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Dragon of Dragons
Name Ashley Briett
Infinite Light Dragon God Ashur
Kanji アシュレイ・ブリエット
Romanji Ashurei Burietto
Mugenkō Ryūshin Asshūru
Alias Legendary Hero (伝説の勇者, Densetsu no Yūsha)
Dragon of Dragons (天穹覇龍神(ドラゴン・メイク・ドラゴンズ), Doragon ofu Doragonzu lit. Heavenly High Ruler Dragon God)
Dragon God (龍神, Ryūshin)
First of the Dragons (始祖竜, Shisoryū)
Race Dragon
Birthday November 11th
Age 17? (Dragorigin)
435 (Daybreak)
Gender Female
Height 157 cm
Weight Unknown
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Herself
Occupation None
Previous Occupation Ruler of Dragonkind
Team None
Previous Team Pro-Human Faction
Partner None
Previous Partner Unknown
Base of Operations Four
Personal Status
Marital Status Widowed
Relatives Unnamed Partner (deceased)
Charlotte Merquise (daughter)
Education Self-Taught
Status Alive
Powers and Abilities
Magic Dragonar Mode
Compact Regression
Dragon Slayer Magic (Photon Dragon Slayer Magic)
Curse None
Other None
Weapons None
Soul Armour
Soul Armour Name N/A, Desolation Dragoknight (時読みの聖龍騎(デソレーション・ドラゴナイト), Desorēshon Doragonaito lit. Holy Dragon Knight of Chronomancy)

Ashley Briett (アシュレイ・ブリエット, Ashurei Burietto) was a young woman involved in the Human-Dragon War four hundred years ago. Appearing from the sky with no memories of her past, Ashley was one of the major players in the war, however, due to her dislike of being in the spotlight, she became an understated part of history, something fairly ironic, considering her true identity. While she had been an understated part of history, the two arc side story of Daybreak, known as Daybreak Gaiden: Dragorigin, will expand more on the Human-Dragon War and Ashley in particular.

Before contracting amnesia due to a fight with Níðhöggr and Gemstone Dragon Ambrosius where the Pro-Human Faction of Dragons was almost wiped out, Ashley was known as the Infinite Light Dragon God Ashur (無限光龍神・アッシュール, Mugenkō Ryūshin Asshūru), the Dragon of Dragons (天穹覇龍神(ドラゴン・メイク・ドラゴンズ), Doragon ofu Doragonzu lit. Heavenly High Ruler Dragon God); the strongest dragon and the very first. Ashur was the very first dragon who wished for equality between humans and dragons, though of course, several other of her kind didn't wish for the same thing, with two factions forming between dragonkind, leading to a civil war, where the aspiring Dragon King Níðhöggr, along with his temporary ally Ambrosius, attacked Ashur when her guard was down and forced her to utilize Compact Regression to hide her identity moments before the crash into the forest caused by Níðhöggr's Black Megaflare; suffering so much damage that she contracted amnesia.

After the war and the return of her memories, Ashley's distaste for battle and violence came full circle, as she immediately resigned from the spotlight without informing anyone of her departure, telling her old friend, Fred Fredson, to take her credit as his made up identity, "Badass McPowerfist". Escaping from the public eye, Ashley dedicated herself to protecting the sanctity of life by becoming a doctor, travelling around the world and helping people in need until she settled down in Four, setting up the Chateau des Tiffauges orphanage and taking in four children in particular, one of whom would inadvertently carry on her legacy. Her actions left a mark upon Earth Land, as her way of fighting and philosophy were ingrained into the public. Ashley is also the mother of Charlotte Merquise.

Ashley has the ability to invoke the powerful Dragonar Mode to become the Draconic Fighter known as Desolation Dragoknight (時読みの聖龍騎(デソレーション・ドラゴナイト), Desorēshon Doragonaito lit. Holy Dragon Knight of Chronomancy).


Ashley's casual appearance.

During the time of Dragorigin, Ashley was a fairly young woman with the appearance of being in her late teens with fair skin which was said to be so white and smooth that it appears almost like she was made of porcelain, gray eyes, short red hair, which is worn in a ponytail on the left side, tied by her blue-ish gray goggles, and a large chest. Her facial features were very child-like to the point that when she smiles, it was completely radiant.

She wears a yellow shirt with black raglan sleeves, yellow vertical lines going through the sleeves, which turn into horizontal lines after reaching near the hemline, and a black ◎ logo in the chest. She also wears a black glove in the right hand, with a yellow "X" in the back of it, a yellow ◎ design in the palm, and yellow circles in the fingertips, a very short black pleated skirt with yellow vertical lines on each side, yellow stockings with two black vertical lines in the outer sides, and black shoes with yellow soles and two yellow dots on top of them. She also carries a yellow backpack with black lines in the straps.

Ten years later, Ashley grew not just in height—at the physical age of 27, Ashley wore her red hair down, as it reached down to her ankles; and she wore light-green eye shadow around the far, upper-corners of her eyes. Compared to other women her age, Ashley became rather tall and muscular, contrasting her "pipsqueak" look ten years prior.

Personality and Traits

Despite being the one who saved Earth Land, Ashley comes off as mysterious and quiet; she follows monk-like philosophies of peace, putting nature and sentient life over everything else. However, despite being indifferent and cool about most things, she is a fiercely loyal and protective friend. She never gives up when it comes to protecting people, and she is willing to go down fighting for her friends, regardless of how futile it might seem. In addition, Ashley seems to be "simple", but rather, she is "straightforward" in her thinking, and often tackles issues by coming at them with everything that she has. Even in an age where humanity took up constant work to take their mind off of the war, Ashley has no actual job, is homeless, and doesn't have any proper education because she believes that she is destined for something bigger. If somebody displays negative feelings towards her or disrespects her, Ashley hardly ever, if never, returns these negative feelings—she explicitly states that she dislikes holding a grudge, seeming them as naught but petty. Despite having many talents, not limited to but including cooking to hairstyling to excelling at various sports to the extent that she can handle entire teams alone, she is usually apathetic until she becomes interested in something unusual.

A bit full of herself, Ashley often refers to herself as a "Universal Treasure"; she has an adoration for cooking, and as such, often visits Jeanne Sejren's bakery, if only to criticize her "skill". Because of her abilities and outlook, combined with her talent of being a step ahead of those around her, Ashley comes off as rude, cocky and exceedingly arrogant; this has the unfortunate side-effect of burning any bridges she has with others even before they can be constructed, so to speak. However, this unlikable personality holds back the caring emotions she has for others, and deep down, Ashley actually cares for other people and helps them when in need. Being a delinquent, however, Ashley relishes fighting, and can seem almost blood-thirsty at times, especially when she is against an enemy. However, she is simply "spirited", just wishing to test her strength against others, but not wanting to do any serious harm to them. Despite this, she enjoys "pulling out all the stops", as most of her fights end in widespread destruction.

However, as she regained her memories, Ashley's harrowing experiences caused her previously hot-blooded and justice-oriented personality to slowly fade away, as the war had shown her rather viciously that the world was not in black and white. Ashley became far more serious and stoic, no longer acting reckless—instead, she began to think her actions through and acted far more reserved. While she grew to have a particular distaste for fighting, she realized that she would have to fight as long as threats loomed around the world, and thus grew fairly bitter. Towards the end of the Great Dark War, Ashley's hatred towards violence reached its climax—as she abandoned the army afterwards to serve as a doctor. Even long after she swore off of battle, Ashley began to gain a caring side to her; no longer the hot-headed, arrogant fighter she was during the Human-Dragon War, she started and orphanage and began to take in children from around the world during her travels, as she knows all too well what it's like to have no family.


In Ashley's "previous life" of sorts, before she contracted amnesia, she was known as the Infinite Light Dragon God Ashur (無限光龍神・アッシュール, Mugenkō Ryūshin Asshūru), the Dragon of Dragons (天穹覇龍神(ドラゴン・メイク・ドラゴンズ), Doragon ofu Doragonzu lit. Heavenly High Ruler Dragon God); supposedly the very first of dragonkind and their ruler more or less. At some unspecified date; she met up with the rest of her brethren, with all of dragon-kind going about their business however they pleased; Ashur was elected to be the Dragon King due to her absolutely incredible combat prowess and her element- she was capable of defeating the then-entirety of dragonkind rather easily. Once she had claimed supremacy, Ashur elected seven other dragons to serve as her most trusted subordinates- namely, the Five Elemental Dragons, the Black Dragon Níðhöggr, and the Gemstone Dragon Ambrosius. Ashur gave each one of them a position of leadership above other dragons of their kind, with each Elemental Dragon having power over dragons who had a similar element to theirs, Níðhöggr ruling Dark Dragons, and Ambrosius being the leader of the Gem Dragons.

However, one day, an Emerald Dragon happened upon several humans. Instead of doing anything about it, surprised, he flew back to the pack, informing the others. As the other dragon learnt of the existence of other sentient life, a debate broke out amongst themselves. Ashur advocated that dragonkind should attempt to establish peaceful relations with mankind, hoping to achieve an equal existence despite the vast differences between the two races in almost every way. The Elemental Dragons took Ashur's side, whereas Níðhöggr and his faction wanted to exterminate them, seeing humans as a threat to their superiority. Ambrosius remained a neutral party, though he had his doubts about humanity. Ashur and Níðhöggr argued for days on end, as for the very first time, the two could not come to an agreement; with two factions forming between dragonkind, leading to a civil war. Discreetly, Níðhöggr's evil aura seeped into the mind of Ambrosius, transforming him into a corrupted state that took Níðhöggr's side of exterminating humanity.

During the end of the civil war and the lead-up to the Human-Dragon War, Ashur and the Elemental Dragons confronted Níðhöggr, with Ashur attempting to reason with her friend one last time. As Ashur let her guard down, the Elemental Dragons were wounded in a sneak attack by Ambrosius in his corrupted state- Ashur attempted to retaliate, turning her back on Níðhöggr for the briefest of moments. Ambrosius and Níðhöggr then attacked the Dragon of Dragons with their Dragon's Roars, before Níðhöggr seemingly finished her off with Absolute Darkness Exaflare, forcing her to utilize Compact Regression to hide her identity moments before the crash into the forest; suffering so much damage that she contracted amnesia.

Sometime after the Dragon Civil War and defeating Níðhöggr, about twelve years prior to Daybreak, Ashley, who had undergone Compact Regression once more, and her human husband settled down in Four. While her husband passed away some time soon after her daughter, Charlotte Merquise, was born, Ashley and Charlotte bought a house which her mother converted into a orphanage called the Chateau des Tiffauges. Once there, Ashley began to take in several children who had lost their families to war, helping to cope with their loss. A few months after this, Ashley found the dying Alphonse Sejren near Four's riverbank who was cradling a scared Tsuruko, holding her father's Driver Belt. As a favour and out of the good of her heart, Ashley took Tsuruko in and raised her as if she were her own child.


