"I'll give you the power to conquer this world. With sparks and metal, I'll create your weapon. Just say yes to the user agreement and instructions. Don't bother reading it, you'll skim it either way."
Hakase offering an Armament to a new recruit
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Armament Series (武装系列 (アーマーメント・シリーズ), Āmāmento Shirīzu lit. Armed System) are a series of special items invented and created by Hakase, which are meant to allow weak or non-mages access to magic, making them "super soldiers" (超戦士, chōsenshi). The Armaments take many forms, from simple weapons, to items, or even cybernetic enhancements. So far, nearly all Armament users are a part of the Arma Squadron. Armaments are classified as Holder Magic, for obvious enough reasons.


The Armament Series consists of items created by Hakase, the scientist who invented them in the first place. The creation of the Armaments utilizes "metallized Lacrima", Lacrima that has been modified to the point that their structure become more like metal than a crystallic orb. Following the belief every creature has a Magic Origin, untapped or otherwise, the Armaments created by the metallized Lacrima allow for easier manipulation of magic energy, with the help of special "needles", which insert themselves into the user's flesh upon contact, triggering a chain reaction within their body that ignites their Magic Origin, pulling out magic power from it, stabilizing it. This is only done on the first few times the Armament is used, and further usage only makes the Armament more easy to use, with little difficulty.

Armaments can produce several effects, either mimic already existing Magic, or create its own unique effects and enhancements for the user. This is thanks to the metallized Lacrima used to create the Armaments, infused with certain magic, or modified to allow magical effects to be produced. Much like normal magic, Magic Power is a must to cast spells and use magic, which is drawn from both the user and the armament itself.

Each Armament has a type, typically going by self-explanatory names such as "Blade-type", "Shield-type" or "Armor-type", while more unorthodox Armaments go by things such as "Body-type", or the one-of-a-kind "World-type" that belongs to Captain Marvelous, the first Armament to ever be created to boot. The names of the Armaments themselves vary, and typically unique to the user.


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