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Cosmic Tyrant




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168 cm (5'6")

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Dragon Slayer

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Cosmologia (foster parent)


Celestial Dragon Slayer Magic

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"From the moment i received power, i gained only one dream. To be the best. To become the strongest Dragon Slayer ever existed in Pangaea, so i won't let you lot stand in my way."

Astraios (アストレーオス,Asutoreeosu) is a Dragon Slayer that utilizes Celestial Dragon Slayer Magic that was taught to him by his foster parent Cosmologia. He along with the other three dragon slayer children of the Dragon Hermits put a temporary ceasefire between them, all in order to help in the revival of the Magma Dragon Hephaestius so each may try to slay him and gain immense power.



Astraios has the appearance of a pale skinned teen with red eyes and white hair. He wears a white colored winter jacket with a fur collar and also has white long pants. He wears a black collar of magic nature that restrains his power. Normally, he has an apathetic and bored appearance but when in battle, his red eyes shine and his face becomes more twisted.

Astraios' appearance


When he was little, Astraios was emotionless, never feeling and hoping for anything. After Cosmologia saved and raised him, he became cheerful and a dreamer while he ended up loving to fight and due to that, he is mostly apathetic for most things and always seeks to fight with strong individuals to improve and strengthen himself. He loves Cosmologia immensely, to the point of training to the point of death in order to bring honor to her name against other dragon slayers and even join hands with the current ones in order to revive the supposed magma dragon and slay him to become stronger for her sake. He is childhood friends with Kranion Dragspilaion with whom he promised to fight when all the other dragon slayers, to whom he is bossy and cold towards,are dead and he will accomplish any goal he has set for himself like him. Despite his love for fighting and mission to eliminate the other dragon slayers, Astraios doesn't fight to kill and loses interest to those he defeats.

Magic & Abilities

Immense Magic Power: As a dragon slayer who also has defeated many others, Astraios possesses high amounts of magic power. He could overpower a dark guild full of mages with a single spell while he is also considered the strongest dragon slayer among the current ones, a result of talent along with intense training and bathing himself in dragon slayer blood. He is powerful enough to fight Emberand Oceania both at the same time while he could go toe to toe with Roxanne who has the most magic power in the group. 

Enchanted Senses: As a dragon slayer, Astraios has enchanted senses such as smell and hearing that allow him to hear even the lowest sounds in his area and sniffing out people like when he could smell Roxanne and her friends that were ten minutes away from reaching the cave he was in.

Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: Thanks to both his slave years and the years of life threatening training he underwent with Cosmologia and himself, Astraios has great experience and skill in close combat, being able to defeat numerous guild mages with barely any scratch on his person.

Cosmic Resistance: Due to his magic, Astraios is practically immune to and can devour all magics that utilize cosmic forces like light, fire, gravity etc. except that of god slayers.

"The light of the Celestial Dragon is that of the stars and sun themselves. Disintegrate before its shine, worms!"

Celestial Dragon Slayer Magic

Celestial Dragon Slayer Magic  (天の滅竜魔法,Ten no Metsuryū Mahō) is a Caster ,Lost Magic ,an  Ancient Spell and a form of Dragon Slayer Magic that revolves around various cosmic forces.   This magic allows Astraios to transform the physiology of his body into that of a celestial dragon, being able to turn his body into light in order to avoid or commit attacks at terrifying speed. He can also utilize a golden light that is much stronger, hotter and holier than other forms of normal and dragon slayer forms of light magic, magic that he as a user of celestial dragon slayer magic can easily devour.Also, he can devour solar and lunar light while also being able to utilize them in his magic and being immune to them also.

This magic however isn't limited just to the utilization of light, being able to utilize forces such as gravity in their attacks in varying ways among other things, making this magic terrifyingly versatile, but gravity magic stronger than the user's own can undo and even affect the users.

The light of the celestial dragon is plasma hot, melting most things in its way and causing sever burns to those unlucky to face it. The celestial dragon's light is also holy in nature, being able to purify hordes of undead with its shine and harm demons and due to its status, it is often compared to the holiness and brilliance of Celestial Spirits which is proved to be true, with Astreus being able to siphon the magic energy of present celestial spirits which ends up sending them back to their world as Roxanne and her friends found out the hard way. Despite its power however, Astraios asa user of this magic can't affect with his light god slayers of the same element like Roxanne's Holy God Slayer Magic while said god slayers can easily devour and be immune to this magic's light.


