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Automaton (オートマトン, Ōtomaton lit. Acting of One's Own Will) is the name given to a series of machines created by Eva Kiesler, used as a means of combat and sometimes for other purposes, at best being robots or weapons, but can also be cyborgs. There are only 24 known to exist.


Automatons are machines, created by Eva Kiesler for her own goals, mainly being her own subordinates that do as she orders them, and are most of the time robots or weapons. Each Automaton has a "project name" to signify when they were created, for example, Asterion is Project Alpha, the first Automaton ever created.

Each Automaton has its own unique appearance as well as abilities individually unique to its own, sometimes having Magic imbued into them using Lacrima, the Lacrima is also the Automaton's power source, with the magic energy stored inside being what allows it to move and function properly, thus its lifespan depends on how much magic energy is stored within the Lacrima, which can be shortened if said Automaton over uses its magic, but can have its energy restored.

There are times when an Automaton requires more than a single Lacrima for it to function properly, sometimes requiring two or more, primarily with ones that are meant to last much longer on the battlefield and are heavily combat oriented, or simply due to their enormous size and/or power. Destroying the power source also ensures the destruction of the Automaton, as the magic energy begins to leak out even from a single crack and becomes highly unstable and may even explode if magic is used.


  • The Automaton's project name is used with Greek Alphabet, hence why there are only 24 Automatons in existence.
  • Every Automaton is named after a figure in Greek Mythology which mostly references their appearance and/or abilities, though the names and the project names have no shared significance.
  • This article was created in order to write the minor Automatons and to save the trouble of creating 24 character articles.
  • While the Automatons described here exist only in the Vice universe, Highestbounty has allowed fellow users Darkrai and Per to feature similar creations of the same name in their Sun Trilogy.
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