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The Charioteer


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Celestial Spirit Magic

Auriga (馭者座, Gyosha-za) a Celestial Spirit, one of the numerous Silver Keys of Celestial Spirit Magic. Auriga is The Charioteer Constellation.


Auriga has longer light magenta hair and wears magenta visor like band cover her eyes, red marking on her forehead, she wears modfied greek mythology short black dress, wears magenta collar-like choker, bands and handcuff with long black sleeves, cutoff black legging with magenta armor to the legs, and black shoes.


Magic and Abilities

Dagger Whip

Auriga's Chains

Chain Magic: Auriga's main form of magic and combat. She weilds two massive spikes on long chains that she uses like flails and projectiles to attack, trap or throw her opponents.

  • Four Strikes - Stabbing Capella (四ストライキ-刺すカペラ, Shi Sutoraiki - Sasu Kapera): Auriga throws the two spikes at her opponent, impaling the spikes into her opponent, then by pulling on the rings at the end of the chains, pulls her opponent towards her. The attack ends with Auriga kicking the ends of the spikes and driving them further into her opponent.
  • Open! False Gate of Winged Horse!
  • Auriga and Pegasus
  • Auriga rides Pegasus
Celestial Spirit Magic
: Auriga has the ability, like Gemini when copying a Celestial Wizard, to summon another Celestial Spirit. However, instead of using a key to summon, Auriga impales her throat with one of her spikes causing her to bleed excessively in order to summon Pegasus.
  • Pegasus: the Winged Horse and the only spirit that Auriga can summon. Pegasus is summoned with the command "Open! False Gate of the Winged Horse! Pegasus!"

Immortality: Being a Celestial Spirit, Auriga cannot die unless she stays in the Human World for too long.

Impressive Speed: Auriga has proven to be incredably fast during combat, either running or launching attacks.


  • Appearance and abilities are based on Rider from the Fate franchise
  • Capella is the brightest star in the constellation of Auriga and is actually two sets of binary stars
  • It is called the False Gate because Auriga doesn't summon Pegasus in the proper way
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