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This was it. The true ending of the world, where virtue is reduced to vice, and not even a single kind soul exists anymore. Any shred of beauty that one thrived under the glaring rays of sunlight has long since faded away into the fading history of humanity. As the last rays of the sun died, Aeris stared out the window of her old home. She mindlessly walked around the old wooden home; she had lived there long before the entire genocide happened, yet she had never felt this lonely. Before, there would usually be the random hiker bothering her for directions out of the maze of wood and life. She remembered feeling so annoyed at them.

Now, there was nothing to be annoyed at. The lingering memory of the academy she went to in order to see her daughter again had become rather painful to think of. In fact, she would rather not at this point, but she remembered that surge of irritation every time she had walk from her home to the academy. Plopping on the couch, she silently stared at the ceiling, until she heard a twig snap outside of her door.

"Damn!" a voice said, the door opened revealing a young man with rather a cold look on his purple eyes. He looked right at Aeris "What are you doing here ma'am?" the boy named Kaizen asked rudely.

Old temper back, she ironically exerted an aura of pure annoyance at the boy. Looking him over carefully, she replied with a sharp tone. "I should be asking you that question. This is my house; if you're here to steal, then you've come to the wrong place."

Kaizen looked at the woman blankly for a moment next, he's expression changed. "I do not need to give you that information" he responded. "I dare you to threaten me again lady, you will surely regret it" he continued.

Aeris scoffed, and crossed both of her arms. "And who the hell do you think you are? I've been peacefully sitting here until you decided to come along. Do me a favor and get out before I have to kick your sorry ass out."

Kaizen took a seat and looked at her more angry than his normal self. "Who I Am? Well I am Kaizen Sigmund the man who does not give a damn of what you were doing. I've seen many bitches in my life... but you? Oh my.... your just looking for your ass to be kicked." he said.

"Unfortunately, I don't have an ass," she said solemnly, "And if you kick my 'ass', you would be kicking hard metal. So I suggest that you rethink your plan of 'kicking my ass'." 

"Wait.... you don't have an ass? then how do you do your stuff in the bathroom....." Kaizen said losing focus on the conversation. "Cyborg woman your fucking crazy" he said looking at Aeris sharply

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