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"I live to defend my land, my friends, and my family. Whoever dares set foot against any of these things, is going to deal with me, personally."
— Atama, and his drive

Atama Chitose
The Master Dragon
Name Atama Chitose
Race Human (Up for debate)
Birthday Unknown
Age Deceased
Gender Male
Height 6"
Weight 145 Lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Purple/Black
Blood Type B-
Unusual Features Eyes would sometime become slitted, like a Dragons.
Professional Status
Affiliation Chitose Family
Occupation Mage, Head of Family
Team Unknown
Partner Unknown
Base of Operations Unknown
Personal Status
Relatives Ancestor of all Chitose's
Marital Status Unknown, quite possibly married
Alias The Master Dragon
Magic Unknown
"The Master Dragon. The one who became a legend, and began a legacy."
The Parius

Atama Chitose is the Ancestor of all Chitose roaming the world today. Born into war, he became a big figure, due to his ferocity in battle. All Chitoses who know of him, refer to him as "The Master Dragon", as he was the first one to utilize the Dragon Wave, so revered in the family. He is what all of the Chitoe's strove for, and what they see as ultimate power, among their clan. Parius Chitose is likened to him, because of his power, but he refutes this, saying he "doesn't hold a candlestick to Atama."


Atama was a serious, calm, capable man. he had a natural leadership, and was able to bring many people inot the Chitose Family. He was loyal to his family first, and his land second. This fact has remained, even after th family was killed, and most of their lore lost. Parius has likened him to a hero, stating that without him, their wouldn't be a Chitose Family, much less what they have left.



Atama Chitose I

Atama had long, black hair, which reached down to his back. He had blue eyes, which were rumored to become slitted like a Dragon's when he was fighting. However, there is no proof to this rumor. He wore clothes that were natural for the time he lived in. However, in important meetings, he would pull his hair up into a high ponytail.


Not alot is known of Atama's history. Only that, at one point, he started his own family, and they grew to prominence. He was also known as an incredibly powerful mage, along the lines of Soran Vista, and Zeref. Among his accomplishments, it is known that he forged an incredibly powerful blade, known only as the Chitose Blade. His history was a source of searching for many a Chitose. The only one who still continues it, but with a passing interest is Parius Chitose, and even then he believes he will never find a trace of Atama's burial site, or his history.



The Chitose Blade:

Although it is unknown what the blade did, it is known as an incredibly powerful blade, and was only ever wielded by Atama himself.

Magic and Abilities


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