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Auroral Spirit Magic

アウロラル スピリト マジク


Caster Magic


Ghanato Nabora

Haretzu Gyuki/Future Self

Cynteria Gouken

Auroral Spirit Magic is a Caster Magic in which the user makes a contract with a demonic embodiment of magic. These spirits have no magic of their own but give their users several different physical abilities.


A user of Auroral Spirit Magic must first make a contract with an Auroral Spirit. An Auroral Spirit is a type of magical spirit with no physical being by themselves. They wander through Earth Land as just simple clouds of magic until they find a mage they deam worthy to be their partner. The spirit contacts their chosen partner through a dream where they make a contract and the spirit integrates themselves into their partner. The user can then summon their spirit to their side in a new, physical form to help them fight.

Aura Mode

Aura Mode is another way a user of Auroral Spirit Magic can choose to use their spirit. Instead of summoning their spirit to their side, the user starts to generate the aurora of their spirit which gives them boosts in speed, strength, senses, and other physical abilities depending on the spirit.

Aura Force


A Mage using Aura Force

Aura Force is a more powerful version of Aura Mode that allows the user to completely fuse with their spirit, gaining several features of said spirit in the process. Aura Force can only be activated when a mage is close to dying, and the spirit takes over their body, allowing the user's body to enter a hibernative stage of sorts, while the spirit controls them. To enter Aura Force, the mage and spirit must also have a considerable amount of trust, because the spirit could easily kill the mage if he/she wanted.
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