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Austin Walker
Name Austin Walker
Race Human
Birthday June 12
Age 23
Gender Male
Height 6'4"
Weight 180 lbs
Eyes Navy Blue
Hair Navy Blue
Professional Status
Affiliation Fairy Tail
Occupation Mage
Base of Operations Fairy Tail
Personal Status
Relatives Michelle (Mother, deceased), Alex (father,unknown), Ace (Brother,17),Aliza (sister, 17)
Marital Status single
Magic Reflector Magic



Austin has a chameleon like personality, he acts the way he sees fit depending on the situation. Austin is very observant and picks up on things quickly. He is normally kind and friendly, but reserved about deep things, not giving anything away by his face or body language. He never turns down a good fight and hates when people misuse their powers. He enjoys being around his friends, and is fiercely loyal to them.


Alex and Michelle, (parents of Austin, Ace, and Aliza ) had Austin when they were 18 years old, and dating. The two quickly got married. But as Austin got older, more and more problems happened. Michelle was obviously cheating and sleeping around. Alex was an alcoholic and abusive to both Austin and Michelle. Eventually, Michelle got tired of it, and when Austin was 4, she took him and left. She became abusive to Austin, blaming him for her failed marriage. When Austin was 6, he ran away, he couldn’t handle the abuse anymore. He wandered the streets until he was found by Makarov Dreyar. He adopted him unofficially as another grandson. Makarov sensed power in Austin and taught him Reflector Magic. Austin is very close to Laxus, and they treat each other like brothers. He does not know about Aliza or Ace.


Reflector Magic-Reflector Magic is which enables its user to twist and distort almost anything. It can affect both material things, such as metal, and intangible entities, such as air and light. Such Magic possesses both great offensive and defensive capabilities: by refracting air, the user is capable of generating highly-destructive flying slashes of various sizes, which possess great cutting power. By twisting anything entering the immediate area surrounding them, the user becomes virtually immune to any attack, be it physical or Magical in nature, with every incoming spell or melee assault having its trajectory moved in order to avoid striking the user, who can even reflect these attempts back at their originators. By refracting light, the user is even capable of generating illusions, going as far as to twist reality itself in the eyes of their opponents. The user is capable of twisting anything aside from human bodies, The user can only use their refracting powers on a single area at a time, either around themselves or elsewhere, The user can momentarily twist objects with elastic properties, but these attempts will ultimately result in being ineffective towards restraining or harming the opponent, with the affected material eventually returning to its normal state. The illusions generated by the user are incapable of effecting individuals who possess artificial eyes.




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