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Asuka Hill
Pre-Timeskip | Post-Timeskip
Aruka Hill
Name Asuka Hill
Race Human
Birthday 4/10
Age 18-25
Gender Female
Height 5.4
Weight 196
Eyes Yellow
Hair Green
Professional Status
Affiliation None
Occupation Dark Mage
Team None
Base of Operations None
Personal Status
Marital Status Unkown
Magic Fire Magic

Aruka Hill is a dark wizard that was abducted by a dark guild when she was young. She is also the older sister of Zack Hill.


When Asuka was young, she would always get herself into trouble. But this changed when her brother was born because she had to watch him instead of going out. Later, Asuka's father and mother died in an accident and was left to care for her brother alone. She took care of him till one day, a group of thugs from a dark guild came into their town and began wreaking havoc on everyone there. She tried to take Zack and run but was cut off by the leader. He told her to come with him in exchange for her brother's life. She chose to leave him behind and go with the dark guild. Asuka later became one of the guilds strongest female wizards.


Aruka Hill 2

Asuka has long green hair and yellow eyes. She also wears a long blue jacket with two red stripes, that is held together by two buckles(one at her neck and the other below her chest) and it is also a little revealing. Asuka also has black gloves to keep her hands from overheating from her fire magic. Asuka wears white shorts that are held up by a black belt. Lastly, she has long brown boots that extend all the way to her thighs.


Ever since she left her brother, Asuka became a loner. She refuses to work with anyone and is always away from the guild. She is also cunning and a bit of a trickster. Whenever she is in a right situation she always finds a way to get out of it whether, it's getting into fights or scamming people for money. This is why she is both feared and respected by the other dark wizards in her guild.

Magic and Abilities

Expert in Hand-to-Hand Combat - Asuka is an exceptional fighter and specializes in mixed martial arts.

Fire Magic

Fire Bullet - the user shoots a huge wave of uncontrollable fire at his/her opponent.

Blazing Eruption - the user engulfs their hand in fire and launches their fist at the opponent. When the punch connects, it results in a huge firry explosion.

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