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Gareth Forikin

Arithmancy is the process by which Archive is used to calculate and perform mathematical problems. This technique can be used in several ways, but does not have many battle applications. It was created accidentally by Gareth Forikin while he was working on the Sephirot Form.


Arithmancy is the application of Archive magic for the solving of mathematical problems. It can be considered a piece of downloadable software for Archive magic, as any user can give it to any other user. Gareth Forikin, the creator of this style, used ot to work out the necessary components of the Sephirot for a soul to function - this became the basis of his theory of the soul, the Sephirot Form.


While it was originally used exclusively in the non-combat environment of Gareth's lab for the easy solving of any mathematical problems that became apparent during his experiments, Gareth has used it to work out the correct angles and force behind attacks of several different kinds, in order to ensure their effectiveness. This magic is still being explored by Gareth and his team, and even they do not know the full extent of what could be done with it.


  • This magic was formerly a Holder Magic that allowed the user to create equations that affected the real world, called Mathe-magics (The name was my favourite part, honestly). That idea was scrapped, as non of my characters or planned characters would be able to use it efficiently.
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