Axel LaRousse
290px-Current Doflamingo
Name Axel LaRousse
Race Human
Birthday August 2nd
Age 39
Gender Male
Eyes Unknown
Hair Blonde
Blood Type A+
Unusual Features He wears a pink feathery coat
Professional Status
Affiliation Lamia Scale Guild
Occupation S-Class Mage
Team Team Axel
Partner Nani Nileroo
Base of Operations Lamia Scale Guild
Personal Status
Relatives None Known yet
Alias "Pink Puppeteer"
Magic Magical Threads
"Is that...a...a Custard Tart?"

-Axel expresses his love for custard tarts.

Axel LaRousse is one of the three S-Class mages of the Lamia Scale Guild, who is the leader of Team Axel which consits of himself and Nani Nileroo. He was a former fashion designer who was fired from his shop for attacking a customer who called him a freak. He is known as the pink puppeteer as he wears a feathery pink coat and utilizes a magic which allows him to control transparent magical threads. he has a strange love for custard tarts and will go into an intense euphoria when eating one which somehow increases his magic expossentially.


"What a pink fluffy freak!"

-A fashion shop customer about Axel's appearance

Axel is a large man with short, spiky, blonde hair who wears white glasses with purple lenses which prevent everyone from seeing his eyes. He also likes to wear very flamboyant clothes such as a white shirt with red stripes on it, orange trousers with white stripes on it which also sported a green belt. He also wears pointed black shoes and also his trademark feathery, pink coat.


"He is a very unique individual with a permanent smile, stamped on his face."

-Nani on Axel's personality

Axel isn't shy and he also a very happy person who cannot take most things seriously except when he is angered. He isn't angered very easily but is shown to be a very ruthless individual when someone calls him something like a freak or fluffy. He is known to always smile and make a joke out of things which usually makes Nani giggle.

He also has a strange love for custard tarts which also strangely enhance his magical abilities due to the combination of ingredients.



Magic and Abilities

Magical Threads

He has the ability to control several transparent threads which can attach themselves to the opponents and even other objects and he can control then simply by moving his fingers accordingly. The can also slice through objects quite cleanly and also bind foes.



  • His appearance and abilities are based on Donquixote DonFlamingo from One Piece
  • His Surname is based on the city from Pokemon
  • His love for custard tarts is based on Aang from avatar air bender.
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