): Archimedes was Fairy Tail's primary bookworm and its go-to mage for information concerning certain matters similar to Levi. With Archive he's able to quickly document information which he can gain access to on the fly. He's constantly increasing his Archive's library with knowledge from Fairy Tail's library before Makarov disbanded it.

  • Force Blast (フォースブラスト Fōsuburasuto?): Archimedes was able to utilize this spell that allows him to materialized projected screen that can cause a blast of sorts. He commonly used this to target Fairy Tail members who disorganized books or simply took a book without telling. He's also able to use this on his hands, having small projected screen on his palm that cause little damage but does it to cause agitation.
  • Archive Ball (古文書玉(アーカイブボール) Komonjo-Dama?): A spell of hisn own making, Archive Ball is a specialized spell that uses the magical information from Archive to project a attack, which can cause elemental effects if the information is present. During the battle of Fairy Tail against Phantom Lord, he was able to use Archive Ball to fire a projected fire attack.
  • Force Shield (フォースシールド Fōsushīrudo?): Archimedes was able to utilize Force Shields in the form of projected screens, which is able to block most attacks for a limited time.
  • Telepathy (念話(テレパシー) Terepashī?): With Archive, Archimedes was able to mentally connected to multiple people at once and communicate with telepathically.
  • Information Transfer (情報伝達 Jōhō Dentatsu?): Archimedes is able to transfer various pieces of information in a compressed storage transference.

Bullet Magic (弾丸の魔法 Dangan no Mahō?): Archimedes learnt Bullet Magic as a means for Self-defense, rarely used prolonged combat. He used this Magic when Phantom Lord's attack on Fairy Tail, using it to take out Jose Porla's Shade soldiers.

Book Magic (本マジック Hon Majikku?): Archimedes was a capable user in using magical books in which he uses for combat and defensive purposes. He's capable of using Elemental Magic with his book Vivlío.

Telekinesis (テレキネシス Terekineshisu?): Archimedes shown proficent skill and coordination with telekinesis, using it to hold multiple books and other documents.

Fairy Law (妖精の法律(フェアリーロウ) Fearī Rō?): As the 4th and current Guild Master of Fairy Tail, Makarov would go to teach Archimedes the Fairy Law spell, one of the Three Great Fairy Magic. Upon being taught in secrecy, Makarov informs him on the usage and how it should be used such as only be ever used as the absolute single last resort and only when there's one enemy at a time. Despite being taught and can use Fairy Law, Archimedes as yet to actually use in combat.

Immense Magical Power: While he has never displayed great feats of magical power, it is true he possess immense resevoirs of magical power, in that he demonstrated in performing his magic without a sign of magical fatigue. Continously using Bullet Magic with signs of his magical depletion along with he's shown to use Archive every single day, showing his magical power. Another this shown was with Rhongomyniad, where he manipulated the four elements and performed great feats of Elemental spells.

Advanced Arcane Knowledge & Wisdom: One of Archimedes achievements in becoming a Wizard Saint was due to his advanced, overwhelming knowledge within the Arcane Arts. He has shown he's very atuned and can identify any forms of magic or spell that's casted, identify even what and how it's used if he observes long enough. With his great knowledge also came great wisdom, here he's shown to instruct many younger individuals to tak care on magic. Wizard Saint Jura even notes on his great knowledge. This knowledge is so vast, he also aquired a numeral data on Lost Magics, such as Arc of Embodimet, Arc of Time and much more he had recorded in his Archive. It is due to his status as Guild Master, Wizard Saint and one to bear knowledge did Makarov felt the need to reveal Lumen Histoire and entrusted him with Fairy Law.

Superior Intellect: Archimedes has demonstrated he possess great intellect in the fields he works on, capable of having near-perfect photographic memory and is capable of thinking 5x faster then the average. His intellect allows him to quickly solve problems, and peform tactical planning, which he can easily strategize on the fly. Due to his quick judgement and how he commands, he has been noted and referred as the Fairy Tactician (妖精軍師 Yōsei Gunshi?), shared with the first Guild Master Mavis.


Vivlío (ヴィヴリオ Vuivurio?):

Rhongomyniad (最果てにて輝ける槍(ロンゴミニアド) Saihate nite Kagayakeru Yari (Rongominiado)?, Lit. "The Lance that Shines to the Ends of the World"): Rhongomyniad is a legendary Celtic artifact said to been crafted by the Australian demigod cultural hero Wurrunna who used to save the entire world by manipulating all of the pre-existing forces of fire, water, earth and air, a tale which speaks that Wurrunna molded the entire world with the staff embued with divinity so it says. Archimedes was gifted the staff as many of the Celtics believed he was the very reincarnation of Wurranna.

  • Elemental Coordination (要素の調整 Yōso no chōsei?, Lit. "Elemental Adjustment"): This is the Holder-type Magic of Rhongomyniad, which is classified as a form of Ancient Spell and even a Lost Magic by the Magi Order. Elemental Coordination is a magical power that grantes its user supposedly divne power over the forces of the classical elements. It's a legendary magic of the Australian God of Elementals who embued Rhongomyniad for Wurranna to save the world. If Archimedes can do this it unknown, and only shown to only ever used to magic to only adjust Elemental spells so it be redirect elsewhere and not himself.



— Archimedes during the typical brawl.
"Gahhh, I hate Phantom Lord, I am trying to read interesting book, and THESE SHADE SOLDIERS KEPT ON INTERRUPTING ME!!!."
— Archimedes fighting Jose's Shade soldiers.
— Archimedes fighting Jose's Shade soldiers.


"Welcome Master Babasaama, Master Bob and Master Aqua"
— Archimedes greetings three guild masters at a Guild Master Conference.

"Well.. I am not much of a fighter, and I was only to only be granted as the Ten Wizards Saints due to my advanced knowledge and my magical item Rhongomyniad along with Bullet Magic. While I could take on most mages, I did try to be diplomatic but they wont listen. Then you showed up and.. yeah, ya know the rest."
— Archimedes for the final time trying to re-negotiate the debt when Makarov, Erza and Mirajane appeared.

Trivia & Notes

  • While Elemental Coordination seems powerful, obviously Archimedes is incapable of doing what the legend speaks of the Rhongomyniad, and is most likely a fairy tail, a myth with the story being altered as time past.
  • In the Atlasverse, Fairy Law was taught to Archimedes by Makarov himself.
  • Named after Archimedes of Syracuse (/ˌɑːrkɪˈmiːdiːz/; Greek: Ἀρχιμήδης; c. 287 – c. 212 BC) was a Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer.
  • His surname is that of Cleomedes (Greek: Κλεομήδης), who was a Greek astronomer who is known chiefly for his book On the Circular Motions of the Celestial Bodies (Κυκλικὴ θεωρία μετεώρων).
  • Translation for Rhongomyniad taken directly from Rhongomyniad.

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