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Arthur Korvus
Arthur Korvus
Name Arthur Korvus
Professional Status
Personal Status
Magic Solar Fire Dragon Slayer Magic
Arthur Korvus, one of the Three Mage Pillars in the Silent Claw Guild. Arthur Korvus is the Leader of the solar Claw team when not on S.Class Solar Missions or on leave from the Guild.


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Magic and Physical Abilities

Solar Fire Dragon Slayer Magic:

Solar Fire Dragon Slayer Magic is a new type of Fire Dragon Slayer Magic which the user uses nothing but fire magic but instead of having to eat flames, the Dragon Slayer User gains his energy, power and strength from the Sun. The Sun will control how powerfull his power is by the positioning of the Sun in the Sky so then when the Sun is at its highest point the Users powers are at its highest point. The same goes for when the Sun goes down and it becomes night time the User is not able to use his Dragon Slayer Magic at all meaning that the user must rely on his physical ablility in a fight at Night.


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