Powers and Abilities

Physical Abilities

Ways of Combat

Grandmaster Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Ashley has indeed been shown to be quite competent and deadly when unarmed; as she generally doesn't like armed combat, she solely focuses on hand-to-hand. Indeed, her fighting style is generally quite reckless and swift, dealing great damage in the span of a few moments while her opponents are helpless against her vicious barrages that resemble something of a sophisticated attack. Ashley's fighting style is referred to as Dragon Style (竜体戦方(ドラゴン・スタイル), Doragon Sutairu lit. Dragon Body Combat Method); a style also utilized by Tsuruko Sejren. Ashley's fighting style is generally quite wild, showing absolutely no restraint in her actions as she attacks. Ashley is naturally attuned to solving things with her fists and feet, devastating opponents through her sheer brute force and speed, more often than not taking the unsuspecting target by surprise through her sheer skill. Indeed, Ashley is renowned throughout the world as one of the greatest martial artists to ever live. Because of her smarts -regarding fighting- Ashley shows immense power in the ways of street fighting to those who have the unfortunate fate of fighting her; and she is a highly powerful and fierce fighter; indeed, she is without equal in the forte of hand-to-hand combat. Indeed, as of now, Ashley has achieved a peak physical conditioning and prowess, granting her immense reserves of stamina. Ashley's incredible skill in unarmed combat is drastically enhanced by her inherent immense strength, giving her the ability to unleash devastating blows with ease. Tending to mix it up in the heat of battle, Ashley does not favour either punches or kicks; instead, she uses a liberal application of both, more often than not keeping the opponent guessing each and every time.

Unlike the Dragon Style utilized by Tsuruko (and like the Dragon Style utilized by Charlotte Merquise), Ashley's fighting style incorporates actually draconic elements; as Ashley has always had characteristics typical of a dragon: lungs capable of spewing elemental energy on a higher tier than other magicians, scales that grant protection against an unspecified element, and nails covered in some sort of elemental energy; she uses this power to augment her own hand-to-hand blows. Generally, Ashley projects her fighting spirit outwards with every strike that she unleashes, releasing corporal energy in the shape of the dragon equivalent of the limb she strikes with; for example, her punching is augmented by a claw of energy that manifests besides her. This grants Ashley an unexpected amount of range, allowing her to take opponents by surprise- simply by throwing an attack at her enemy, she can launch the projection of the dragon's limb towards them from a distance. Generally, Ashley has no proper 'form' or 'combat stance', making her movements up as she goes in the heat of battle, while also following her basic instincts and what she knows about hand-to-hand combat, resulting in a truly effective combination of unpredictability and a tried-and-true formula. When fighting opponents hand-to-hand, Ashley makes use of her greater speed to deliver fast strikes to her opponents, which either allows her to deliver several strikes in a split second, or to increase the force behind her strikes in order to make her blows even more powerful.

  • Draugen Strike (蒼龍滅牙拳(ドラウゲン・ストライキ), Doraugen Sutoraiki lit. Pale Dragon Destroying Fanged Punch): Draugen Strike is a special technique used by both Charlotte Merquise and Ashley Briett; both whom are users of Photon Dragon Slayer Magic; Draugen Strike is classified as a magical power-collection-type blow (魔力集束打撃, maryoku shūsoku dageki) as it involves the user gathering magical energies in the atmosphere and compressing them upon one of their fists before unleashing a powerful punch that projects that magical energy in the form of a dragon's head, dealing immense damage. In any case, when performing Draugen Strike, the user cocks their fist back as they crouch ever-so-slightly, performing a winding-up motion. Using their magic origin as a focus point, the user begins to gather large amounts of magical energies -both magical energy itself and eternano- in the atmosphere, drawing it to their figure before compressing these ambient energies to their utmost limit, resulting in the user's arm becoming shrouded with such a quantity of magical energy that their arm gives off the appearance of a mass of azurite swirling around their lower arm like a hurricane. At this point, the user intensifies their magical power and focuses it at a singular point; their fist, with the transference of energies to the balled hand; the high concentration of magical energies produces a sound that is similar to that of a roar of a dragon, hence the first part of the name. Finishing winding-up for the attack that is about to commence, this causes the magical energy to shape itself into the form of a dragon's head, before the user thrusts their fist forward, unleashing a devastating blow that inflicts piercing, penetrating damage. The release of Draugen Strike projects the dragon's head composed from magical energy using the concept of supernatural energy itself –both magical energy and eternano- as the ultimate fulcrum for transference of energies, even if the energies used as a medium for the attack does not belong to the user, or if the energies are in the vicinity of her Magical Aura's upsurge. Because of this property which ensures "complete domination of the supernatural", there are nada, zero, zip, and zilch chances of there ever being any kind of supernatural defensive technique that is capable of withstanding or even attempting to defend against Draugen Strike. Upon contact, the dragon also encircles the foe, causing them to shoot up into the skies at intense speeds that only accelerate from there, continuing to climb until the foe's body is incinerated and pulverized by the friction of the atmosphere. The attack cannot be defended against because it is blocked by the huge acceleration suffered. However, Draugen Strike does have one weakness—while performing the move, the user's heart will be left open for a millisecond.

Physical Prowess

Immense Strength: Ashley has strength that surpasses even that of the average mage, due to her origin; she possesses phenomenal strength and superior hand-eye coordination, which offers some resistance against supernatural powers even without taking her origins into account. She is strong enough to break an enormous tree in half; and she can upturn huge portions of rock floor with a single stomp at the ground with her leg. Generally, Ashley's inherent immense power is only amplified by the momentum at which she moves; making her strong enough to cut through enemies, burrow through the ground, smash through surfaces by stomping, or break down walls. Ashley is shown to have the ability to lift and press two hundred metric tons, and she is able to tear parts from robots' bodies with brute force alone; and she can split the hydrogen in the air just by swinging her hands downwards, enabling Ashley to unleash a small explosion that can blow her opposition away. Her own punches have enough force to shatter diamonds into pieces, and, by punching the air, she is shown to be capable of destroying machines with pure air force. She has demonstrated that she is strong enough to enable her to knock out people with normal durability with as little as a tap to the head. Ashley's physical strength also extends into her legs, enabling her to be able to jump to a height of several stories in a single bound; she demonstrated this when she leaped over thirty feet vertically into the air when she first leaped out of the way of an oncoming car; and her power has only increased drastically from there; as a note, she is capable of lifting a thousand ton boulder using a single hand with very little effort exerted.

Immense Speed and Reflexes: Ashley's speed enables her to move faster than the eye can literally follow; she moves she seems to do so in a blur which makes her hard to follow and discern even if one can follow her speed. She has been observed by many characters as running like she is flying and slowing her falls in mid-air; however, this is not true flight per-se, but instead, an effect of her masterful control over her own pace. Because there is no air resistance to slow her down, she is more than capable of catching up to and keeping pace with even the swiftest of opposition. Due to her speed, Ashley is more than capable of instantaneously closing long distances without being detected by others. She is capable of moving so fast that she can decapitate an entire battalion of warriors without they even having time to react; and she is able to instantly react to and avoid attacks even at point-blank range from people as powerful as S-Class level mages. It should be noted that Ashley runs at high speed with slow-paced strides; and her speed enables her to run at speeds greater than Mach 1, which is at the blistering speed of seven hundred and eighty-six miles per hour; in essence, her speed is such that she can move so fast as to cause miniature sonic booms when she kicks off to start a dash. Ashley is also shown to have sharp reflexes and acrobatic skills, being able to do special tricks and movements while in mid-air, and she possesses astonishing reflexes, and the ability to achieve a state of perfect equilibrium in any position imaginable. She seems able to adjust her position by instinct, which enables her to balance herself on virtually any object, no matter how small or narrow, and she is extraordinarily limber and her tendons and connective tissues are twice as elastic as the average human being's, despite their enhanced strength. She has the combined agility and acrobatic prowess of the most accomplished circus aerialists and acrobats. She can also perform any complicated sequence of gymnastic stunts such as flips, rolls, and springs.

Immense Durability and Endurance: Ashley has an immense amount of durability. Shown frequently in her battles, Ashley has immense tolerance to pain, being able to withstand stab wounds from large blades in her back, legs, torso, and arms and still maintain consciousness. She has shown to be capable of surviving considerable blunt force trauma, and she can withstand great impacts, such as falling from a height of several stories or being struck by an opponent with super strength, that would severely injure or kill a normal human with little to no discomfort. Ashley's body is durable to the point where tensing her super-strong muscles while being punched in the torso by a trained heavyweight boxer caused the attacker's wrists to break; also, Ashley has stated that she must roll with punches thrown by people without similar strength or durability to avoid breaking their wrists. Her skin is thick enough for her to survive being cut up by wind blades, which are capable of slicing through steel; being bombarded by magic blast upon magic blast by a dragon does not faze her in the slightest. Additionally, Ashley possesses near-maximized physical endurance to match her strength, and is capable of taking as much major punishment as she is able to deal out; capable of holding off a multitude of highly powerful foes without rest. Because of her heritage, she has enhanced stamina, and because of this, her musculature produces less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human. She can physically exert herself at peak capacity for several hours before the buildup of fatigue toxins in her blood begins to impair her.

  • Dragon Scale (竜鱗, Ryūuroku): Dragon Scales are a natural part of a dragon's biology; they can be said to be a "defensive shell that surrounds the flesh underneath"; it is a natural strength that all dragonkind possesses and a major reason why many of them are considered nigh-unkillable- there are eighty-one scales in total on a dragon's body. It is touted as a "supreme defense", however, it is born from the effects of their scales when charged with magical power. It is activated by the dragon projecting the pressure of their innate magical power outwards, applying a thin layer of pressure onto their scales, the power of their magic is expelled through the thin layer, generating a personal force field around their bodies, extending to about one foot in diameter from their body- this ability is near constantly active. A dragon can use their scales for many purposes, such as preventing physical contact, keeping debris and unwanted materials off of their body, erecting their force field to escape piles of debris easier, and a few other purposes as well. The scales are also particularly resistant to foreign materials in the first place, as they would slide off much faster and more smoothly then it would from the dragon's body alone, due to the fact that they are dragon scales charged with magical power- this allows the dragon to resist magical attacks better than other races due to their natural toughness. Because of their scales, each dragon possesses incredible magical resistance, casually shrugging off all sorts of high-tier spells even from those who have dedicated their lives to mastering the art of the arcane; though a dragon also receives double the damage from powers that specifically target dragons; such as Dragon Slayers and anti-dragon weaponry such as Balmung.

Magical Abilities

Immense Magical Power: Ashley is in possession of a truly staggering amount of magical power. Magic originates from a Magic Origin (魔原, Magen), which is exactly what the wording indicates—it is a special organ that is located within the body of a magician, that absorbs eternano and bunches it up into clusters, which is processed into magical power. Every Mage has a container inside their body that determines the limits of their Magic Power; this is precisely what a Magic Origin is. If the case becomes empty, eternano will come from the atmosphere and enters the magician's body and after a while, their Magic Power is restored. Surprisingly (or not), Ashley's Magic Origin is drastically different than any other race's; it is referred to as the Factor of the Dragon (竜の因子, Ryū no Inshi); the exact same type of Magic Origin as a Dragon; the dragon's origin produces a unique magical power that transcends what could be achieved by normal humans. Normally, a magician's body could be considered a machine which created magical energy, a Dragon's magic origin acts as a factory which created magical energy. It functions as an enormous magic core with tremendous capacity that generates energy independent from their body simply through breathing. Ashley has natural control over the exertion of her magical power, keeping it contained to the point where it is virtually impossible to detect her by normal means, though the constant effort can be taxing.

As a dragon, Ashley is capable of accessing the Ley lines (竜脈(レイ・ライン), Rei Rain lit. Dragon's Vein), a virtually untapped, raw source of magical power that has filtered through the depths of the earth for years on end- they are alignments between places of magical power; while normally; she can tap into them to gain extra powers whenever she wishes. She is capable of drawing in ambient eternano from the atmosphere, and instead of absorbing it into her magical origin, she is able to manipulate the eternano for offensive, defensive, and supportive purposes in any way that she wishes; enabling her to harness her magical power more efficiently and utilize it in a variety of different ways; all of which incorporate the focusing of magic power into certain areas in order to achieve numerous and highly varied effects such as increased attack, defense, and speed, or feeding extra eternano into attacks to give her an enormous boost in power. Generally, because of this, Ashley has an easier time collecting this stray eternano in environments with higher concentrations of it such as the area where a vicious battle between others has progressed. To a dragon such as Ashley, there is no difference between simple eternano and her own magical energy as a source of power. As a dragon, Ashley's eternano prowess functions as a defense against illusions due to her sheer mastery over it, making her all but immune to everything except the strongest of fabrications; and even then, she is capable of shrugging them off effortlessly.

