"This guild was made for hope. An arctic rose, the only flower in the world that grows in the cold. Even if it withers away the moment it experiences warmth, it's a hope. A small hope growing in the cold, in the darkness. This guild is a hope against the darkness, a hope for light to shine. This is Arctic Rose. "
— Azami Takagi to Ayame Sasaki when she first joins.
Arctic Rose
Arctic Rose
Name Arctic Rose
Kanji 北極圏 ローズ
Rōmaji hokkyokuken roozu
Symbol Arctic Rose Emblem
Master Azami Takagi
S-Class Mages Lucas Young

Amara Hirose

Type Independant
Location Glaciem City

Arctic Rose(北極圏 ローズ hokkyokuken roozu) is a independent guild located in Glaciem, the City of Winter. The guild was made by Saki Takagi, the mother of the second master, Azami Takagi and Mizuko Takagi. Though the guild is independent, they get several requests from people all over Fiore without the council knowing. All of their jobs are well paid but also very difficult as Arctic Rose is known for their incredible power.


Though they don't have a guild building officially, they have a hideout where they meet. This is in an old temple engraved in a mountain. The building and entrance path is made out of marble and there are stone pillars surrounding the entrance path. No one enters this temple as there is a myth that a spirit lives within the temple. This is why Arctic Rose chose the temple, no one except them would enter. Truth be told, a spirit does live in the temple, a familiar spirit to be exact as one of the mage's is a familiar spirit mage. The building is located at the furthest corner of Glaciem. 

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