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Assist Magic

Support Magic


Ahneybeth Sardothien.

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Assist magic is a support magic focused on boosting offensive, defensive, and other stats of either the caster or their intended target. It is useful for supporting comrades in battle.This magic has a minor focus on being able to heal. Smaller wounds can be completely healed while major wounds would take multiple incantations and still be not completely healed. Each spell has is own chant and hand gestures to cast it. This magic was created by Ahneybeth Sardothien for her own use. She hasn't taught anyone how to use it quite yet.

Ahneybeth's Spells

  • Enhance Speed - Boosts the speed of either the user or the person they cast it on. Chant: I cast and ask the gods above to shine the speed of the heavens upon the receiver of this spell. Gestures: With her right hand extended with her pointer and middle finger out and all others curled in, Ahneybeth draws an arc in the sky followed by a line through it's center and finally pushing it towards someone or pulling it towards herself.
  • Enhance Strength - Boosts the strength of the spells recipient. Chant: I cast and ask the gods above to grant the receiver of this spell the strength of your holy realm  Gestures: Ahneybeth places her hands together but spreads them while moving them out and around to her shoulders, keeping her palms outward. Then she connects them behind he head and makes a slicing motion forward.
  • Magic Boost - Enhances recipients magic power slightly. Can be permanent if Ahneybeth makes it. Chant: I cast and ask the gods above to open the recipients magical storage to new heights similar to the ones of your own. Gestures: Ahneybeth must draw a sun with five lines coming from it on the recipient. She then traces their name and a symbol of power she chose (it looks like her guild's mark) above that.
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