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Ascension is a state of enhanced power utilized by exceptionally powerful non Slayers.


This state is essentially Dragon Force for those who are not a Slayer of any kind.  This state increases strength, speed, stamina, durability, and all other aspects of one's physical prowess.  It also enhanced one's magical capabilities, allowing for greater control and power.  This ability however, requires an individual to be exceptionally powerful already, and they need to have undergone a great deal of emotional stress (mostly from negative emotions such as rage, sadness, or other kinds of trauma) in order to activate this state. After initially achieving it, the user is capable of entering this state at will, but requires additional training to effectively master it.  An untrained user of Ascension will quickly burn through their magical energy reserves, making it unwise to use the state in combat before mastering it. Ascension affects everyone differently in regards to their appearance, but the increase in power is generally the same.  Depending on the magic utilized by the individual, depicts how the increase in magical power affects them.  For example, in the case of Jaco, he gains even greater control over his Matter Manipulation, even allowing him to freely change the shape of his body similarly to a liquid, while still retaining the physical properties of a solid, as well as increased power, energy gathering, and range from his Magical Blasts.


Ascension was created to give love to the non Slayers.

This ability was approved by Per.

In order to gain permission to use this magic, one must tell me the stressor that induced the Mage's Ascension.

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