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Astrum Draconis

流星塵龍 (アストラム・ドラコ)


Asutoramu Dorako

Parent Magic

Heavenly Body Magic


Daitan Ryokō
Jellal Fernandes (HB)
Raziel Lux Narchis

Astrum Draconis (流星塵龍 (アストラム・ドラコ), Asutoramu Dorako, Latin for "High Dragon of Glory" and Japanese for "Shooting Stardust Dragon") is an advance Heavenly Body Magic spell that is known for its incredible destructive capabilities as well as being used in various methods. It should be noted that this spell greatly resembles the spell Dragoon Blitz and as such it is said that this spell is a variation of the original spell.


Unlike the other spells within Heavenly Body Magic, this spell does not draw upon the power of an astronomical object or constellation as it is pure stellar energy manipulation, essentially allowing the user to manipulate the energy into the shape of a dragon as it will soar through the sky and the user can proceed to control it whatever way they see fit. When performing Astrum Draconis, the user will go through the process of properly siphoning their magic with the Eternano around them which, which will allows them to draw on the power of various astronomical objects. As the user goes through with this procedure, they will manifest the energy in the form of a large azure dragon that looked to be made of azure flames. This dragon is able to seek out the opponent or their attack, striking at the point where it is at the weakest. As seen when it crashes, melting nearby debris due to the intense heat and obliterating extremely high powered spells to evaporate with ease. The dragon is able to leave a trail of destruction in its wake as it soars towards its target and is even capable of breaking its way through magical barriers. The user can also make it to where the dragon can split into several medium-sized dragons that can assault the opponent from different angles.


  • The Japanese name of this spell is inspired by the Yu-Gi-Oh! card Shooting Star Dragon.
  • Despite not drawing its power from a constellation, this spell does resemble the constellation Draco the Dragon that was killed by Hercules.
  • The gif that is used to depict this spell is Extreme Magic: Astor Inqerad from the series Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic.
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