  • Imperial Wrath (逆鱗, Gekirin): Imperial Wrath is a peculiar ability which can be accessed by any and all of dragonkind; it is perhaps the power that burnt their presences into the minds of humanity even before the Dragon Civil War- but after which, it was soon forgotten as their Dragon Slayer Magic took prominence over it. The Imperial Wrath stems from a difference in how dragonkind was seen from two different continents- in the west, dragons were considered monsters, in the east, dragons were a god-like existence; but even so, they had a rather terrifying defect- out of the eighty-one Dragon Scales, a single scale is inverted; digging into their skin, while normally it's something that can be brushed off, if this irregular scale is so much as touched, then a dragon would immediately lose their already ferocious temper, flying into a rage which seems impossible to calm- this results in the dragon transforming into an expansion of their current form- a temporary evolution of sorts. When the Imperial Wrath is activated, the dragon absorbs more and more magical energy into their Factor of the Dragon through the inverted scale, causing an evolution that results in the dragon's appearance and attributes changing, making it significantly stronger than it was before. Despite the extreme modifications to the dragon's bodies, their consciousness remains unchanged. After undergoing transformation, the dragon gains various additions to their form, such as armour or weaponry- or their body may just change completely to the point of being unrecognizable. A dragon can only stay in their transformed form until their energy is depleted, and if a dragon does not absorb enough magical energy needed to maintain the form, it will not be able to retain that form for long and revert to their previous form in a matter of time. Because of the Imperial Wrath, it was known that people would warn others to simply stay the hell away from dragons as once their rampage had ended, entire maps had to be redrawn. The term Gekirin (逆鱗, Imperial Wrath), in Japanese and Chinese mythology, refers to one particular scale out of eighty-one scales covering the body of the dragon. This scale, unlike others, is inverted. It is said in Japanese legends that if one were to touch the dragon's gekirin; it would result in the wrath of the dragon.

Dragon Slayer Magic

Dragon Slayer Magic (滅竜魔法, Metsuryū Mahō): A Dragon, as mentioned above, is to be the embodiment of ultimate power- and as such, they are revered and feared by all who know of their existence. More importantly, as "ultimate power made physical", they would need an "ultimate magic" to suit their very nature as power manifested in the mortal plane of existence; something that would be far above most magicians in the era that they made their mark on mankind. They could be thought of as "Elemental Magic made manifest", though while a personification of the strongest power imaginable; the chains known as a "mortal body" do not hinder their performance in battle in the slightest- in fact, their mortality and physical form allow them to utilize their unique Magic Origin alongside the perks that their biology normally gives them; their biological structure has been perfectly attuned to how their Factor of the Dragon functions; more specifically, since with every breath, a dragon generates energy independent from their body simply through breathing; which, through application of magical manipulation, grants them the ability to reinforce the sheer power of their own body with their signature element.

As a result of the magic's mechanics, the dragon can transform their body with features of their respective element, utilizing both offensive and defensive styles, resulting in lungs capable of spewing elemental energy, scales that grant protection against elemental energy, and nails covered in elemental energy; effectively giving them the ability to use their element in any manner that they wish alongside their bodies in combat, transforming their very form into a make-shift weapon unique to themselves, thus greatly increasing the damage of their blows in all ranges- though close-combat is where Dragon Slayer Magic usually shines. Dragon Slayer Magic has virtually unlimited customization options in regards to the element formed through simple magical manipulation- the colour, properties (not limited to but including heat, smell, and taste), and "feel" is capable of being modified to the user's liking for countless different effects and powers, more often than not being attuned to the user's own personality and ambitions; their "type" can be changed at will, and they can even be given a material consistency; they are capable of utilizing the element in any way they wish, whether for offensive, defensive, evasive, or supplementary techniques- as long as they can imagine it being doable, then the sky is the limit, more or less.

A Dragon Slayer is immune to the effects of their own element, and can consume external sources of their element to replenish their strength, both stamina-wise and magic-wise. They are also naturally immune to the effects of their own element that came from both their own person and to those from other sources, but must consume it through their mouths if they are to actually absorb it into their bodies- a Dragon Slayer cannot consume the element that they produce themselves. The title bestowed upon this magic, "Dragon Slayer Magic" makes its existence quite the oxymoron- it's a magic utilized to slay dragonkind...utilized by none other than dragonkind itself. However, it is not a title born from hypocrisy- the sheer power of a dragon enables it to wipe away an entire continent in the blink of an eye, leaving naught but sadness and ruin as the dust settles- it is partly because of this immense power that humanity feared and revered these draconian beings. Thus, it was well known that their power was leaps and bounds above any other kind- and no other kind of power existed in this world- that only a dragon could defeat another dragon; a classic case of "takes one to kill one", hence the name of "Dragon Slayer Magic".

  • Gekirin (降臨の逆鱗(ゲキリン), Gekirin lit. Advent of the Imperial Fury): Gekirin is a peculiar ability which can be accessed by any and all of dragonkind; it is the ability to become stronger through harvesting the blood of their enemies. Gekirin is perhaps the power that burnt their presences into the minds of humanity even before the Dragon Civil War- but after which, it was soon forgotten as their Dragon Slayer Magic took prominence over it. The Imperial Wrath stems from a difference in how dragonkind was seen from two different continents- in the west, dragons were considered monsters, in the east, dragons were a god-like existence; but even so, they had a rather terrifying defect- out of the eighty-one Dragon Scales, a single scale is inverted; digging into their skin, while normally it's something that can be brushed off, if this irregular scale is so much as touched, then a dragon would immediately lose their already ferocious temper, flying into a rage which seems impossible to calm- this resulted in the dragons receiving a rather noticeable boost in power, enabling the dragon to greatly increase their own power through simply killing somebody of supernatural origin. By their own claim, they will continue to grow stronger the more that they kill, regardless of what form the life actually takes—however, it will not work if they kill humans who are not users of Slayer Magic; as the Gekirin has an aversion to the magical energy of human bodies. Interestingly, the Gekirin works in order to increase both physical and magical power—upon landing a kill, the dragon's Magic Origin, their Factor of the Dragon absorbs their victims' energy into their dragon scales, absorbing the diminishing magical power of those who they kill by breaking it down into simple eternano, allowing them to use their mastery over their magical energy to command the eternano into their Factor of the Dragon, which finds its way into their body and enhances it, increasing their physical strength while the remaining eternano will be sent into their Factor of the Dragon subconsciously, increasing the quantity and intensity of the energies produced by their Dragon Slayer Magic and draconic-related powers. Interestingly, the Gekirin will only raise the dragon's power by twice the amount for every twenty kills, as to prevent them from becoming overly powerful, but it is noted that the changes in power are permanent, with their power only rising and rising. Effectively, the Gekirin drains the life out of everything that the dragon's claws, fangs, tail, wings, and the rest of its body comes into contact with, turning living organisms into dried husks of their former selves and devastating the environment. The Gekirin will not be activated by indirect damage, such as through a projectile spell—the user is required to strike the enemy down in close-combat in order to engage it; the Gekirin is said to be capable of enabling the dragon to devour the souls of opponents that they kill. Once enough power has been gathered, an extension of Gekirin becomes available for the dragon to harness.
    • Ashur's Outrage Mode.

      Outrage Mode (反旗の逆鱗(アウトレイジ・モード), Autoreiji Mōdo lit. Imperial Fury of the Revolt Banner): Outrage Mode is the expansion of the Gekirin power – it is the idea of "fury empowering this already fearsome existence" taken to the extreme. As the dragon slays more and more opponents who foolishly continue to attempt to oppose them in the hopes of worldwide recognition, bravery, or just plain stupidity, this scaled creature gains more and more power, with their bodies becoming soaked in the blood of their enemies while the arcane energies of their felled foes seep into their Factor of the Dragon. These energies, after a while, begin to affect the dragon's body, with the dragon absorbing more and more magical energy into their Factor of the Dragon through the inverted scale, causing an evolution that results in the dragon's appearance and attributes changing, making it significantly stronger than it was before, transforming into an expansion of their current form- a temporary evolution of sorts. Despite the extreme modifications to the dragon's bodies, their consciousness remains unchanged. After undergoing transformation, the dragon gains various additions to their form, such as armour or weaponry- or their body may just change completely to the point of being unrecognizable. A dragon can only stay in their transformed form until their energy is depleted, and if a dragon does not absorb enough magical energy needed to maintain the form, it will not be able to retain that form for long and revert to their previous form in a matter of time. Because of the Gekirin and the Outrage Mode, it was known that people would warn others to simply stay the hell away from dragons as once their rampage had ended, entire maps had to be redrawn. The name of these powers, Gekirin (逆鱗, Imperial Fury), can be translated to mean imperial wrath or the wrath of one's superior, and appears in the idiom 逆鱗に触れる gekirin ni fureru, which means to infuriate one's superior. Additionally, term "Reverse Scale" (逆鱗, Gekirin), usually refers to a dragon scale growing in the opposite direction in Japanese and Chinese mythology – it is one particular scale out of eighty-one scales covering the body of the dragon. This scale, unlike others, is inverted. It is said in Japanese legends that if one were to touch the dragon’s gekirin, it would result in the wrath of the dragon.
Photon Dragon Slayer Magic

Photon Dragon Slayer Magic (光子の滅竜魔法, Kōshi no Metsuryū Mahō) is a Caster Magic, Lost Magic, obviously a Slayer Magic, and last, but not least, a Dragon Slayer Magic which revolves around the element of photons, which, in physics, are an elementary particle, the quantum of light and all other forms of electromagnetic radiation, and the force carrier for the electromagnetic force. It can be considered the primeval version of an existence such as White Dragon Slayer Magic, being the precursor to all light-based Slayer Magics, remaining unsurpassed throughout the ages. Photon Dragon Slayer Magic is utilized by Infinite Light Dragon God Ashur and Charlotte Merquise. Photon Dragon Slayer Magic is also the only Dragon Slayer Magic to show up in Daybreak, appearing in the final arc along with Charlotte.

A Dragon is to be the embodiment of ultimate power- and as such, they are revered and feared by all who know of their existence. More importantly, as "ultimate power made physical", they would need an "ultimate magic" to suit their very nature as power manifested in the mortal plane of existence; something that would be far above most magicians in the era that they made their mark on mankind. They could be thought of as "Elemental Magic made manifest", though while a personification of the strongest power imaginable; the chains known as a "mortal body" do not hinder their performance in battle in the slightest. The dragon who passed on this magic to the user actually created a magical change in how the body's Magic Origin functioned, therefore causing their body to possess the magical powers of a Dragon - otherwise known as Dragon Slayer Magic. Continuing with this process, the user' magical power acts alongside the energy of the body in order to catalyze a variety of bodily processes when younger, therefore allowing the morphing of their physiology to a point where the user has adopted some physical traits, as well as the element, from the said Dragon. In this case, the dragon who taught Charlotte was a Light Dragon, which granted her the ability of light manipulation, Dragon-style.

