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Fantasma, Sword


Cue (younger brother)

Arkaeus is the powerful leader of the Chruch of Darkness. Arkaeus is also Cue's older brother


Arkaeus used to live in a small village with his mother, father and younger brother Cue. Arkaeus lived a happy life, but he always desired more. It was then that Arkaeus began hearing the voice of Fantasma. It told him that if he removed its seal, then it would give him power beyond what he could imagine. Arkaeus agreed releasing the seal and becoming Fantasma's host. Arkeaus proceeded to test his new powers by killing everyone in his village including his parents. He would have killed Cue as well if not for the timely arrival of Marco. Fantasma was still weakened from being sealed for many years and so Marco was able to force Arkaeus back.

Over the years, Arkaeus gathered together like-minded individuals and created the Church of Darkness, which under the surface began to take over the criminal underworld.


Arkaeus is a suprisingly polite, soft-spoken, intellectual, often adressing his subordinates by their given names. He rarely shows any signs of alarm or distress and often has entire situations planned well in advance. Whenever confronted he is casual and uncaring. As the head of the Church of Darkness Arkaeus commands his followers either through acquired respect or intense fear.

Magic and Abilities

Fantasma: Fantasma is a form of living magic, much like Lullaby or Deliora, and as Arkaeus is its host he has access to its array of techniques. As Fantasma is the only thing able to physically harm the spirits of the Sword of Purgatory, Arkaeus is able to harm them as well:

  • Phantasm: Arkaeus creates a duplicate of himself to use as a decoy made out of darkness.
  • Fantasmagora: Arkaeus sends a powerful beam of darkness ripping through the ground until it eventually slices through his target.
    • Fantasmagora Ilafn: Arkaeus surronds his sword in a powerful dark aura that he then uses to send out a powerful slash.
  • Fantasmavia: Arkaeus releases a powerful pulse blast repelling his opponent away. The blast is powerful enough to shatter large rocks.
  • Phantom Eye: Arkaeus enters a meditative state through which he is able to perceive events from a great distance away.

    Arkaeus' Take Over form

  • Fantasma Take Over: Arkaeus is able to change his form and awaken more of Fantasma's power. While in this form Arkaeus is able to draw off the fear and dread of those around him to increase his power. Arkaeus is also able to devour the dark souls of the evil increasing his power even more.
    • Enhanced Speed: In this form Arkaeus' speed greatly outmatches most users of speed magic
    • Enhanced Strength: Arkaeus' strength is also greatly augmented.
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