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Attila Fotron - Profile Timeskip
Attila Fotron



Attira Fotoron


Etzel (エゼル, Ezeru)
Qīng Lóng (青龙, Chinese for "Azure Dragon")


Human (Dragon Slayer)


Female Female


18 (X784)
28 (X796)


159 cm


45 kg


May 17th, X766

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

Magic Council Symbol Magic Council


Rune Knight

Previous Occupation

Independent Mage
Student of Ryōzanpaku


Kenna Scarlett

Previous Partner(s)

Genghis Breningoch

Personal Status



Ao Guang (foster father)
Genghis Breningoch (surrogate brother)


Azure Dragon Slayer Magic
Dragon Force


Modified Tekko

Image Gallery
"Burning passion."

Attila Fotron アッティラ・フォトロン, Attira Fotoron), born Etzel (エゼル, Ezeru), is a Rune Knight working under the Magic Council of Fiore in hopes of preventing the rising threat of Dark Guilds as she keeps balance and order throughout Ishgar, proclaiming herself as a "warrior of justice" (正義の武者, Seigi no Musha). She is a First Generation Dragon Slayer who was mysteriously transported to Bardo and trained in Azure Dragon Slayer Magic by the Spirit Flame Dragon, Shénlóng. However through a series of tragic events, Bardo was plunged into civil war between spirits. Despite the desire to stay and aid Shénlóng in defending their home, Attila was transported to Earth Land to ensure her survivalーprotecting her from being caught in the crossfire of war. Determined to return to Bardo, Attila immediately began to travel across Ishgar as she searched for a way back home. Throughout her journey, Attila was referred as the Flame of Judgement (鑑定の炎, Kantei no Honō) as she inadvertently took down several Dark Guilds who stood in the way of her goal.

Traveling for several months in search of potential leads, Attila ended up at Ryōzanpaku (梁山泊, Place of Assemblage for the Bold and Ambitious)ーa dojo consisting of legendary martial artists who could supposedly enter a "spiritual world" (霊界, Reikai). Believing this was her last lead regarding Bardo, she attempted to beat the information out of Lei Cheng. Losing unsurprisingly, Attila was informed that the "imperial gate" (御門, Mikado) would not be accessible until the year X789. Seeing as she didn't want to stand around until then, she requested to learn marital arts at the dojo in order to better herself. Seeing the depths of her soul which displayed her kind nature and selflessness, Lei agreed to train her to the best of his abilities. After five years of rigorous training, Attila had learnt all she possibly could from the master and was given the task of venturing across Earth Land in order to acquire combat experience.

As she continued to venture across Ishgar, Attila eventually met a young Genghis Breningoch who had yet to be influenced by Dealok. Feeling obligated to aid in the growth of a fellow Dragon Slayer, Attila decided to act as Genghis' mentorーteaching him about the history of Dragon Slayer Magic. As they traveled together, they formed a sibling relationship and even acquired a reputation as the Orchid Dragons due to a Unison Raid which was able to destroy a Dark Guild. Attila was specifically known under the moniker Qīng Lóng (東方青龍(クング・ルング), Kungu Rungu; Chinese for "Azure Dragon"). Eventually, they decided to part ways as Genghis wished to become stronger through his own power. Attila was later approached by an agent of the Magic Council, as she was being offered a position in the Supernatural Extermination Squadronーa division of the Rune Knights created to prevent threats such as Dragons. Despite her disinterest in working for the Magic Council, Attila decided to accept the proposition in order to keep herself preoccupied.


"Okay, I've gotta ask now. Is that thing real or what because it's gonna bother me until I know."
Arashi question Attila about her "tail".
Attila Fotron - Apperance

Attila's general appearance.



Magic and Abilities

Attila Fotron - Azure Dragon Slayer Magic Usage

Attila using the physiology bestowed from her Dragon Slayer Magic to manipulate water.

Azure Dragon Slayer Magic (青の滅竜魔法 Ao no Metsuryū Mahō?) is a Caster-type Lost Magic
  • Attila Fotron - Azure Dragon's Roar

    Azure Dragon's Roar, being unleashed in a stream of water.

    Azure Dragon's Roar (青竜の咆哮 Seiryū no Hōkō?):
  • Attila Fotron - Azure Dragon Slayer Magic

    Attila coating her hands in water as she prepares for combat.

    Azure Dragon's Martial Fist (青竜の武拳 Seiryū no Buken?):

Dragon Force (竜の力(ドラゴン・フォース) Doragon Fōsu?, lit. "Dragon's Power")

Attila Fotron - Fighting Stance

Attila prepares for combat as she gets into the traditional stance of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combat Specialist:




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