In the case of the Photon Dragon Slayer Magic when used by a dragon, the Infinite Light Dragon God takes blatant advantage of the fact that her mortality and physical form enables her to utilize her unique draconic Magic Origin alongside the perks that her biology normally gives her; her biological structure has been perfectly attuned to how her Factor of the Dragon functions; more specifically, since with every breath, the Infinite Light Dragon God generates energy independent from her body; which, through application of magical manipulation, grants her the ability to reinforce the sheer power of her own body with her signature element- in regards to the Infinite Light Dragon God, the dragon activates her magic by taking the 'magic = feelings' concept to the fullest—by fuelling her magic with positive feelings, the Infinite Light Dragon God is capable of initiating the usual fusion of eternano and magical power, only manifesting magical power in a light and benevolent nature; drawing from the inner feelings of the humanity to purify the world off all its evils and mistakes, like a beacon of hope.

Effectively, this grants the user of Photon Dragon Slayer Magic the ability to manipulate, modify, consume, and generate from their body photonic energy to their fullest extent- they have absolute dominance over anything considered a "light" and everything related to and dwelling within it. As a result of the magic's mechanics, the user of this magic can transform their body with features of light, utilizing both offensive and defensive styles, resulting in lungs capable of spewing photonic energy, scales that grant protection against light, and nails covered in light; effectively giving the user the ability to use photons in any manner that that they deem suitable alongside their body in combat, transforming their very form into a make-shift weapon unique to themselves, thus greatly increasing the damage of their blows in all ranges- though close-combat is where the Dragon Slayer Magic usually shines, as the magic massively bolsters the power of their unarmed blows, empowering their physical attacks with wakes of destructive light which wreak havoc on anything and everything that they come into contact with. Light can also be employed in other ways, with the user being capable of emitting it in vast amounts, enough to cover a wide area, and of shaping it into various forms.

Both users of Photon Dragon Slayer Magic possesses great versatility in regards to the usage of this magic; even creating illusions and potent rocket bursts of light with relative ease. When used for offense, the Magic can take the form of a sphere-like object that can be ejected at the opponent or as a beam that can be blasted. Light can also be emitted from the user's body; depending on the brightness or heat that the light emits, it can be capable enough to blind an enemy or cause the surroundings to explode; and it can also be manifested for multiple usage in defense. The user has demonstrated the ability to condense their light, enabling their light to cut clean through various objects. When formed into spheres of light, the light serves to be rather concussive, able to firmly pulverize objects, such as stone; the user is able to generate powerful shields of swirling light which could withstand the full force of four simultaneous elemental attacks. The user is even able to charge up their light before releasing it. Photon Dragon Slayer Magic, as the primeval form of light-based Slayer Magic, also has the ability to produce a greater amount of light than any other light magician to exist without tiring, and the user has shown to be able to maintain successive assaults for long durations of time.

As mentioned many times, a user of Photon Dragon Slayer Magic has could be perceived as "absolute dominance" over the element of light, meaning that not only can they manipulate it in any way, shape, or form, they can effortlessly harness its supplementary effects without extending them into spells- a good example is that the user is capable of causing others to view light as colour-shifts as they get closer (red) or further away (blue) from themselves- this is referred to as the Doppler Effect (観茶色交(ドップラー・エフェクト) Doppurā Efekuto lit. Sight Disruption Colour Shift); the user mainly uses this power to disrupt their enemy's sights, leaving them at a loss on where to attack when facing them. In addition, the user can increase the vibrancy of these colours to temporarily blind their foes and allow them to get a clean hit in without exceptions. The user can also induce obfuscation by scattering photons, effectively enabling the user to completely turn off the lights in a room, leaving only the user able to see properly; this allows the user to carve a bloody swathe through their confused foes. It is rumoured that the user is able to cause a city-wide blackout with this technique.

By refracting light from their eyes, the user is capable of observing two places at once, enabling them to see from the front and in any other direction she desires; if utilized correctly, this allows the user to remove the fact that they can be taken by surprise; to onlookers, it appears as if the user has a "sixth sense" of sorts. And, of course, the user is capable of causing bilocation, which causes their foes to view two places at once; this allows the user to shift herself towards the enemy's blind spot. Upon noticing the "fake" of the user, their foes become caught under brief hypnosis, causing those under the influence of the technique can be easily outmaneuvered by the user. However, the user must stabilize their magical energies in order for this technique to work; if the user's magical energy is thrown out of balance (this is done by rousing their emotions or by being struck by anything outside of the area-of-effect, or even by losing focus while initiating this technique), then this technique will dissipate and the user will be left stunned- this bilocation power is touted as a "high risk, high reward" type power, with it able to completely save their hide in many a situation if applied properly.

To get onto the differences between Photon Dragon Slayer Magic, White Dragon Slayer Magic, Light Dragon Slayer Magic, and god-knows-what else, Photon Dragon Slayer Magic is noted to be the very first form of light-based Slayer Magic, and the stone from which countless others were hewn. While this would indicate that Photon Dragon Slayer Magic has the ability to perform all of the powers often associated with later iterations of light-based Slayer Magics, the truth couldn't be further from such a preposterous assumption- Photon Dragon Slayer Magic is an absolute. It should be taken into consideration that Photon Dragon Slayer Magic could technically count as two elements instead of just a single one in a manner of speaking- or rather, it manipulates two kinds of light, both with vastly different properties. The Photon Dragon Slayer Magic is based upon heaven manipulation, subjugation over the properties that are contained within the stars and space; allowing the user to use the properties of many astronomical objects for battle, preferably in offense. The properties of Photon Dragon Slayer Magic rely primarily on astronomical objects like stars, or the generation and manipulation of the energy of light from their own body- despite being called heavenly manipulation, it is nothing but enormously augmented light magic. Normally, Photon Dragon Slayer Magic enables the user to shape, manipulate, and consume Photons (向物質・光子(フォトン), Foton lit. Positive Matter Light Particles), which are the purest form of light in existence; this accounts for seventy percent of Photon Dragon Slayer Magic's abilities, which are all mentioned above; they can be used for attack, defense, and supplementary purposes.

However, there is also another form of light that Photon Dragon Slayer Magic has under their thrall- the hypothetical energy particle known as Cipher (反物質・光子(サイファー), Saifā lit. Antimatter Light Particles), which are known to be extremely destructive and can bring grand amounts of destruction to everything that they come into contact with. The Cipher particles are a variant of regular photons, only attuned to serve the opposite effect; as such, they have the principle of antimatter, which cause degenerative action wherever they stop. Upon contact with regular photons, which are positive, these negate Cipher particles will react, resulting in their simultaneous annihilation; this releases truly immense amounts of energy, at least equivalent to a nuclear pulse- however, this energy can just as easily harm the user as it does to their opponent. Photon Dragon Slayer Magic's Cipher stems from the early days, where humanity and other races worshipped dragonkind and the gods, fearing divine retribution if they were to act out of line and cause chaos. This terror stemmed from a concept known as the "Light of Judgment" (裁きの光, Sabaki no Hikari), a destructive ray of holy energy that descended upon those with wicked hearts, cleansing all in its wake. People lived in fear of this holy light shining down upon them and destroying everything, leaving naught but tears and regret, so they acted humanely as an attempt to stay in the 'good books' of what lived above in the starry heavens. This formed the crux of humanity's worship of what they saw as deities- an unhealthy relationship born from terror and anxiety.

That which was referred to as the "Light of Judgment" was simply the destructive power of Cipher, a special light particle capable of unleashing unending amounts of antimatter photonic energy that could raze everything that it came into contact with to the ground. Only a few beings were capable of producing such a high-quality light, with one of them being the Infinite Light Dragon God, of course. As soon as humanity learnt of the fact that this ray of divine retribution wasn't karma coming back to bite them rather spectacularly most of the time, but rather a magical power produced by exceptionally powerful beings, the fear subsided ever-so-slightly- though it never truly went away. Of course, the fear of the unknown was something that everyone, humanoid or not, was something they held close to their hearts- the fact that rays of pure destruction raided down from the heavens at random intervals was pants-shittingly scary, mind you. Even so, the antimatter photonic energy known as the Cipher, in the hands of both the Infinite Light Dragon God and Charlotte Merquise, is the crux of their Dragon Slayer Magic. Burns from Cipher are extremely painful and are not wholly healable for people who are lucky, or unlucky enough to survive an assault by Charlotte.

Photon Dragon Slayer Magic completely blows all other forms of light-manipulating magics, no matter their status (whether they're Lost Magic or Slayer Magic) out of the water, possessing an intensity unmatched and unrivalled by anyone or anything; it can be said that even in the New Era and the fears of such unfathomable lights having been quashed as humanity has finally moved out of its divine obsession phase, there has never been anything like Photon Dragon Slayer Magic, both before and since. The sheer intensity and output released by each and every attack of Photon Dragon Slayer Magic is more than enough to raze straight through any and every defense- it can be said that a spell such as Fairy Sphere would not remain unscathed through direct contact with photonic rays of both regular photons and cipher released by the user. Indeed, the light unleashed with this magic can burn straight through all forms of magic-based defenses and other alloy-based structures, no matter the composition- upon contact with an opposing source of light, the photons and cipher released by this iteration of Dragon Slayer Magic devour them and use the miniscule amounts of energy (in comparison) in order to empower the speed and strength of the ongoing attack. Even then however, the sheer power of this power is monstrous, and many are easily defeated through one attack because of the speed and instantaneous effects this magic has.

Photon Dragon Slayer Magic can be said to be an embodiment of the concept of destruction itself, bringing mass devastation to anything that the photonic rays released by the magic comes into contact with without fail. The photons unleashed by this magic seem to have transcendent priority, constantly smashing through any other spell that would hope to put a stop to its movements- busting through everything and anything in its way, ripping through any chances of defense like wet rice paper, the light released by this magic, whether it's cipher or photons, is truly an embodiment of "divine retribution", a single strike will land without fail and vaporize anything in its way in a split second; its basic hyperresonance attack can be considered equally powerful as the Magic Council's secret weapon, Etherion, if not even more-so. Because of the power displayed by each and every aspect of Photon Dragon Slayer Magic, it can be inferred that it easily one of the strongest iterations of Dragon Slayer Magic to have ever existed- however, this was also a double-edged sword, and the user never taught anyone their personal Dragon Slayer Magic- indeed, Charlotte herself was born with it due to being the child of Ashur.

As with most Slayer Magics, Photon Dragon Slayer Magic has virtually unlimited customization options in regards to the light formed through simple magical manipulation- the colour, properties (not limited to but including heat, smell, and taste), and "feel" is capable of being modified to the user's liking for countless different effects and powers, more often than not being attuned to their own personality and ambitions; their "type" can be changed at will, and they can even be given a material consistency. Charlotte herself has shown the ability to effortlessly switch between manipulating regular photons and Cipher in the blink of an eye, granting her a vast amount of options to attack her enemies with. In its normal state, Photon Dragon Slayer Magic seems to have a "piercing" effect to it, seemingly causing armour-ignoring damage alongside the user's burning ambition given a corporal form in their element. Not only this, the user has such mastery over the element of light that they are capable of utilizing it in any way that they wish, whether for offensive, defensive, evasive, or supplementary techniques- as long as they can imagine it being doable, then the sky is the limit, more or less.

In addition, the user can consume external sources of light to restore their body to a healthy state and regain their reserves of strength, something that also makes them immune to all types of light, due to their capability of nullifying light-based attacks by sucking them in and eating them; the consumed light also seems to possess a different "taste" according to its "quality". However, the user can't eat their own light, or imbued with light by themselves, to reinvigorate themselves. Like all light-based magics, the user can run their light in an area's surface, to obtain information of past events, like a powerful form of psychometry. the user is also able to do planned travel at a speed nearing the speed of light and is able to reflect themselves to any desired location. Due to their mastery of this magic, the user is possibly the fastest person in the world, as nothing is faster than the speed of light. As the most powerful light-based Slayer Magic, the user of Photon Dragon Slayer Magic has domination over the element of light, allowing them to take an opponent's light-based attack and turn it on them, essentially making it their own; indeed, the user controls all of the light in the area and they can manipulate it to their will. Interestingly, as stated above, the user has shown the ability to absorb any kind of light- or rather, the concept of light. This includes, not only natural sources of light such as starlight and sunlight, but even the light from the eyes of others. This can extend to the light produced by even non-light-based attacks and artificial light such as from a lightbulb. Lastly, when using their emotions in battle, this results in a massive increase the overall power of their spells.

