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"Perhaps the most distinctive aspect of the Aria is that, indeed, they are like the air. They are everywhere and anywhere you want them to be. Finding them is useless, for they have found you before you have even uttered their name."
— Unknown about the Aria
Aria symbol
Aria Family
Kanji アリア家族
Romaji Aria Kazoku
Status Active
Founder(s) Aria
Headquarters Era
Affiliation Magic Council

The Aria Family (アリア家族, Aria Kazoku) are an influential clan of Mages who have contained high-ranking positions in the Magic Council and Rune Knights for several years. Due to their involvement within the country's magical situations, they have been elevated to the status of nobility, and almost everyone within Era know of their presence. The Aria Family have been believed to descend from the country of Seven, as revealed by their founder, Aria, a powerful spirit of the air who chooses the head of the family following every generation. While the current head is indeed Richard Aria, his lack of care for such a position puts Mark Aria in charge.


The Aria Family's history is an intriguing one. They are regarded to have somewhat humble beginnings; a simple tribe of mages within the country of Seven. They appeared to be at constant war with surrounding clans, and their only hope was their unique ability to conjure and shape crystals, a form of magic that only the strongest of their clan could supposedly wield. After a devastating battle with an opposing clan, the Clan Head would stumble upon a spirit within an ancient forest in an attempt to heal himself. The spirit, later identifying herself as Aria, would grant him with both health and the capability to summon her essence, so long as she was used with the intent to protect others, rather than harm others directly...

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Name Occupation Status
Aria Founder Active
Richard Aria Head Captain of Corbeaux Active
Mark Aria 5th Seat of the Magic Council Active
Lauren Aria Head Captain of Medical Operations Unit Active
Willow Aria S-Class Mage of Sorrow Ocean Active
Lennart Dark Mage of Slithering Serpent Defected
Dante Aria Magic Council Employee Active


Aria Villa


  • They bear friendly relations with the House of Vista: Sanjo Vista and Richard Aria are, in particular, very good friends.
  • The Aria family holds a long tradition of joining the Magic Council and have been indispensable allies for them.
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