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"Far from the usual damsel in distress."

Ashley Connel (あすり こねる, Asuri Koneru) is a female Independant Mage, who travels the lands of Fiore and Bantia. A former member of the Phantasy guild, Ashley left the guild to chase down Cyrus Arc to teach her his newely created Halloween Magic. While he taught her, they formed a tenative bound, and began dating, though they seperated after their training ended. Ashley's whereabouts are currently unknown, though she appears as a supporting character in Fairy Tail: Labrinth of Magic.


Ashley is a beautiful young woman with long silver hair tinged by blue at the edges, the same color as her eyes. She is usually dressed in a stereotypical witches garb, including a broomstick that she uses her magic to fly with, and her clothes are somewhat revealing, showcasing some her ample cleavage. She usually wears long gloves and stockings on her hands and legs, with short bits of transparent socks.


Ashley is suprisingly level-headed, even though she takes too much pride in her appearence. Even during her training with Cyrus, she refused to train a single minute until she had taken the time to dress properly and come her hair. However, she has shown time and time again that she is fully capable of rational thought, being a chess champion, and a master strategist. She has a organized and efficient mind, quickly organizing food supplies so Cyrus wouldn't run out during their training.


Magic and Abilities


Halloween Magic (ハロウィーンの魔法, Haro wīn no mahō)- A rare form of magic created by her former boyfriend Cyrus Arc. This form of magic allows her to generate a form of jack-o-lantern patterened energy with suprising destructive capabilities. She can also use her magic to light up candles, as well as use it to power her broomstick, which has a lachryma in the middle. In the Labrinth of Magic, the full capablilties have not been exploited.



Major Battles




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