Supplementary Abilities
  • Photonize in action.

    Photonize (光子化(フォトナイズ), Fotonaizu lit. Light Particle Shifting): Photonize is the greatest asset of Photon Dragon Slayer Magic; it is the ability to turn anything that the user of the magic touches into photons and then utilize that light in any way that they deem suitable. Photonize is a term referring to the transformation of a living organism or an inanimate object into photons; anything that can be considered to have a material consistency or dwells throughout the atmosphere, even other forms of particles- it is considered something that Photonize is capable of affecting. To go into further detail, Photonize is described as the proof of "light's supremacy"; a holy power without any equal that places all of existence under the user's thrall. It is a supplementary ability that a user of Photon Dragon Slayer Magic can activate at any time- however, it has been confirmed that it isn't constantly engaged due to the sheer danger it would pose to the fabric of reality. Photonize functions by converting anything that the user deems fit into photons by using Cipher to annihilate its composition before changing it into regular photons- as to how this works, simply by willing it, the user is capable of focusing on any form of matter, whether it be something as big as a house or something as tiny as air molecules- no matter if it is a solid, a liquid, or even a gas, as long as it exists within this plane of existence, it is a fair target for the Photonize ability. When a user of Photon Dragon Slayer Magic pours a larger amount of energy into the photons produced by this magic than normal, the moment that the cipher energy generated by this magic collides with any form of matter, energy and momentum are conserved, and the annihilated particles are replaced by photons; effectively enabling a user of Photon Dragon Slayer Magic to change anything into their element as long as conservation of energy and conservation of momentum are obeyed; since photons have no mass, such a feat can be performed in a blink of an eye. With it, a user of Photon Dragon Slayer Magic can absorb the surrounding structures, by forcing them to undergo particle alteration and breaking down their material consistencies and absorbing them, transforming them into photons which the caster can absorb through the traditional elemental consumption method of Dragon Slayer Magic for an indefinite period of time. Charlotte herself displays absolutely precise and incredibly impressive control over this power, as she can break down everything that possesses a material consistency within milliseconds and utilize it as a fuel to power her Photon Dragon Slayer Magic. It can literally tear away the components which make up objects, such as those which make up magic and structures, as well as the bodies of supernatural beings if they do not possess a suitable amount of fighting spirit to resist. With Photonize, the caster can alter and absorb the trees, sand, rocks, and even the buildings in Earth Land; showing no upper limit to what they can and cannot change and then absorb. As long as it possesses a material consistency, then the user can subjugate it to their will; even absorbing opposing physical as well as magical attacks and turning them into a source of energy. This ability even works on particles such as oxygen and hydrogen, allowing a user of the magic to suffocate an enemy or transform an entire ocean into light with Photonize. It has been hinted that Photonize also works on living beings, as Charlotte Merquise threatened to "turn her (Hikari Zanna) into her name" when holding her as a hostage against Tsuruko Sejren. Not only can a user of Photon Dragon Slayer Magic cause matter annihilation, they can turn light into matter by smashing together only two photons to create an electron and a positron – the simplest method of turning light into matter ever predicted.
  • Photonic Forge (偽性・光の造形魔法(フォトニック・フォージ), Fotonikku Fōji lit. Pseudo-Light Molding Magic): Photonic Forge is a special sub-ability of Photon Dragon Slayer Magic- it can be considered an existence similar to that of the Light-Make Molding Magic. Photonic Forge is the main usage of Photon Dragon Slayer Magic other than simply using it to bolster the user's close-quarters capabilities; in any case, Photonic Forge is triggered by the user going to the extremes of the 'magic = feelings' concept—by fueling their magic with positive feelings, the user is capable of initiating the usual fusion of eternano and magical power, only manifesting magical power in a light and benevolent nature; drawing from the inner feelings of the humanity to purify the world off all its evils and mistakes, like a beacon of hope. From here, the caster uses their imagination in order to mold the light created into anything that they deem suitable in a matter of seconds. The photon structures that the caster manifests all carry the natural overwhelming power of Dragon Slayer Magic, even when the user isn't touching them, making them a cut above most other forms of structure-creation magic; indeed, the only limitations are the user's own imagination, and it requires no prior movements which are all in-born with Molding Magic, instead, the user can form countless items simply by shaping their magical power and thinking about it, not even using the proper modification technique known as Shape Transformation in order to bring their thoughts into reality; for this reason, it can be said that Photonic Forge is far more effective than bog-standard Light-Make or powers similar to it. The main use of Photonic Forge is to shape the light that they create into different forms such as a series of blades and is able to propel themselves on one- though, shaping the substances into numerous beasts isn't unknown. The user is known to manipulate the density of their structures formed through all forms of Photonic Forge so that they can become as hard as diamond to as brittle as glass so that once they scatter near the enemy, the user can direct the stray photons scattering off of their spells to trap them and induce a death by a thousand blasts. With it, the user can create a variety of objects out of light to be used for offensive, defensive, or miscellaneous purposes. While so, one of those miscellaneous purposes are used for making medicines, drugs, and so on in the element of light energy being primarily present in the user's raw magical energy reserve. The items created out of the element light are purely curable against any Poison-base magics and Bacteria-base magics by all forms. While as for being the polar opposite of Darkness, it can be very resistant and effective against Darkness-base Magics. Outside of combat, the user can also change their surroundings using light, such as causing bilocation, causing the foe to view them in two places at once. The light also can be used as wound dressing, stanching bleeding and preventing micro-living bacterias/germs/poisons from anyway being physically spread across the wound itself. This type of magic can cure illnesses/viruses that they were infected with during their lifetime. As a result, all injuries inflicted upon any situations will be fully healed in the process. The sheer aftereffect of this Magic upon being used on a victim is that they will begin to feel purely cleanse of several symptoms of physiological or psychological meltdown such as mental stress, depression, or coma relief from the physical body taking hold of them, etc. Abnormally, Photonic Forge has a tendency to attract and draw in positive emotions from the user who is casting it to morally effect the victim's self-esteem. This in forth rekindle back the lost feelings of hope or spirit to the victim's mind, body, and soul from ever fearing the need of despair even if they're set up in the worst situations possible for them. As the user would feed on positivity and peaceful resolution, so does it cause the victim with a corrupt mind to feel hallucinated by the brilliant light, enticing them to remember their own past and yearn for forgiveness. It would henceforth make the victim themselves want to amend for all their wrong doings, evils, and mistakes in the past as if so they can have another chance in life. One of the sneakier methods of utilize Photonic Forge is that the user has two methods in which to induce Photonic Forge; but both methods can manifest structures which can be used for a diverse range of uses. The first one is called Static Photonic Forge. This type of Photonic Forge is characterized by the creation of inanimate objects, such as weapons, or by affecting the environment around them. The second type is called Dynamic Photonic Forge. This type of Photonic Forge focuses on creating animate light sculptures, usually in the form of animals; though human body parts and the like can also be formed. Dynamic Photonic Forge is said to be more quickly cast than Static Photonic Forge. While both styles of Photonic Forge have their own pros and cons, there is no clear "superior", leaving the matter of which style is "stronger" up to how much both versions evolve.
    • Static Photonic Forge (具鍛・偽性・光の造形魔法(スタティック・フォトニック・フォージ), Sutateikku Fotonikku Fōji lit. Tool-Forging Pseudo-Light Molding Magic): Static Photonic Forge is one of two methods to utilize Photonic Forge- it is characterized by the creation of inanimate objects, more often than not weaponry and tools to suit the situation at hand. In terms of use, Static Photonic Forge is known to be the user's preferred method of using the sub-ability, as weapons are relatively easier to manifest and keep in-action for long periods of time in contrast to the summoning constructs of the Dynamic version of Photonic Forge. Generally, each construct is capable of matching a real steel weapon blow-for-blow without shattering- Static Photonic Forge can be utilized to form almost any weaponry at all, and the user capable of conjuring anything from nothing. Close combat weapons such as swords and spears can be created effortlessly, though due to the intricate workings of existences such as guns, they are slightly more difficult; shields and staves can be reproduced with a much greater struggle, as the cost in magical energy is high, two or three times greater than a bladed weapon. As the user's most favoured method of utilizing Photonic Forge, Static Photonic Forge has reached the point where it can be considered mastered already. During the heat of battle, the user more often than not forms various weapons with a single snap of their fingers or by affecting the immediate vicinity where combat is ongoing, granting advantages to them and hampering her opponent(s). One of the user's most common uses of Static Photonic Forge is to affect the ground beneath them by jabbing light whether it has already been shaped or not into the soil below, inducing Photonize upon the surface and everything that entails in order to convert everything into light in the environment around their figure, reducing the soil to nothing, at which point, the user can manipulate and shape these newly-formed lights in any manner that they please- effectively, because of this, when combined with the elemental consumption method of Dragon Slayer Magic, enables the user to permanently possess freedom of movement no matter what as well as devour everything in sight to regenerate.
    • Dynamic Photonic Forge (実降・偽性・光の造形魔法|ダイナミック・フォトニック・フォージ}}, Dainamikku Fotonikku Fōji lit. Entity-Summoning Pseudo-Light Molding Magic): Dynamic Photonic Forge is the second form of Photonic Forge; it involves the user creating familiars forged from light. These familiars are formed when the user focuses more magical energy into the formation of their Photonic Forge magic seal while envisioning a proper 'guardian', at which point, the user can manifest them from their magic seal- these beings of light take upon a white-blue colouration and emit a soft glow. While Dynamic Photonic Forge focuses on animals of light, human body parts and the like can also be formed; the user can also manifest full humanoid beings; the user more often than not utilizes the creations made manifest by Dynamic Photonic Forge in order to assist her in battle, be used as diversions from all sorts of incoming blows, and last, but not least, as a means of transportation to reach heights that would normally be considered impossible or to evade an enemy's onslaught. Dynamic Photonic Forge is said to be more quickly cast than Static Photonic Forge; though they generally cost more magical power to maintain due to Dynamic Photonic Forge summoning beings which more often than not requiring the user to direct and command them; though after a while, these shining guardians are capable of displaying free will and thought, making all sorts of movements on their own judgments based on the current situation, allowing them to take appropriate action in many cases. With Dynamic Photonic Forge and a good memory, the user has the ability to summon avatars of the foes that they've defeated, the stronger they are the better. The user is said to not really be interested in Dynamic Photonic Forge as they prefer to fight their battles herself, but the original dragon who used the magic was noted to be an absolute master of this version of Photonic Forge, manifesting entire armies from nothing to run wild upon those who opposed her.
Basic Spells
Regular Spells
