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Architecture Magic
Architecture Magic

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Caster Magic


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Architecture Magic is a Caster-Type Magic that enables the user to create complex buildings of various heights, sizes, and designs off of nearby surfaces through physical contact with the ground. While this is typically a magic more suitable to be used outside of combat, it does have limited defensive combat capabilities, though they are few.


Placing their hand on the ground, the user focuses the magic through their hands, channels it into the ground, and pinpoints it to a destination that is in their line of sight. They then create a building at that area that will appear to rise out of the ground. The building itself will vary depending on how much magic is directed into its construction. The more magic is applied, the taller, larger, and more intricate the buildings become. The user can also create more than one building by branching out their magic to more areas; however, this would require more magic and concentration. Also, the user's hands must always be in contact with the ground during the construction of the buildings, leaving themselves wide open as they cannot cast any other magic during the duration of time.


  • House Here: A simple house created with almost little to no magic. This is the most basic spell.
  • Serial House Spawning: After placing their hands on the ground, the user focuses on creating two rows of houses parallel to one another. Quality, complexity, and quantity are dependent on the amount of magic that the user applies.
  • Rising Skyscraper: The user channels their magic into one area and creates a tall skyscraper, requiring a large amount of magic power.
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