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Aura Magic (霊気の魔法, Reiki no Mahō) is said to be one of the earliest and most primitive forms of magic; in fact, it's been reputed as one of, if not the most basic forms of magic known to man.

It's known to be the highest known form of Magical Aura, as it allows the user to manipulate said aura in a more tangible form — giving it more physical qualities. It's also seen as a metaphysical concept that's recognized by most mages. Thus, only those who have mastered their innate magical powers to the highest extents are applicable to learn it. It's said that despite its seemingly simplistic nature, it takes many years to learn. It's difficult to uncover all of its secrets, because there's so little information on it in the modern era.

It's known that there are various practitioners of this magic, with only a few being able to fully master the art. It's because of this that they are labelled as "Aura Guardians" (魔法の由来中啓発さ人々(オーラ·ガーディアン), Ōra Gādeian; lit. "Those Enlightened in the Origins of Magic") — their skills being unmatched by any other. Interestingly enough, Aura Magic is considered to be equal to or even superior to most forms of Lost Magic — despite not being labelled as one; this is due to the magic being able to manipulate pure energy to the highest extent, untainted by any other influence.


"It's said that during the waning days of man, humans were able to manipulate magic in the most simplistic manner. Aware that magic had existed within themselves & their environment, they came up with ways to bend it to their whim. It was the only way that they could survive the harsh times they lived in and thrive for so long. Though it took many years to develop, they finally were able to create a new power in order to protect themselves. From then on, the secrets of said power were used for various purposes. Not only that, the secrets were passed down from generation to generation — hoping that the descendants would learn and properly utilize the very art that helped their ancestors to prosper for such a long period."
— An elderly mage explaining the origins of the magic.
Aura Magic Usage

A user manifesting their aura through their weapon to fend off a spell.


"It's just pure energy that can be shaped and manipulated to my own accord. The possibilities of this magic are nearly endless, only bound by the user's imagination. It's possible to use this magic for almost... anything, really. It has various positives, one of them being that it's much more powerful & efficient than most forms of Lost Magic. Also, it can be done instantaneously when you reach a certain level."
Itsuka Yatogami explaining the overall concepts & advantages of this magic to his younger sister, Kurohime.
Itsuka Yatogami - Aura Magic 2

Two Aura Magic users' respective applications clashing together in a struggle.


  • This is based on the concept of Aura from the anime/manga series, K Project.
  • This is also based on the auras of most characters seen in various anime & manga, either comical or otherwise.
  • Interestingly enough, the author was inspired to create this article after watching the fight between Sensui & Yusuke — specifically taking interest in the former's use of Sacred Energy from the anime/manga series, YuYu Hakusho. One can find certain aspects of said energy in this article, as it serves as part of its foundation.
  • This article acts as his personal interpretation of Magic's origins & how one can use their Magical Aura in the most efficient way.
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