  • Photonic Pulsar (光子竜の咆哮(フォトニック・パルサー), Fotonikku Parusā lit. Photon Dragon's Roar): Photonic Pulsar is the hyperresonance ability of a dragon, attuned to the element of light- as such, it works best with Photon Dragon Slayer Magic. When performing Photonic Pulsar, the user utilizes their enhanced lung capacity in order to gather and condense ambient eternano from within the atmosphere and store it momentarily within their mouth- from here, the user attunes the eternano gathered by merging them with their energy in order to induce the usual fusion to being power into the current realm; this results in the user of Photon Dragon Slayer Magic taking the 'magic = feelings' concept to the fullest—by fuelling their magic with positive feelings, the user is capable of initiating the usual fusion of eternano and magical power, only manifesting magical power in a light and benevolent nature; they draw more and more light into their massive jaws from which no flying, talking cats have ever seen the light of day until they have gathered enough to the point that just by propelling it outwards, they could cause a bombardment of radiance that covers an entire continent. Once this is done, in order to unleash the magical energy, the user utilizes the Dragon Cords (竜帯, Ryūtai), a dragon's equivalent of vocal cords which produce a louder and harsher sound while amplifying anything emitted from their mouth tremendously, resulting in a massive blast of energy spewing forth from the user's mouth towards the target; in the case of Photonic Pulsar, which, of course, as both of its names would suggest, is based around light, this has the effect of unleashing a truly enormous ray of light which can be considered more like a breath that releases a gigantic laser than anything else. This laser barrels down and pierces through the opponent at light-speeds while cutting a path of flame through the ground; the user is able to fire the attack very quickly, while maintaining precise aim- due to lasers moving at light-speed, it can be inferred that Photonic Pulsar both starts and ends in a split second. The whiplash of the attack can be quite huge, usually blowing apart anything behind the user at the time of attack. The beam is powerful enough to strike multiple enemies and even two adjacent foes simultaneously; violently pushing the intended opponent and objects around them away from the user with overwhelming blunt force. The moment that Photonic Pulsar impacts upon the foe's body, it explodes violently, releasing an immense amount of light bright enough to blind the foe, illuminate the vicinity to the point that it can turn night to day, clearing the murky skies and ushering in azure instantly. A fully charged Photonic Pulsar can fill an entire valley with the explosion as well as plow through a multiple layered barrier such as Defenser MAX, while creating an explosion that is far larger than a tower and the mountains around it. Indeed, the speed settings are capable of being altered as well, though this is stuck to two settings. Version one causes the caster to unleash a higher-velocity beam with enough momentum to breach weak defenses –even able to smash through steel and assorted metals- but in this case, the damage dealt to the target without penetrating their personal defense spells are significantly reduced due to the lower transference of magical power in the Dragon's Roar; though because of the high velocity of the attack, it's certain that it will reach its target. Version two is more like a classic "ki attack" from fiction, as the magical particles have less velocity, and while generally less penetrating, the particles quickly transfer their energy to the target upon contact, reverting to pure heat and destroying the target from within. The user is capable of altering the trajectory of the attack to the point that it can undergo several complex maneuvers, which can, in extreme cases, allow the user to strike more than one opponent with relative ease. Unlike many other hyperresonance abilities, Photonic Pulsar can be used without the need for particular preparations, something which makes it notably faster to use, though it does slightly decrease the strength of the attack. Photonic Pulsar requires three seconds to travel a few ten thousand-kilometer distance, and the user can immediately fire the next attack after confirming a miss, but after twelve attacks, they will run out of magical energy. Unlike many other Dragons, Ashley's iteration of Photonic Pulsar can be used without the need for particular preparations, something which makes it notably faster to use, though it does slightly decrease the strength of the attack.
    • Photonic Pulsar - Scattershot (光子竜の咆哮・光散列(フォトニック・パルサー・スキャッターショット), Fotonikku Parusā - Sukyattāshotto lit. Photon Dragon's Roar - Shining Diffusion Array): Photonic Pulsar - Scattershot is a variant of Photonic Pulsar where multiple blasts of photonic energy are launched towards the target at once, splitting from an enormous wave of photons into countless smaller ones. When performing Photonic Pulsar - Scattershot, the user first inhales, gathering light within their mouth; adding their own magical power into the mixture to serve as a propellant to the light; charging it up for a few moments. Once the charging phase has been completed, the user unleashes a mighty roar that unleashes an enormous amount of golden energy which transfigures into a cascade of shining beams reminiscent of shooting stars, which lock-on to their opponents no matter their position, chasing after them at incredible speed; they possess tremendous force and are touted to chase their foes to the ends of the earth, no matter where the foe is standing, even if they possessed high speed, as they would catch their foe eventually. The shooting stars can move at impossible angles that always manage to reach its target; they will always change their path around any obstacles or pierce through any wall in order to reach their target. As they move though the atmosphere, they gather and condense stray magical particles upon their forms to increase in speed. They can dodge obstacles in their way, unless it is not physically possible, never ceasing their hunt until they catch their prey. Impacting upon their opponent, these shining beams detonate with great force, enough to level a city block.
    • Photonic Pulsar – Condenshot (光子竜の咆哮・集束砲号(フォトニック・パルサー・コンデンショット), Fotonikku Parusā - Kondenshotto lit. Photon Dragon's Roar: Focused Ordinance Edition): Photonic Pulsar – Condenshot is a variant of Photonic Pulsar which is the result of compressing the photons unleashed from the user's mouth to their utmost limit. When performing Photonic Pulsar - Condenshot, the user first inhales, gathering light within their mouth; adding their own magical power into the mixture to serve as a propellant to the light; charging it up for a few moments. Once the charging phase has been completed, the user compresses the enormous roaring wave of photons about to be released upon their foe into a much smaller form- at this point, the caster unleashes a mighty roar that spawns a hyper-compressed and wire-thin beam from their mouth which shoots towards their opponent, impacting before they can even react in accordance. Despite being such a small beam, the range of the Photonic Pulsar – Condenshot is vast and its attack power is quite impressive too; it strikes the enemy in the blink of an eye- however, despite its small composition, this spell does not deal immense piercing damage- rather, the photon wavelength of Photonic Pulsar – Condenshot synchronized to the frequency of the enemy's magical output while preparing the spell, immobilizing the opponents and confining them in a sphere of condensed photons suspended mid-air, allowing the user to follow up with a 'free hit' of sorts; however, to prevent spamming, Photonic Pulsar – Condenshot cannot be cast immediately after trapping the enemy, meaning that the user will need to follow-up with something else in their available arsenal.
  • Photon Dragon's Glint Fist (光子竜の閃光拳, Kōshiryū no Senkōken): Photon Dragon's Glint Fist is a basic Photon Dragon Slayer Magic spell that is the light-derived equivalent to other punching Dragon Slayer spells; effectively, Photon Dragon's Glint Fist allows the user to imbue their fist with light and strike forward with an ultra-fast punch that releases a fist-sized lightwave. When performing Photon Dragon's Glint Fist, the user activates the spell by going to the extremes of the 'magic = feelings' concept—by fueling their magic with positive feelings, the user is capable of initiating the usual fusion of eternano and magical power, only manifesting magical power in a light and benevolent nature; resulting in them manifesting a mass of light. From here, the user shapes this light in the form of a sphere around their hand, giving off the resemblance of their fist simply becoming immersed in photonic energy, shining brightly as to illuminate the vicinity and cause those who gaze upon the user to look away out of fear of going blind. Once this process has been completed, the user thrusts their fist forward, jabbing towards the enemy at a speed left unequalled, theorized by some to actually be the speed of light- it truly seems as if the user has used the photonic energies gathered upon their fist in order to extend their arm and strike their opponents at a longer range; the strike immediately reaches the opponent's body first, which from that perspective seems "zoomed in." The attack lets out blinding flash of light that sears the opponent upon impact, and the velocity that Photon Dragon's Glint Fist is cast is intense to a point that even the slightest of movements travel at speeds faster than anyone, even those with clairvoyance, cannot predict. It is one of the user's most powerful blows; mostly because of it's "multi-hit" feature which doubles the damage as the light condensed upon their fist spreads out onto the opponent, swirling around them in a powerful spiral, creating a grinding drill effect that blasts into the opponent, inflicting major damage and launching them far away, creating an impact which is powerful enough to propel the unlucky recipient several meters away. The incredible speed both makes the strike far more powerful, and harder to dodge. The amount of time in which these actions transpire make it seem as if the opponent has been smashed with the force of a powerful cannon shell, blowing them away instantly. The Photon Dragon's Glint Fist can deflect both physical and supernatural-based attacks and attack at the same time, making it both an offensive and defensive technique. It is a very useful and impossibly powerful technique that can connect rapidly and accurately, which works well with each user's impressive speed and agile techniques.
  • Accellight (光子竜の光速瞬動(アクセルライト), Akuseruraito lit. Photon Dragon's Light-Speed Instant Movement Technique): Accellight, also known as the Wings of Light (光の翼, Hikari no Tsubasa), is a supplementary Photon Dragon Slayer Magic spell which grants the user the ability to move at unimaginable velocities, zipping around in the air at incredible speeds; waltzing around without any hindrances. When performing Accellight, the user charges their body in photonic energy, before using their mastery over light to defy gravity by eliminating their own weight, allowing them to stay aloft in mid-air for undefined periods. At that point, by utilizing expert magical manipulation as a small "push", the user can take off at high speed with perfect timing, so the user could remain flying in the same place without any thought. When in motion while using Accellight, the user manifests a ring of light upon their back which captures the winds with its thin curtain of magical particles, propelling the user and allowing them to build up speed over time as they dart through the air. Accellight, as the name would indicate, enables the user to move at a speed that nobody else can comprehend; all the user is required to do is utilize magical manipulation to serve as a kick-off point; granting them "true flight", moving throughout the air as free as a bird, or rather, in a "deeper" term, like a plastic bag in the wind. In any case, Accellight drastically augments their movements with the power of light, allowing them to fly swiftly, or even shoot up vertical surfaces; moving dozens upon dozens of times faster than somebody using any form of high-speed movement spells while maintaining flight for extremely long periods of time. The speed and after-images granted by Accellight allow the user to effectively dodge all sorts of multi-directional attacks. Activating this attack causes a slip stream of light effect that allows the user to achieve speeds normally impossible them in any location. By charging the particles with magical energy this allows the user an additional defensive measure as well as immense propulsion. Even if someone could detect the trajectory of their movements, it is considered to be nearly impossible to catch the user, as with their speed, the user is capable of assaulting their opponents with quick, but powerful, melee attacks. The user's speed appears to create up to eight doubles of themselves while in motion. These doubles are not illusory; they are moving at a speed between different positions that is vastly faster than the speed of sound. As such, were all the doubles to attack at once, it would mean that the user is attacking from all those positions simultaneously, giving them incredible destructive power. Similarly, because of this same speed, attacking the doubles would be futile as the user would have moved long before the attack even reaches them. The user can also enhance their already swift flight speed by riding on strong gusts of wind, and can slow or deflect falls by creating cushions of air. When used in the heat of battle, Accellight causes the user to appear as if they are simply flowing around their opponents without expending any energy at all, letting the opponent tire themselves out and thus creating exploitable openings. This conservation of energy, combined with their high stamina, gives the user an advantage in prolonged combat. Following Issac Newton's first law of motion, the user will accelerate indefinitely as long as they keep moving.
Advanced Spells

