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Atmosphere Magic is a rare Caster-type Magic. It is a very dangerous type of magic as it manipulates the Eterano, the magical particles, that are in the atmosphere to bend to the user's will. With it the user can create flames or ice to appear out of thin air.


As the name implies Atmosphere Magic takes advantage of the magical particles, Eterano, that are in the atmosphere. By gaining control over them, the user can change these particles into either flames or ice that can appear out of thin air. The magic is considered formidable beacuse the limits of it are virtually unknown. Reasons are because technically the user has access to both Fire Magic and Ice Magic. Another element they can control is water when combining Heat Magic and Ice Magic together, with the flames melting the ice in the atmosphere. This also makes the magic good for tricking opponents since the enemy would not expect for someone using fire to suddenly use ice. Another thing about this magic is that the user can focus the magical particles around him or her and use body movements to create attacks, such as stomping their foot or thrust their hand forward.

The magic is very good against Water Magic, Fire Magic and Ice Magic as the user can just melt the ice, extinguish the flames or freeze/evaporate the water. Also the user can increase the strength of the elements, such as make the flames searing hot enough to melt metal.

There does however seem to be a limit to how far the user can manipulate the magical particles. C-Roy, the only known user, has shown to be able to reach the distance of 3km though he mainly sticks to only 1km. Though this could mean that the distance extends as the user gains experience, this also present an advantage to an opponent for as long as they stay out of the user's range then they are safe though they can still be hit by long range spells of this magic


The magic is actually split into two different branches: Heat Magic which coverts the magical particles into fire and Cool Magic which converts them into ice.

Heat Magic

Burning Stomp

Fire Wave

Fire Wall

Flame Twister

Burning Claws

Cool Magic

Ice Wall

Ice Tsunami

Icy Mist

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