"Know your place or face the wrath of 100 deaths... OK?"

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Ash Dragon Slayer Magic is a magic used by Cassius Akasti and is an extremly dangerous magic to fight against. The user of this magic can consume, create, and manipulate burning hot ash. This ash will gradually burn an opponent till they are reduced to ash themselves. If Cassius consumes the ashes of another person he then can replicate their abilities using his ash. The ash also can get into a targets lungs causing them to be unable to breath. This ash is also poisonous if it gets into a targets blood. This magic also gives mild resistance to heat related magic like Fire Magic making this magic extremely helpful.

Known Spells

Roar of the Ash Dragon Cassius emits a vortex of swirling, burning hot ash. Said ash is able to get into a targets lungs rendering them unable to breath.

Death Scythe of the Ash Dragon Cassius forms a blade of burning hot ash behind hes feet. He the uses these scythes to cu through a target. Once cut the ash can get into the targets bloodstream slowly poisoning them.

Eruption of the Ash Dragon Cassius kicks upwards sending a pillar of burning hot ash erupting from wherever he kicks.

Slash of the Ash Dragon Cassius kicks the air causing blades of burning hot ash to cut an opponent to shreds.

Lacrama Release Cassius breaks the lacrama on his strait jacket allowing him to use his full magical potential but also causing him to loose all self control. This also allows him to use his hands as the strait jacket no longer binds him. Allowing him to do more intense combos with 'Slash of the Ash Dragon"

Ash Dragon Secret Art: Extinction Cassius creates 100 orbs of burning ash all around an opponent he then sends them all an opponent in unpredictable patterns.

Ash Dragon Secret Art: 8 Great Eruptions Cassius creates 8 much larger versions of "Eruption of the Ash Dragon all around him.

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