Dragon Slayer's Secret Art (滅竜奥義, Metsu Ryū Ōgi): The strongest techniques of a Dragon Slayer. What should be noted, is that Ashley's bog-standard Dragon Slayer's Secret Arts are about as powerful, if not more powerful, as anyone else's Dragon Slayer's Ultimate Arts (滅竜極義, Metsuryū Gokugi) and Dragon Slayer's Forbidden Arts (滅竜禁義, Metsuryū Kingi)—this is because she has not bothered to obtain those, and instead focused on strengthening the basic secret arts; as through arduous training, Ashley's Dragon Slayer's Secret Arts can be considered some of the strongest around.

  • Illuminator: Ain Soph Aur (無極曙・天震星爆砕(イルミネーター・アイン・ソフ・アウル), Iruminētā: Ain Sofu Auru lit. Limitless Dawn: Heavenly Quaking Star Explosion): Ain Soph Aur is the name of the strongest Dragon Slayer's Secret Art of the Photon Dragon Slayer Magic line; it is said to be the end-be-all of offense; Ain Soph Aur is designated as the strongest light-derived magic spell in all of existence, without any equal. It is an attack that is exclusive to Ashley Briett, also known as Infinite Light Dragon God, the Dragon of Dragons. When performing Ain Soph Aur, Ashley gathers and compresses immense amounts of magical energy in the vicinity upon her person, before she fuels this magic with positive feelings, initiating the usual fusion of eternano and magical power, only manifesting magical power in a light and benevolent nature, converting this magical energy into a light which has a brightness beyond equal, as Photonize activates, converting the immediate surroundings into more light- the intensity of such photons condensed is to the point that those who gaze upon Ashley in this brief state can feel their eyesight slowly but definitely slipping away as they begin to burn up. At this point, Ashley joins the open palms of her hands together, with all the fingers on one hand in contact with the corresponding ones on the other hand, and then separates her palms while keeping the fingers in contact through her tips, gathering enormous amounts of recently converted light in the atmosphere the hollow part between her hands, expanding from the holes between Ashley's fingers. This spell even drains magical energy from all chosen life forms that surround her, conducting that energy into a small sphere of amazing power; this sphere has a cascade of glimmering golden wisps circling around it, and surrounding Ashley's figure is a calm breeze that drifts away from her, expelling colourful bands of a Northern Lights-esque aurora. The light that Ashley has generated takes the form of a large sphere, which only grows and grows until it takes upon the visage of the moon. From here, Ashley punches the sphere, causing the golden orb to release a number of shiny rays which are fired towards the targets, leaving their starting point in a curved trajectory to strike them. Foes are thus bombarded by a barrage of beams which cause heavy damage upon them, striking them in rapid succession, before they converge as a massive, horizontal column of light that pierces the heavens remarkable distance behind it. The power of Ain Soph Aur is so immense that it releases an energy that is so overwhelming, it is near impossible to describe to onlookers; nor can it be conveyed properly. This attack relies on indiscriminate targeting to track down the opponent's magical energy. When opposing an attack of similar power, it will not only double or multiply, but increase infinitely, continually increasing in strength until it has gathered enough power to completely overpower the opposing attack and land a certain strike which can deal a certain kill. This move creates a large, impressive explosion on contact, which leaves Ashley unharmed, but is lethal to the target, essentially reducing them to atoms at it's strongest point. Interestingly, the name of this attack is derived from the Hebrew term Aur Ein Sof (אור אין סוף), meaning "never-ending light" or "light without limit". This term appears as part of the Jewish Kabbalah methodology, referring to the source of the Sephiroth, and thus the source of the universe as a whole, and all created existence.

Dragonar Mode

Dragonar Mode (龍騎化(ドラグナー・モード), Doragunā Mōdo lit. Dragon Knight Transformation) is an Ancient Spell exclusive to Dragons and those with dragon-blood. It enables the user to take upon an armoured form. Dragonar Mode is one of the very few powers related to Dragons that was developed after the Human-Dragon War; more specifically, as most Dragons had utilized Compact Regression to hide themselves amongst mankind, Dragonar Mode was developed in order to compensate for the drastic reduction of power while making sure that onlookers would not find out their origins as a dragon. It was hinted that Dragonar Mode was specifically developed in an attempt to mimic the overwhelming power of the Soul Armours, though Soul Armour Knights aside from the Phoenix Knight were a rare sight during those days. Even in an age without dragons due to all of them being slaughtered by the world famous unicyclist known as "Badass McPowerfist", Dragonar Mode is still around, albeit technically "lost"; as almost no Dragons are shown to activate its power in the current time, being known as a "mere myth". Dragonar Mode is also referred to as the "Strongest Dragon Transformation" (最強の龍変身, Saikyō no Ryū Henshin) though this cannot be backed up as a Dragonar Mode user has never properly fought a dragon or Dragon Slayer in any other form.

Essentially, Dragonar Mode is available to a Dragon who used Compact Regression and with the help of an outside source of power; it drags out their true form and compresses it into an armour to enable them to use their full power without transforming into an unwieldy full-body dragon form. However, it requires truly staggering amounts of energy gain, whether magical or metaphysical in nature, taking a small portion of the user's life force with every utilization of the Ancient Spell. Normal dragons are capable of activating Dragonar Mode by will, as long as they allow the form to consume a small portion of their life. However, in rare cases, it is available to a being with the blood of dragons—by raising their "fighting spirit" to its utmost limit (or something like that; the process is ill-defined), a half-dragon is capable of assuming a humanoid dragon form that bears a striking likeness to their dragon parent. However, this form is considered to be "flawed" and is only half as strong as a Dragonar Mode induced by a full-blooded dragon. However, this form is extremely taxing to the point that it can only last five minutes initially even with support, but with proper training, it can be maintained for longer periods of time.

Desolation Dragoknight

Ashley as Desolation Dragoknight.

Desolation Dragoknight (時読みの聖龍騎(デソレーション・ドラゴナイト), Desorēshon Doragonaito lit. Holy Dragon Knight of Chronomancy): Ashley's Dragonar Mode enables her to take upon the form of an white humanoid dragon referred to as Desolation Dragoknight; called D.D (D・D, Dī Dī) for short; which, aside from the obvious, stands for Dimension Dragon (ディメンション・ドラゴン, Dimenshon Doragon), alluding to the true capabilities of Ashley's Dragonar Mode. In this form, Ashley takes the form of a white knight dragon-man (竜人, Ryūjin), a subspecies of dragon that is, well, it's fairly obvious how it happened- though unlike any other users of the form, Ashley's Desolation Dragoknight is merely a guise for her Dragonar Mode's true form. The Desolation Dragoknight is associated with the time-space corridor as well as Ashley's true identity. It is an altform around which Daybreak Dragorigin revolves, as it is described in the prologue as "one of the inerasable figures of the Human-Dragon wartime". In any case, Ashley, as Desolation Dragoknight, almost doubles in height, which certainly helps to boost her intimidation factor, as Ashley is only slightly taller than her daughter, as well as her eventual protégé, who is the shortest non-preteen character in the entire Sun Trilogy.

The activation of Desolation Dragoknight causes a burst of energy to envelop Ashley's body, changing it drastically to the point that she is essentially unrecognizable. Now clad in shining white armour with a draconic tint to it, Ashley's Dragonar Mode has a robust, knight-like appearance- the armour itself refuses to cease shining bright like the brightest of foreheads diamonds; it completely covers her body with the exception of the portion of her upper legs that separate her legs from the rest of her body as well as her elbows. Looking gallant as ever, the armour of Desolation Dragoknight possesses numerous scarlet portions of armour plating, not limited to but including gigantic gold-lined pauldrons and knee-guards. The upper plate mail, gorget, shin-guards, and shield all bear a special crest that is reprehensive of Ashley's right as the Dragon of Dragons. Wrapped around the torso is a pair of red belts with silver buckles, and the rest of armour has numerous counts of golden trim. The "helmet" of Desolation Dragoknight resembles a medieval knight's helmet, as Ashley's now-golden eyes can be seen above the mouth-guard. The top visor resembles a dragon's face ever-so-slightly, with two wings serving as "ears" of a sort. Finally, Desolation Dragoknight is equipped with a billowing, crimson cape.

As Desolation Dragoknight, Ashley's physical parameters have been enhanced beyond her already impressive capabilities, allowing her to serve as a suitable match to a full-blooded Dragon, and even later, both Vritra and Indra at the same time; this superior power hints towards her true nature. In Dragonar Mode, Ashley is a fast-moving mass of destruction towards her enemies, flying at mach seven and jumping as high as the skies, all while hitting even harder than what a dragon with super strength can muster in terms of power. She can also channel her Photon Dragon Slayer Magic into portions of her body for maximum damage; the best usage of this is focusing light within her feet to grant her the ability to unleash bursts of blinding speed. Her Photonic Pulsar roar is enhanced for additional firepower, her dragon tail can stretch to allow a barrage of white-hot tail stings, her claws can emit vast amounts of light to cleave through any metal within seconds, and her wings can be enhanced to be able to slice through any type of metal even more quickly than her claws.

  • Dragonlance Ascalon (神槍竜・撃天の風浪槍(ドラゴンランス・アスカロン), Doragonransu Asukaron lit. Divine Dragon Lance: Wind and Waves Spear of Heavenfall): The Dragonlance Ascalon is the name of the armament that Ashley is equipped with whenever she transforms into Desolation Dragoknight through Dragonar Mode. The weapon which is referred to as "Dragonlance Ascalon" is simply a massive length of iron; pointing upwards, it is an enormous spear that is longer than Ashley is tall, overall, the weapon is known for possessing a size that makes it appear impossible for a human to wield. With a crimson and gold, circular hilt that possesses spikes which extend in multiple directions mimicking a holy star that shines bright while giving hope to those less fortunate, the Dragonlance Ascalon's spear head is over two meters tall, deviating from something that could even be considered a "spear head for stabbin' all sorts 'o shit" and turning into an existence that could simply pulverize an opponent into atoms by coming down on them like the fist of an angry god. Being reinforced by the power of a dragon as its alloys were tempered in a forge powered by genuine dragonfire, the Dragonlance Ascalon is known to be downright unbreakable, not even being cracked by having a building collapsing upon its metallic composition, allowing Ashley to swing it with wild abandon without having to take its durability and whether or not it will shatter against something stronger into account. Ashley can use the Dragonlance Ascalon as a fulcrum for her Photon Dragon Slayer Magic, endowing it with a burning golden aura and causing runic symbols to appear along its length. The Dragonlance Ascalon can launch Photonic Pulsar and its upgraded versions when Ashley channels her magic into it; the normal Dragon's Roar takes the form of a crescent of light when unleashed through the lance.

Ashley as Dauntless Desolation Dragoknight.

Dragoascension: Dauntless Desolation Dragoknight (極龍神化・絶対時読みの無限光龍神騎(ラゴアセンション・ドーントレス・デソレーション・ドラゴナイト), Doragoasenshon: Dōntoresu Desorēshon Doragonaito lit. Apotheosized Ultimate Dragon: Infinite Light Dragon God Knight of Absolute Chronomancy): Dragoascension: Dauntless Desolation Dragoknight is the name of Ashley's Dragoascension (極龍神化(ラゴアセンション), Doragoasenshon lit. Apotheosized Ultimate Dragon); which is the advanced form of Dragonar Mode. It is a "next-level transformation" that is an evolution of Dragonar Mode, designed to bring out the final parts of the user's power; granting the user power akin to a Soul Armour with a Super Mode, more or less. To activate Dragoascension, this would require a connection to the Ley lines (竜脈(レイ・ライン), Rei Rain lit. Dragon's Vein) that are scattered throughout the dimensions to grant the user an enormous surge of power which would allow them to properly access the form; however, once this is done, the user can access Dragoascension at any time. Dragon-blooded users have a far more difficult time unlocking this form, and it burns up even more of their life to the point that if they harness it more than thrice, they will die.

The user's draconic qualities become more pronounced in this form, as the unlocking of their full power drastically enhances the user's physical prowess, making them far stronger, more resistant to damage, and faster, and considerably boosts all of their parameters to the point that they can shrug off high-level magical powers. Upon activation of Dragoascension, and overwhelming force is released from the user's body, unleashing a powerful shockwave which causes a crater in the earth; infecting the ground around the user to enable small chunks of rock to float upwards just by the user's mere presence. Their personal element is also augmented to the point that they can absorb any kind of it, including Slayer Magics of all kinds, though this happens automatically. What is interesting to note is that Dragoascension enhances all of the user's moves and spells, greatly increasing their area-of-effect as well as improving their damage significantly and giving them access to one exceedingly powerful attack. In many cases, the user is capable of manifesting numerous limbs and blades from certain "hardpoints" on the armour, such as gems and vents, drastically enhancing their offensive power.

