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Kanji エービアン
Rōmaji Ēbian
Additional Information
Primary Ability Artes
Claw Retraction
Wing Manifestation
Physical Enhancements
Located in Earth Land
"Have you ever wanted to date a bird? Well, here you go."

The Avian (羽翼人(エービアン), Ēbian; Literally meaning "Winged Beings") are a race of winged humans whom resides within the skies of Earth Land.



Features and Abilities

Classification of Avians


Featherfolk (通常羽毛(フェザーフォーク), Fezāfōku; Literally meaning "Common Plumage")


Wingfolk (伝説羽交(ウイングフォーク), Uingufōku; Literally meaning "Mythical Pinion")


  • For reasons unknown to many, certain Avians seem to hold a grudge against Werecats. This is most likely due to the fact that in nature, cats eat specific types of birds.
  • Kalama and Vesta Conley are the only Avians that need to use their Magic in order to manifest their wings, as they needs to draw on the soul of the Phoenix within them.
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