  • Celestial Dragon's Roar (天龍の咆哮 Tenryū no Hōkō): Astraios gathers magic power in his mouth and releases a beam of golden light that travels fast and both pushes back those hit and causes an explosion.
  • Celestial Dragon's Gravity Strike (天龍の重力ストライク Tenryū no Jūryoku Sutoraiku): This magic's version of the crushing fang spell where Astraios gathers magic power in his fingers and coats them in a starry night like aura and strikes the target with his fingertips, trapping them in a gravity cage meant to inflict pressure and pin the target down.
  • Celestial Dragon's Claw (天龍の鉤爪 Tenryū no Kagizume):Astraios generates waves of light from his feet while swinging his leg down on the target, with the light waves causing burning or exploding damage.
  • Celestial Dragon's Bright Fist (天龍の明るい拳 Tenryū no Akarui Ken): Astraios gathers magic power in his fist and surrounds it in golden light and strikes the target, inflicting both blunt and burning damage.
  • Celestial Dragon's Wing Attack (天龍の翼撃 Tenryū no Yokugeki): Astraios gathers magic power in his arms and releases black starry tornadoes that create numerous small explosions to those trapped.
  • Celestial Dragon's Star Feathers (天龍のスターの羽 Tenryū no Sutā no Hane): Astraios gathers magic power in his hands and does an X motion, releasing a volley of black starry feathers with an outline of gold light, with them piercing through things and exploding.
  • Celestial Dragon's Star Strike (天龍のスターのストライキ Tenryū no Sutā no Sutoraiki): A spell considered the slayer version of the Meteor spell where Astraios coats himself in an aura of golden light and moves around at incredible speed while also unleashing swift strikes.
  • Celestial Dragon's Slashing Corona (天龍の斬撃コロナ Tenryū no Zangeki Corona): A spell considered the slayer version of the Jiu Leixing spell where Astraios gathers magic power and creates up to nine blades of golden lightning. He can create only two in his hands or create seven blades hovering around him and have two in his hands and no matter how they are utilized, they can pierce and slash targets and highly electrocute them.
  • Celestial Dragon's Solar Wind (天龍の太陽風 Tenryū no Taiyōfū): Astraios gathers magic energy along with stray light in his hand and does a sweeping motion, releasing a broad flaming arc that slices and burns anything hit. This spell can only be used at day.
  • Celestial Dragon's Full Moon (天龍の満月 Tenryū no Mangetsu): Astraios gathers magic power in his hand along with stray light and create a blue bow that can release one or multiple blue light arrows. This spell can only be used at night and due to its composition, active magic and spells are slowly weakened the more they are hit until they vanish due to the moon's energy being able to undo magic.

Advanced Spells

  • Celestial Dragon's Dark Matter (天龍の暗黒物質 Tenryū no Ankoku Busshitsu): A supportive spell in which Astraios gathers magic power and focuses it around his body, covering it in a pitch black substance that ends up forming into black starry night scales. Said scales are composed of compressed repelling gravity and light, increasing his offense and defense greatly while the light spells generated by him become much stronger. While in this mode, he could overpower Roxanne's friends including Ember and Oceania who were utilizing their stones.
  • Celestial Dragon's Zone (天龍の区域 Tenryū no Kuiki): A dangerous spell in which Astraios gathers magic power and creates a black orb that stays in a place once fired. The orb then projects a black zone on the ground that disperses anything inside it in order to create a perfect vaccum, with those inside having two minutes before the oxygen and eternano near them disappear. Destroying the orb undoes the zone and both air and eternano flow normally again.
  • Celestial Dragon's Swirling Galaxy (天龍の渦巻く銀河 Tenryū no Uzumaku Ginga): Astraios gathers magic power in his hands and creates two black starry night disks with an orb of light in their epicenter and an outline of gold light. Once thrown, the disks begin to spin and cut easily through things like butter while they emanate a gravitational field that attracts anything near them in a distance of two meters.
  • Celestial Dragon's Nova Breath (天龍の新星轟音 Tenryū no Shinsei Gōon) Astraios gathers magic power in his mouth and releases a huge golden beam with black stars inside that has much greater power and blast radius compared to the basic roar spell.

Secret Dragon Slayer Arts

  • Sacred Cosmos:Pillar of Creation (神聖な宇宙:創造の柱 Shinseina Uchū: Sōzō no Hashira): Astraios gathers magic power in his hands and claps them above his head, creating a huge swirling sword of light cloud with a black starry outline which he brings down. The sword is immensely hot and is supposed to cut anything in its direction like a laser.
  • Sacred Cosmos:Orbiting Supernova (神聖な宇宙:周回超新星 Shinseina Uchū: Shūkai Chōshinsei):Astraios gathers magic power in his hands above his head and generates a medium sized orb of golden light which he fires towards his target, with the orb creating a huge explosion of golden light that leaves a huge and scorched crater on the point of impact.
  • Sacred Cosmos:Dying Star Assault(神聖な宇宙:瀕死スターアサルト Shinseina Uchū: Hinshi Sutā Asaruto): Astraios gathers magic power around his body which is enveloped in aura of light and gravity and propels himself towards his target, leaving behind a long wake of a starry night trail of light and ends up hitting the target with a devastating straight punch that causes an explosion.


  • Power Collar: Due to his great power and ability to devour light, Astraios wears a collar that limits his power no matter how much extra power he receives, with him being able to verbally release a certain percentage of his power or with a thought. It's a gift from Cosmologia in order to prevent him from causing unnecessary damage to others or his surroundings.

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