In this form, Ashley's Desolation Dragoknight form takes upon several drastic changes- for one, the previous pristine white armour becomes flushed with Ashley's white-hot passion upon the release of her full power, turning it a deep, burning crimson. The now blazing armour becomes slimmer, and the upper visor of the "helmet' elongates. Numerous four-pointed golden crests with transparent gems embedded in the center form upon the scarlet armour of Dauntless Desolation Dragoknight, and the gold trim is accented rather noticeably. The moment that Ashley activates Dauntless Desolation Dragoknight, a pinnate photon emission erupts from her back, stylized in the form of numerous wings of light. Interestingly, it can be said that as the Dragoascension of the Dragon of Dragons, Dauntless Desolation Dragoknight is also Ashley's Beyond the Dragoascension (極龍神化・最態(ビヨンド・ザ・ラゴアセンション), Biyondo Za Doragoasenshon lit. Apotheosized Ultimate Dragon: Final State), a level beyond the standard Dragoascension.

Originally, Dauntless Desolation Dragoknight was sealed away from Ashley's amnesia, as the final, strongest form of the Dragon of Dragons that was told of since ancient times, with this power, Ashley descended in a time of great disruption in Earth Land, and rescued the world from complete collapse as sometime prior to her final battle with the Unbreakable Dark, she managed to regain her memories and regain it once more, utilizing it to defeat the Black Dragon and end the Dragon Civil War. Not only have Ashley's parameters been pushed to the point that they can be considered beyond-divine, moving as fast as the speed of light, striking with enough force to sink an entire continent, and shrugging off even other Secret Arts released by her fellow dragonkind, she is also capable of harnessing a power known as the Ouranoforce (時空力(オーラノフォス), Ōranofōsu lit. Time-Space Power), a strange magic which seemed to allow Ashley to manipulate time and space in regards to the properties of her own attacks; she more often than not reversed time to the beginning of the battle continuously or uses it to attack and move with even more speed, making it appear as if she has defeated her enemy in a single strike- nobody is capable of grasping the countless attacks she unleashes, only witnessing the final blow upon her helpless enemy.

  • Shining Trapezohedron (究極戦刃王竜剣(シャイニング・トラペゾヘドロン), Shainingu Torapezohedoron lit. Ultimate-Battle-Blade-Dragon-King-Sword): The Shining Trapzohedron is the main weapon of Ashley when becoming Dauntless Desolation Dragoknight; it is the proof of the Dragon of Dragons, a sword without equal. The Shining Trapzohedron is a divine blade of ethereal corporality that can transform into a golden double-ended lance or a shining sword; as pure light, they have no physical form. In any case, the Shining Trapzohedron is an extremely powerful weapon that represents ultimate authority, so it was not a weapon that can be swung by an average dragon- it is the embodiment of the sheer power and dominance Ashur has over every other dragon in existence; it can be said to be the actualization of Ashur's might and burning drive to fulfill her role, the symbol of her existence. No matter what form that the weapon takes, the Shining Trapzohedron is highly sharp and durable, capable of slicing through magical barriers of any kind, including existences such as Fairy Sphere as if they were naught but wet rice paper, and its slashes are capable of trailing large amounts of light in its wake, filling the skies with immense amounts of golden- these waves aren't directed towards the enemy per-se, but rather, they attack everything and anything in the current plane of existence, annihilating them in the blink of an eye. The power to cut through anything is something that can only be said in reference to the Shining Trapzohedron, slicing through both the physical and astral planes, while cleaving straight through all forms of matter. With a single swing, the Shining Trapezohedron was said to have the power to manifest a door to subspace known as Heaven's Gate (ヘブンズ・ゲート, Hebunzu Gēto) from which there was no return, consigning the opponent to oblivion through it for all of eternity. The gate can also fire a blast of light, or transport the opponent to another location.

Compact Regression

Compact Regression (コンパクト・リグレッション, Konpakuto Riguresshon) is a form of Caster-type Magic unique to Dragons. Compact Regression is a spell unique to Dragons. It allows them to save themselves in times of injury by using all their remaining magical power to transform into a humanoid form. This works as a genuine physical transformation, altering their bodies to be somewhat similar to humans, and it heals their body of wounds. Compact Regression is a permanent transformation, which would explain this spell's use as a last resort. Dragons in this state can still use their magic as Dragon Magic, however, in some cases, a Regressed Dragon is seen utilizing the Slayer equivalent of their Dragon magic, implying further weakness. They are unable to easily enter Dragon Force, finding it just as difficult as First Generation Dragon Slayers. Unlike First Generation Dragon Slayers, however, Compacted Dragons can train to unlock a state similar to Dragon Force, referred to as a Dragon Promotion (竜変化・命還(ドラゴン・プロモーション), Doragon Promōshon lit. Dragon Metamorphosis: Life Return), who use Compact Regression also have their power cut quite a bit, to further adjust to their humanoid shape, as a human body cannot fully endure the power of a dragon without breaking down. Despite being a spell unique to Dragons, not every Dragon is aware of the spell, and many who are have too much pride to use it.

  • Ashley becoming Infinite Light Dragon God, Ashur.

    Dragon Promotion: Blazar Ashur Promotion (竜変化・命還・無限光龍神変化(ドラゴン・プロモーション・ブレイザー・アッシュール・プロモーション), Doragon Promōshon: Bureizā Asshūru Promōshon lit. Dragon Metamorphosis: Life Return: Infinite Light Dragon God Metamorphosis): Dragon Promotion is a Compact Regression spell; instead of being confined and exclusive to a single element, it can be utilized by any Dragon who had used Compact Regression to transform into a human guise. Essentially, Dragon Promotion enables the user to transform back into their draconic form. Dragon Promotion is considered to be a forbidden art amongst dragons; even though many of them wish to return to their roots, the risks involved have caused many to swear off of attempting to do so with this spell. Dragon Promotion works by the user releasing the restraints that Compact Regression forces upon them completely for a few minutes at a time, effectively dispelling it and enabling them to take upon their original form. The release of Compact Regression is only temporary, as spending too much time in their dragon form makes them a relatively easy target in this day and age, but the results are all the same- the moment that the user releases the effects of Compact Regression, they regain all of their former strength, speed, durability, and magical power, at the top of their form once more. When Dragon Promotion is activated, this causes an instant change in form which blatantly ignores the law of conservation of mass, going from a (comparatively) small human into house-sized dragon in seconds (but hey, magic). Of course, with the change in size, the dragon goes from having the Magic Origin of a human, which is relatively small, to the origin expanding tenfold when the user transforms; as when Compact Regression is active, the dragon's power is cut quite a bit to enable their souls to adjust to their humanoid shape; as a human body cannot fully endure the power of a dragon without breaking down. In a way, Dragon Promotion could be considered a power akin to Dragon Force, albeit in reverse more or less, as it returns the dragon back to their original form instead of transforming the slayer into a humanoid dragon. When activating Blazar Ashur Promotion; immense amounts of light from all sources surround Ashley as it gathers and converges—shrouding her body as she transforms; releasing a burst of light that covers a wide area, blinding the people in the vicinity as Ashley emerges in her new form; or rather, her previous form, Infinite Light Dragon God Ashur (無限光龍神・アッシュール, Mugenkō Ryūshin Asshūru). Ashur, as a dragon, has very short legs and multiple wings that appear to fitted with circuitry; its colour scheme is mainly in middling textures, such as blues, reds, and blacks. It possesses golden eyes and a black underbelly. Ashur has a red crest on its forehead that extends upwards at an angle with a unicorn-esque horn extending upwards, and it has two black scythe-like guards attached to its cheeks. The dragon has deep black leg-guards and a chestplate; its shoulders also have black pauldrons. Finally, Ashur's long tail which is mainly black extends for a fair distance, giving it a very serpentine appearance.


Charlotte Merquise

Tsuruko Sejren

Ashley Briett is Tsuruko Sejren's foster mother; she took Tsuruko in after finding her as a four year old with her dying father. Ashley raised Tsuruko as if she were her own daughter, to the point that Tsuruko seemed to forget who her actual mother was; instead, she thought Ashley and Alphonse were her parents, not helped by Ashley, not wanting to hurt Tsuruko, told her that they were. This, naturally, didn't go over well when Tsuruko told Giselle that she wouldn't have believed that she was her mother if Giselle came to retrieve her from the orphanage, and told her about Ashley- this resulted in Giselle trying to pick a fight with Ashley when they finally met as Giselle believed that Alphonse had an affair with her behind her back for a short while before the whole situation was diffused. Even when Tsuruko and her friends in the orphanage used to get in trouble with the authorities for stealing and trying to fight snobby rich kids who thought they were above everyone else, Ashley always bailed them out without fail. Ashley is responsible for teaching Tsuruko how to fight; even though she was reluctant to do so at first due to Alphonse asking her not to with his final words, after she saw Tsuruko mesmerized with the Phoenix Knight television show and having to reprimand Tsuruko after she accidentally crushed the arm of a bully at primary school, Ashley decided to train her, but only to the extent of self-defense, not anything advanced at first.

Soon before Tsuruko left to work with the Castellone Mafia, as one of Alphonse's friends found her, Ashley and Tsuruko got into an argument after Charlotte was arrested by the Magic Council, where Tsuruko was in a state of depression and then found out that she had another family and Ashley merely adopted her. When Tsuruko pressed her foster mother for answers about her actual family, Ashley simply acknowledged Tsuruko's obsession about finding her family, making an unsuccessful attempt to cover Giselle's face when she noticed that Tsuruko was leering at a photo of Ashley herself, Alphonse Sejren, Giselle Mercury, Suzuka Kobayashi, and Antony Castellone, the Team Daybreak before Tsuruko's era. The two left on sour terms on Tsuruko's end.

A few years later, mid-way through Daybreak S1, Tsuruko pays a visit to her foster mother, where Tsuruko told her happily about how she found her family, albeit it wasn't what she imagined it to be. However, Tsuruko then told her foster mother that she considered Ashley her mother as much as she did Giselle. The two are exceptionally close; out of all of Tsuruko's mentors/parental figures, Ashley is easily the most open with her, treating her more like an equal than a child. Ashley constantly jokes around with Tsuruko, with the two fist-bumping when Ashley hears of Tsuruko's fight against the Dracolich, proud of her adopted child's increasing power. Analyzing closely, one can see that quite a bit of Ashley's personality has rubbed off on Tsuruko, as the two are similarly lackadaisical, don't like reading, and enjoy close combat, though Ashley is generally more cool-headed nowadays. Ashley constantly encourages Tsuruko, telling her to move forward and not worry about the 'ifs' and 'buts', but rather, the 'wills', telling her to react as she sees fit.


Giselle Mercury



  • Ashley's theme as Desolation Dragoknight is Decadriver from Kamen Rider Decade. However, as her Dragoascension form, Ashley's theme is a variant of her previous, Ride the Wind, also from Kamen Rider Decade. In her spoiler form, Ashley's theme is a remix of her first theme, guitar style.
  • The name of "Ashur" (アッシュール, Asshūru) comes from the Japanese word assuru (圧する, "to dominate"), fitting in with its status as the strongest dragon, and the katakana of the alias the dragon takes when masquerading as a human, Ashurei (アシュレイ).